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Free Craft Projects & Ideas

Free Craft Projects & Ideas
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Amy Butler Design Please enjoy these patterns. Just click on a link below to download the pattern of your choice. For best printing results, please print from Adobe® Reader®. To download Adobe® Reader® go to Amy's Holiday projects featured in "Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion" magazine, December 2008. Free mechanical 3D puzzles | FREE PROJECTS By its definition puzzle represents a problem or situation that is difficult to understand and to solve. Puzzle is a very broad term that can occur in a form of question, game or a toy and it represents a mental challenge aimed to find the solution. Solving the puzzle is testing our knowledge, intelligence, capability, patience and ingenuity. Puzzles exist for quite a long time throughout the history. Puzzles are equally attractive to both children and adults. Wooden puzzle are great way to use various scrap wood pieces that remained in the workshop. To make wooden puzzle, the first thing you should do is to decide which puzzle you want to make, how complex it should be and what are your capabilities for required wood working. There are thousands of ways for making wooden puzzles.

Tutorials Quilling and other paper crafts (for personal use) The Basics Christmas Additional Ideas (quilling, plus more) 12 sided calendar Download a 12 sided calendar Download a dodecahedral calendar. You may choose between PostScript and PDF format. *) Week numbering follows ISO 8601 **) PostScript software is available from Calendar on a regular dodecahedron Once upon a time I made a PostScript program to print templates for generic polyhedra called I've made a few changes to Andrew Rogers' deskcal, and wrapped it into a script to make it more available for people without knowledge in PostScript. Hints for calendar on a regular dodecahedron Regular printer paper (80 g/m²) will be fine, but heavier paper (100-120 g/m²) will result in a more robust calendar. Calendar on a rhombic dodecahedron I have reused Andrew Rogers' calendar generator, so you can get calendars on Nick Robinson's rhombic A4 units, and make a rhombic dodecahedron calendar. Hints for calendar on a rhombic dodecahedron Print the calendar on regular A4 paper (80 g/m²).

Glue² chronicle - Paper doll concept Joint movable paper doll Full length : About 13㎝ A4 paper use : 2 sheets Work time : 3 hours - 4 hours Notes : Although it is a simple structure, manufacture requires fine work. A new type of life which proliferates a number of individuals by being downloaded and reproduced. ··· very suitable.don't care. I move. What is he doing? Biohazard? I was tired and will sit down. That fellow is whom? A suspicious fellow Dooooon!! Two persons who gaze for a while. wrestling? Completely congenial temper. What is this? (answer : bottle of adhesives) It sits down too. how to play I prepared two kinds, no color white model and colored alternative parts, as a drawing. I think that the variation of dress will be increased by drawing a texture on the upper half of the body from now on. When you want to stick your own portrait like the upper photograph,It is easy if avator creation site etc is used. Terms of use Drawing data is exhibited by the Adobe Acrobat formal file. The PDF file is compressed in ZIP form.

Printables Printable Mini Super Stars by Alix Sorrell I recently returned from a trip to India where beautiful paper stars (leftover from Christmas) were hanging everywhere! Even though the holidays are over, I loved how fun & versatile they were. Click through for instructions… (more…) Printable 2015 Calendar Did 2015 sneak up on you like it did for me? (more…) Printable Popcorn Poppers This New Years, surprise your friends with poppers that are filled with… popcorn! (more…) Printable Holiday Bags & Tags Need a super simple way to dress up a small gift or holiday treats this year? Click through for instructions… (more…) Printable Faux Bow Gift Boxes Cute packaging is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season! Click through for instructions… (more…) paperhobby Kon-Tiki - by Bgbiomass A talented Bulgarian paper modeler has created an amazing 1/100 scale model of the Kon-Tiki, the raft which Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl took across the Pacific Ocean in 1947 to prove a link between pre-Columbian and Polynesian peoples. - text by Ken Kanaka Um talentoso artista búlgaro criou este incrível modelo em escala 1/100 do Kon-Tiki, uma espécie de veleiro rudimentar com que o explorador norueguês Thor Heyerdahl atravessou o Oceano Pacífico em 1947 para provar uma possível ligação entre a Cultura Pré-Colombiana e os habitantes das ilhas da Polinésia. - texto de Ken Kanaka Link: More Boats and Ships related posts: Old Cargo Ship Langerak - by Bouwplaat - Antiga Nau de Carga Viking Ship Paper Model - by Unga Fakta - Barco Viking Mayflower 1620 - Vintage Model - by Kirk Long Boat Paper Model - by Fitz.Jsr - Barco Longo

Folding Trees Kon-Tiki papermodel Language: Bulgarian / English Encoding: UTF8 Best viewed: Opera 6, MS IE 4, etc. or higher, Resolution 1024x768, max. colors Хартиен модел на Кон-Тики / Kon-Tiki Papermodel Мащаб / Scale 1:100 Защо Кон-Тики? Защото моделът е лесен за изработване и ще се научите да правите хартиени тръби, които изглеждат като направени от дърво. И защото Кон-Тики е легенда - като Къти Сарк, Санта Мария, Голден Хайнд на Френсис Дрейк, Виктъри на адмирал Нелсън, Титаник и Аврора. Даже си мисля, че Тур Хейердал е бил един от прототипите на Индиана Джоунс. Why Kon-Tiki? Because it's easy to build and you will learn how to make paper tubes that looks as wooden. And because Kon-Tiki is a legend, as Cutty Sark, Santa Maria, Golden Hind, Victory, Titanic, and Aurora. I think Thor Heyerdal was one of the prototipes of Indiana Jones. Брошура на модела (инструкция за сглобяване) - вътрешна страница (PDF, 1,8 MB) Model Booklet (Assembly Instructions) - inside (PDF, 1.8 MB) 1. 2. 3. 4. PDF, 49 kB Wooden Spars ABC Papermodel