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Katies Rose Cottage: Mercury Glass Family Fun

Katies Rose Cottage: Mercury Glass Family Fun
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Easy to Make Christmas Ornaments Looking to make Christmas ornaments to decorate your tree with this Christmas? On this page I have some really simple, step-by-step photo instructions for making paper baubles - very traditional, and they just look so great! If you want more ideas, take a peek at my other easy to make Christmas decorations at the bottom of this page. How to Make Christmas Baubles When I was a kid, my parents had some store-bought baubles like this in a plain red. I tweaked the method a little bit, to give fuller-looking baubles. These paper ornaments look beautiful made out of double-sided patterned scrapbook paper, but I’ve made the instructions with plain colored paper just so they are easier to follow. Make Christmas Ornaments: Materials Colourful paper or card (or print some - see below) A pencil Something circular to trace around (e.g. a glass) Scissors Some mini glue dots, or glue, or double sided tape Craft wire (florist wire will do) or a stapler Tips: Print the paper double sided.

Birgit's Daily Bytes: How to make your own Alcohol Inks, Shimmer Mists, Mod Podge and more As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been experimenting with some more cost effective alternatives in the crafting/scrapping/art journaling area and I want to share some of those with you. 1. Alcohol Inks and Spray Inks. They are easily and cheaply made with every day ingredients. They may not be of the highest ingredients, but they work for what I need them for! The first one I want to show you is the cool aid spray! Get yourself an empty small spray bottle either from the dollar store or from Target (Pharmacy department.) Place the cool aid powder in the bottle, fill it up almost to the top with rubbing alcohol. Of course you can add more or less powder, depending on how intense you want the color. The other option is the RIT dye alcohol inks. And of course, food coloring, egg dye and re-inkers can be used too! And then there is the Gelato way! Incidentally you can also use the gelatos to color modeling paste. 2. Love the stuff, but after a while it can get quite expensive. 3. 4. Water

on any given day: episode three. Crafternoon to the max. Yesterday I had a Savers run post farmers market visit. I could have gotten all the things, but instead I just got some too hot to handle high waisted, salmon colored, spandex-y capris. To make into shorts, of course. I was dying to attack some with bleachy goodness. All credit owed to this tutorial. You're going to need some of this stuff. Step One: cut 'em. Step Two: paint 'em. Step Three: let 'em dry, rinse, and wash (probably by themselves.) Step Four: wear 'em. I told you this was a crafternoon. I made this one by using four pieces of string (two that you won't see). I used an Honestly WTF tutorial to make the closure. Also, definitely made homemade Larabars today. Want to know a song?? Have the loveliest day, kittens.

Spirit of Creativity Tutorial & Tips Blog: Rubber Stamping Tutorial #1 - Ink Pads & Inks These are just a small sample of my ink pad stash! Many people are put off rubber stamping by the huge array of ink pads that are available. Trying to find the right ones for what you want can be an expensive matter of trial and error so the object of this workshop is to help you to find the right type of ink for the job you want it to do. Although I've given the names of some of the brands as I've talked about the different types, this is by no means an exhaustive list of what is available and is just intended as a guideline. DYE - WATER BASEDAdirondak, Memento, Memories, Marvy, Impress, Kaleidacolor, Big & Juicy, Ink it up These are just some of the water based dye inks available. They are available as single colours and some, such as Adirondak, Kaleidacolor and Big and Juicy also do a range of multicoloured pads which are wonderful for brayered backgrounds. You can add colour to images stamped with these pads if the media you use is non water based such as dry chalks or pencils. PENS.

Free Pattern Month Day 11 - Cakies: The A-Frame Tent Hello Monday! We have a great gal to start off a fresh week of Free Patterns! Please welcome Rubyellen from Cakies! I was introduced to Rubyellen's blog a very long time ago! Back when she only had one toddler and a very very small newborn;) Now she has THREE with one more on the way! What caught my eye was her ethereal photography and adorable softies! All of her projects and posts come from a place where crafting and motherhood intersect. I love reading about her thrifting finds! And clothing for her sweet little girls! Says Rubyellen, "I love making things and this blog originally intended to just document our everyday crafting, but it has turned into so much more. She's also super talented at hand embroidery! Rubyellen's life certainly does seem like a dream! Thank you Rubyellen for joining me in Free Pattern Month on Grosgrain! Hello Grosgrain readers!!! Drawn pattern for reference: Materials for the A-frame: 4- 1'' x 2'' x 48'' whitewood moulding 1- 3/4'' x 48'' poplar dowel 1. 2. 3. 4.

Gesso and Stencils Using gesso with stencils is a really fun technique with neat results for journal pages. For my first page I painted it with with water soluble oil pastels. Yes, you read me right – water soluble oil pastels! Water Soluble Oil Pastels First thing you need to do is to place your stencil over your page and apply gesso. Gesso covered stencil Then carefully remove the stencil and just like magic the image appears! gesso on page Before you go any further, wash the stencil right away. For the next directions, I’ll have to show you a different stencil I used. Now that the gesso is dry, wet your paint brush with water and apply to the whole page. Applying water to page Then take the oil pastel, wet it with the paint brush and slide across the paper. And the finished background. Finished background Here is the other stenciled page. And another one. I am just learning to use the oil pastels. Another day, just another fun way to make backgrounds for those journal pages. Yesterday we had some strong winds.

DIY Typographic String Art | Man Made DIY, is one of my favourite craft/DIY blog and they posted this tutorial. Which I am in love with! Its a very modern twist on the popular 7os trend of string art. It’s very simple to make, and looks amazing! Chris made this by projecting the words onto a piece of painted plywood and tracing it. The Technique Zone: Raster Screen Supplies needed: Masking tape, chalks, cotton wool balls, card stock Tear your masking tape into thin strips and stick on the card Once you have got your masking tape in a pattern you like, lift it off your work area and onto a piece of scrap paper, making sure it is firmly fixed Next apply the chalk in your preferred colour, ensuring you work it into the edges Cover the whole piece, you can use more than one colour if you wish Carefully peel off the masking tape ensuring that you don't touch the card stock Once you have peeled all the masking tape off, bang the card stock on your work area to get rid of the excess chalk You can spray your card stock with a cheap hairspray to set it, but personally I don't bother

The4inONE: March 2011 Her name is Mónica Tort Bori, and she was born in Barcelona (Spain), 1971. She was graduated in the Escola Massana, Barcelona in 1998. Ceramist since then, in 2004 opened a ceramics shop-studio in Pamplona (Navarra, Spain), where she works, exhibits and sells her pieces. …ceramic technology is varied, there are lots of posibilities, what I most like is to experiment, prove all thecnics…that´s why I do all kind of pieces, always one-of a kind or limited editions.Every piece is born from an idea, after you prove and experiment with it, you pass it through your hands, choose the clay, the adecuated thecnic, the colour, the glaze,the high finish…but there is always something that no depends on you, that you dont control… that´s what you discover when you open the kiln… that´s the magics.” All the ceramic pieces you see in NiuTaller, her Etsy store, are handmade, mostly in porcelain (1250º).

Artangel: Mixed media crumpled tissue technique - tutorial As promised, a little tutorial on how I made my mixed media canvas (above) for last week's IAE challenge. 1. Take a sheet of tissue paper (any old tissue paper will do - I save the stuff from old shoe boxes!) and give it a really good crumple so it has tons of creases - the more the better! 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.Other collage elements I've added are a beautifully aged vintage book page, and a wooden button and letters (these have a very light coat of gold acrylic paint so they glisten a little but the letters still show through). I've also used some scrapbook paper leftover from an old project, and a fragment of the paper that I had underneath the laundry bag when I was painting it (perhaps worryingly, sometimes I like the scrap paper underneath more than my actual work!) 7. The crumpled tissue technique also works really well with landscape pieces - I've also used it here -

* N i c e s t T h i n g s *: MMy DIY's startseite translate presse pr / media kit impressum My DIY's Here you can find my DIY projects. Just click on the images. 8 Kommentare : carry said: liebe vera, dein blog ist ein traum - ich bin begeistert! 4. foufinha said: Aaaaaah super! 16. moni_♥ said: ich liebe sie :) aber das sind doch nicht alle, oder? 16. Perlenelfe Kiki said: Wow, dein Blog ist der Hammer. 1. Loco said: Ich liebe diese Pastelltöne <3 20. ♥ Anonym said: Hallo,ich liebe deinen Blog.Der ist super und die Sachen (die DIY) sind die besten.Ich liebe die "Universe in jar" dinger und will dich auch machen! 26. Steffi said: Liebe Vera,seit gefühlten Ewigkeiten scrollen ich mindestens einmal die Woche durch deinen Blog. 31. Dein Blog ist einfach wunderbar! 7. Kommentar veröffentlichen Your comments make my day. Startseite über mich / kontakt Vera Heidelberg Hallo, schön dass du hier bist! Noch Fragen? kategorien leser archiv suche werbung blogroll Credits Social Media Icons: Font Fabric Favicon Bird Brush: Obsidian Dawn Domain:

All You Need Image transfers are magic to me. The ability to produce perfect lettering on a piece of wood without having to do it freehand is wonderful. There are many ways of transferring, but most use either heat or solvents which won't work on a painted surface. This will work. Think rub-ons. Lori Barker helped me with this. Materials overhead transparency film 2 painted boards (9"x 12") scotch tape clear spray paint carpenter's glue Tools ink jet printer wooden stick (popsicle stick or bone folder) drill Download "All You Need is Love" here or "Love is All You Need" here. You can compose your own lettering and reverse it (important). The lettering on the film will be very wet when it comes out of the printer. Turn it over so that the printed side is down and lay it gently on your painted surface. The image is water soluble so any mistakes can be removed with a damp Qtip. Start with a very light coat of clear spray to seal and protect the image. Update: check out this post for an update on transfers