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Make Your Own Braided Rug

Make Your Own Braided Rug
I've wanted to make rugs for as long as I can remember. Even in high school I want to make my own home decor. Rugs are a little intimidating because they need to be super durable. This is one of those projects that took several tries to get right. We were trying to find a method that didn't involve sewing skills or a gigantic weaving loom. I'm so glad we kept going after the first try, because this is one of my favorite home projects we've made in a long time. Supplies Needed: A piece of sturdy canvas. 1. I'm so happy with the finished product! Have a fun + craft weekend!

Pallet Vertical Garden Today Rachel is sharing an adorable project she recently created; a vertical garden from recycled pallets! The chain link fence in our yard provides a few unsightly views of our lovely neighbors' weed-infested parking lot of a backyard. Since we are renters a new wooden fence was not an option and I didn't think I'd have the patience to wait on a dozen bushes to grow tall enough to block the view so I schemed an inexpensive way to at least draw attention away from the eye sore(s).

Snow Day Hat DIY hello there. i have a cute DIY project to share with you today! i've had some snowy days here in Missouri lately and i decided to make a cute hat for the cold weather. this pattern can be modified to fit anyone in your family and even your pup! here are the hats i made... supplies needed: yarn (i like the ultra thick Lion Brand yarn for my adult sized hats and regular yarn for the puppy/doll versions), white yarn for the pom-pom, white embroidery thread, a crochet hook (i like to use larger hooks to speed of up the process!) NOTE: you can easily convert this to a knitting or sewing project, if you would like, scissors and a pom-pom maker (mine is made by Clover & i love it! you can also make them without a tool here's how).

MAGAZINE ENVELOPES 18K+ Well I got this idea from our friend Nina. She was making these super cute envelopes out of scrapbook paper and I really wanted to make some! So I came home and made some! Song Lyric Wall Art / D.I.Y. Project A couple weeks ago, I found a paint-by-number at an unbeatable price. I can't pass these things up even though I already owned this particular design. I thought that I could maybe use it to make a fun D.I.Y., but my new rule is that all thrifts that I purchase with the intent of restyling need to get done right away. I have way too many half finished projects in my life. 8 Strand Spiral Braid A basic spiral braid is a great technique to know – it’s useful for anything from making friendship bracelets to making color matched cord for button loops or shoelaces. Supplies: - braiding disk pattern (download/print the disk pattern by clicking here) - cardstock - paper friendly glue - scissors and utility/exacto knife - string to braid with – I used embroidery floss in this example Print the pattern on cardstock or paper. I glued the cardstock to another sheet, but you could also glue a paper print onto chipboard or something similar. Basically, you need a sturdy paper disk to braid with.

painted glass tabletop I try to get my hands on every material I can think of, and sadly, that means I can never make a quick trip to the hardware store. Even when I plan to rush in and grab a packet of bolts or a can of paint, I always leave three hours later with those things, plus a sample of random plastic tubing and tons of half-formed ideas. But when this project from Kara Paslay landed in my inbox, I ran to the store, bought the supplies, and wasted no time making one of these tabletops myself. This project is so easy to re-create; even the intricate triangle design that Kara has made requires mainly patience and a steady hand. I think this would make a wonderful project for outdoors; since the painting is on the underside of the glass, it can be protected from the elements and easily cleaned. It’s great that you can customize the design however you please, but Kara’s bright, summery geometric pattern was too beautiful for me to pass up.

How to make Luna Sandals from a Do-It-Yourself Kit Recommended Tools and Materials Marker or pen Two sheets of paper (for foot tracing)Scissors3/16 inch leather hole punch (buy on amazon), OR 3/16 inch drill bit and drill (1/4 inch also ok) Hammer (any normal hammer will work)Utility knife or razor blade with new and sharp blade Step 1: Glue the leather footbed if you ordered it. For ‘naked top’ kits skip this step. Make Your Own Tree Swing Our first house in Springfield had a huge Oak tree in our wild, rambling backyard so I made Sebastian a tree swing once he was big enough to enjoy it. We were so sad to leave it behind when we moved, especially since our second house had absolutely no trees large enough to support even a family of squirrels much less a toddler. Our new place came with a good-sized apple tree right in the middle so as soon as the weather warmed up I decided it was time for another swing. 1.

Tips for Sewing Leather Hi there! Today I'm here to share some tips for sewing leather and a DIY of this cute little fringe purse... -As a beginner, it's best to start with the thinnest material that you can. Choose a leather, vinyl or suede that isn't too thick. Triangles and polka dots I gave some hints last week about 'something' I whipped together for the birthday girl. Since she's officially ten now, and all the presents were unwrapped and all ten candles were blown out last night (the cake we still have plenty off, but that's a story for later), I can finally show you some pictures. As some of you already guessed, I made a flag garland. I used whichever fabric I had available from my failing bag business. 100 Excellent Art Therapy Exercises for Your Mind, Body, and Soul January 9th, 2011 Pablo Picasso once said, "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." It's no surprise, then, that many people around the world use art as a means to deal with stress, trauma and unhappiness – or to just find greater peace and meaning in their lives.