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Katies Rose Cottage: Mercury Glass Family Fun

Katies Rose Cottage: Mercury Glass Family Fun

Cupcake Wrappers Made from Doilies: Free Cupcake Wrapper Template Posted on May 24, 2010 by Christina I wish I could say that these cupcake wrappers made from paper doilies were my very own idea. I wish I could say that I was the genius behind this DIY brilliance. I discovered these cupcake wrappers over here. I asked Brittany over at Pink Peacock Paperie to whip me up a template for the cupcake wrappers. I was amazed at how easy they were to make and how pretty they looked. Here is the free cupcake wrapper template download. Tutorial for Cupcake Wrappers Made from Doilies You will need: paper doilies (Mine were just over 11 inches.) pencil scissors glue stick cupcake wrapper template Place doilie on a flat surface. Cut out cupcake wrappers from the template. Trace along the inside curve and at the ends. Cut out the cupcake wrapper. Using a glue stick, add glue to one of the edges of the wrapper.

Japanese Temari - Burlap Banner Tutorial My sister, Brittany, has been nagging me daily to get this tutorial up on my blog :). Since I've been MIA on here for 4 months now, I figured maybe this will get me going again (No promises!). This is super easy and the burlap is perfect for decorating all things FALL. My favorite time of year! Supplies you will need: Burlap (Amount depends on how many triangle pendants you want) Freezer Paper (Found in grocery stores by saran wrap) Acrylic paint Foam brushes (The round ones in the picture work best) Hemp cord, ribbon, or twine (to hang the banner) Optional: Mod Podge Extra fine Glitter Around the house: Iron Scissors Ruler Glue gun Exact-o knife Construction paper Cut Burlap: 1. 2. *There is a trick to cutting burlap--Cut an 11-inch strip so you can stagger your triangles and conserve more material. Create Stencils: 1. 2.Cut out squares of freezer paper to trace your letters on. 3. *This is where it would be really helpful to have a Cricut cutter machine! Paint Burlap:1. 2. 3. 4. Finish and hang: 1. 2.

Easy to Make Christmas Ornaments Looking to make Christmas ornaments to decorate your tree with this Christmas? On this page I have some really simple, step-by-step photo instructions for making paper baubles - very traditional, and they just look so great! If you want more ideas, take a peek at my other easy to make Christmas decorations at the bottom of this page. How to Make Christmas Baubles When I was a kid, my parents had some store-bought baubles like this in a plain red. I tweaked the method a little bit, to give fuller-looking baubles. These paper ornaments look beautiful made out of double-sided patterned scrapbook paper, but I’ve made the instructions with plain colored paper just so they are easier to follow. Make Christmas Ornaments: Materials Colourful paper or card (or print some - see below) A pencil Something circular to trace around (e.g. a glass) Scissors Some mini glue dots, or glue, or double sided tape Craft wire (florist wire will do) or a stapler Tips: Print the paper double sided.

DIY Chalkboard Serving Platter December 21st, 2011 Just one more chalkboard porcelain paint project, and then I’ll give it a rest. I promise. How about… a chalkboard serving platter? It’s perfect for serving cheese, cookies, or any other goodies you might need to label. you’ll need: a porcelain platter (mine is from CB2)painter’s tape (optional) Pebeo Porcelaine 150 Chalkboard Paint (available at Dick Blick or Amazon)(Don’t use regular chalkboard paint. how to: 1.

Paint chip chevron ombre necklace I really love the ombre trend. The ombre hair is not really for me because I really like my blonde hair as it is for now. But the ombre fashion, interior and jewelry items are absolutely gorgeous! Today I want to share a chevron ombre necklace DIY with you. Yes I know, chevron AND ombre, how great is that? And it’s really not that hard to make. Learn how to make this pretty paint chip chevron ombre necklace after the jump. . . What you need for this paint chip chevron ombre necklace - paint chip - chain necklace - small jump rings - piece of plastic (I used recycled vertical Venetian blinds) - scissors - triangle ruler - pen - Mod Podge - Paint brush - Cropodile - jewelry pliers How to create a paint chip chevron ombre necklace 1.

DIY Vintage Framed Chalkboard Signs Lemonade anyone? A few months backs, I ordered some vintage frames off of Etsy for a wedding project I had in mind. However, once the frames arrived I didn’t quite see them working the way I had originally envisioned. Stumped on what to do with them, the fabulous Apb suggested turning them into chalkboard signs to use at our wedding. Genius, right? Why didn’t I think of that? So we asked my neighbor Matt, to cut us some wood inserts that would fit in each of the 5 different sized frames. You want to make sure you have the following supplies as well; your inserts and frames of course, regular old chalk to write messages on your signs, scissors to trim the ribbon if you plan to add ribbon to your frames to hang them, glue to adhere the inserts to the backs on the frames, a screwdriver to remove any nails or hooks inserted in the back of the frames, and last but not least chalkboard paint.

The Cheese Thief Glamour & Grace | Vintage and Handmade Weddings So excited to share this romantic California engagement session from Kelly Maughan Photography. What is sweeter than a couple in love, some rolling fields, and the gorgeous California sunshine? Share: Today I’m sharing this sweet and Southern Nashville wedding from Jen & Chris Creed. I love the classic and neutral color palette and the charming rustic details! To put it simply, Chad and I had our dream wedding. The light pink and white flowers were gorgeous, the shrimp and grits was astounding, the band was hopping, and we could not have asked for a more flawless day. We have to send so much love to our families who supported us from day one. Photography | Jen & Chris Creed | Venue & Planner | Cedarwood Weddings | Caterer | Chef Christopher’s Catering | Paper Goods | designs in paper | Bowties | The Cordial Churchman Bowties Ending the week off with this fun 1960′s styled boudoir session from Emily Heizer Photography.

Make a Layered Crepe Paper Greeting Card Home » $1 and Free, cheap crafts, Gifts to Make, Headline, Tutorials 23 May 2011 1,310 views 2 Comments by rhonda This flowery greeting card was my project for the "spring" themed week of Iron Craft. Project estimate: Paper, on handRubber stamps, on handStamp ink, on handMod Podge, on handCrepe paper or tissue paper, on hand or $1Colored pencils, on hand Total: Free and up Start by cutting a piece of paper to the size you want your card. Stamp your wording onto the card and, if desired, color in the letters with colored pencil. Brush a layer of Mod Podge onto the front of the card and carefully apply either a sheet of tissue paper or strips of crepe paper streamer. Here's the trick that's tripped me up and led to failure in the past: Do not apply a layer of Mod Podge over top of the tissue or crepe paper; this will make it difficult to stamp and color the flowers on the top layer. When the Mod Podge is dry, stamp several related images over top of the wording.

Tutorial: Vintage-looking painted sign from salvaged wood Today I have a little tutorial for you. I'm going to show you how to (easily!) make these sweet wooden signs. You will need: piece of salvaged wood upholstery tacks or short nails (optional) hammer acrylic paint (background color) black acrylic paint (or other color to fill in letters) large paint brush small paint brushink jet printer twine Sharpie Marker or other dull, rounded tool This project started with a pile of cedar fence pieces that we've had sitting in our backyard for ages. I loved how grey and weathered they had become from sitting outside. Next, distress the wood to your liking. Next, choose your paint. (I wasn't really sure if I was going to be doing a tutorial for this or not until I was finished, so I'm afraid I'm missing a few photos for some of the steps. After you've properly dented and nicked your piece of wood to perfection and added your tacks or nails, take your large , dry paint brush and get a little paint on it. P.S.

do you mind if i knit: My "Sarah London Scarf." Hello, I've got something to show you! I have to come clean, I've started a crochet project, without finishing my last project. Shockingly undisciplined, I know. It's the scarf you see in the picture above, and it's a pattern I've worked out myself, inspired by someone who's crochet and colours I aspire to, Sarah London. She has a fabulous blog, which you can go to here. Infact, she's been doing a mystery crochet project over her last few posts, in which you can join in, by following her superb instructions. I don't know if you remember these photos from a past blog post? So, let's see, what have we above? Hmmmmmm, that's a few patterns to write up for you, isn't it? Anyway, back to the subject of the Sarah London Scarf. This is the first time I've done any of this major "figuring a pattern out" malarky, and although it's really only a minor bit of working it out, I still feel I've achieved something. But I couldn't have done it without Sarah's help. Then I saw a ball of yarn. Oh yes!