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Kryptos - Beyond K4 Translated it becomes: I stole this table off of Gary Phillip’s Realm of Twelve Kryptos site. I think you can see why I recommend these people so much. Hope you don’t mind Gary! 100 Useful Tips and Tools to Research the Deep Web By Alisa Miller Experts say that typical search engines like Yahoo! and Google only pick up about 1% of the information available on the Internet.

Doculicious LOGIN Create a web form in minutes that generates PDF! Doculicious lets you create web forms that generate PDF files. Upload your existing PDF forms and Doculicious will convert them to web forms. Easily design and build your forms using our web based WYSIWYG tool. Get the generated PDF emailed to you or multiple custom address fields. Doculicious will automatically create a web form you can embed on your site. Seth Casteel / Underwater Dogs / Underwater Puppies Underwater Dogs blu_source/gallery.php?curr_page=1&sec_id=144&gal_id=22&gal_type=&gal_name=Underwater+Dogs 4/featured/Underwater_Dogs/22 On Land Dogs blu_source/gallery.php?

Top of the Web Follow Springo on : Find top sites My top sites Top Sites untitled The Versatile Advection Code (VAC) is a freely available general hydrodynamic and magnetohydrodynamic simulation software that works in 1, 2 or 3 dimensions on Cartesian and logically Cartesian grids. VAC runs on any Unix/Linux system with a Fortran 90 (or 77) compiler and Perl interpreter. VAC can run on parallel machines using either the Message Passing Interface (MPI) library or a High Performance Fortran (HPF) compiler. The original code has been developed by Gabor Toth at the University of Utrecht from 1994 to 1997. Rony Keppens has joined the development effort in 1995 and contributed to many aspects of VAC. VAC Manual Download VAC 4.52 the MPI parallel version of VAC.

The top 50 apps for creative minds There’s an ongoing argument in the technology world about whether tablets and smartphones are more focused on consumption than creativity. As time has gone on, though, the number of apps helping us do more than passively read, watch and listen has grown. Many also fall into a longer heritage of technology that democratises activities like film-making, photography and music-making. Free Language Software Hear the language spoken by real native speakers.Read and see the language in its native form.Write words and phrases for stronger recall.Track and maintain your learned items with Byki's Intelligent Refresh System.Unlimited access with no time or session limits.And best yet, it's absolutely FREE! Or, you can purchase Byki Deluxe, the full version of Byki which comes with premium content and functionality that allows you to do word activities, games and much more! The Byki approach to learning languages

10 Manliest Guitars ever - (cool guitars) The Wangcaster: a guitar with balls The manliest guitar of all time. Show your virility on stage with the legendary Wangcaster. The glider: an Appropriate Hacker Emblem The Linux folks have their penguin and the BSDers their daemon. Perl's got a camel, FSF fans have their gnu and OSI's got an open-source logo. What we haven't had, historically, is an emblem that represents the entire hacker community of which all these groups are parts.

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