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Modern Wall Art with Paint Swatches!

Modern Wall Art with Paint Swatches!
Looking for a way to fill that blank wall but don't have permission to paint? All you need is a trip to a major hardware store and an afternoon in front of a good movie to take care of that little dilemma. Supplies Needed: Large frame with paper insert, a ton of pretty paint chips, double-sided tape squares, and vinyl letters appropriate to the size of your frame or phrase (4" - 6"). I went with a color scheme that involved a variety of tones from some of my favorite colors. It's basically a muted rainbow with plenty of lighter shades to keep things from getting too busy. 1. 3. Paint chip art is a great option for renters looking to fill a big space without spending a small fortune! Related:  craft

Highlights Scrapbook DIY I made this scrapbook from recycled materials to celebrate some of the "highlights" of my relationship with Jeremy. I listed out ten things that I love about our life and then used a highlighter pen and cut them into strips for each page. It's the perfect small book for our coffee table at home. Here's a look at each of the inside pages. Here's a look at the front and back of the book, as well as the inside of the last page. Here's a little bit about how I made this book. Step 1: Trim all pages. There you go! A few tips for the highlighting.... Have fun creating your own highlights book! It's Elementary-Avant Garde Art Made With Crayons This is a very fun project to make for yourself or with your kids when they get a little bored with reading, writing, and arithmetic and need a creative outlet. This time of year I always get the urge to buy school supplies. When I was growing up I loved getting new pencils, notebooks, and folders along with some new shoes and clothes to start the new school year off right. Since I have no need to buy school supplies anymore I came up with a project that would have me needing to take a stroll down the school supply aisle to buy some very elementary school supplies – crayons. I recently saw a very avant garde canvas where the artist melted crayons to create art. This is what I ended up with. Stretched Canvas Crayons Cheese Grater Wax Paper Iron Optional: Ribbon, Thumbtacks, Hammer 1. 2. 3. 5. 6. 7. At first I was thinking – YIKES that didn't come out as I thought it would and then the image started growing on me.

Make Your Own Canvas Portrait! I love the look of family photos printed on canvas, but I never knew I could make them at home! After transferring photos to fabric, I was super excited to try some pieces using stretched canvas. I hope this inspires some of you to make something special for your home... Here's how I transferred my photo to canvas: 1. ), paint brush and the image you want to transfer (laser copy) and a spray bottle filled with water. Note: You can expect an imperfect transfer. I'm so excited to have this little keepsake for our home. Wedding photo courtesty of Arrow and Apple. EDITED TO ADD: Wow, guys! I love the look of family photos printed on canvas, but I never knew I could make them at home! Here's how I transferred my photo to canvas: 1. Wedding photo courtesty of Arrow and Apple. EDITED TO ADD: Wow, guys!

Kitchen Wall Art Lately I have been working on organizing and decorating in the kitchen/diningroom of my house. Even though these spaces are pretty small I have somehow managed to keep them really minimal (read: bare) since I moved in last year. :) I really wanted to create some kind of string art ever since I saw this one from Elise's blog. There are so many different takes on string (or yarn) art. I got this piece of wood at Hobby Lobby and then had Elsie helped create the outline of a fork and spoon. I really like how it turned out, and I can't wait to hang it in my kitchen this weekend!

D.I.Y. Photo Guestbook Hey there, It's Alec. Im a big fan of taking old books and bringing new life to them through multiple uses. So for this case I chose to make a photo guestbook. Items that I used can be seen here. First thing I did was take the old photo album, peel the pieces of plastic off each page and then cut the pages out a couple at a time. Next, I ripped out all of the binding in the book and said goodbye to the pages. Following that, take the pages from the old photo album and fold them in half, and then trim them to the size of the book, and in accordance with the look you are going for. After that, take the twine and thread it through each of the holes and knot it, leaving a small amount of play in the tightness. Next, put glue in the middle of your vintage book, and sit the bound album paper firmly on the glue. Well well. you now have a rockin photo album to use for any occasion! [Alec, Thanks so much!

Make Your Own A-Frame Tent We love a-frame tents, so we invited Rubyellen to share her method for making your own. Are you excited? Here's how the magic happens- 1. Making the cover: Since the cover is made using a vintage crocheted cloth, what you have readily available to use may be a different measurement. (Hint: A twin sized sheet fits this tent frame almost perfectly!) 1. TIPS: For a little extra detail and to keep the tent cover taut, I fed twine through some holes of the cover and tied it to the legs of the frame. Again, how you make this tent cover will vary depending on the size of the crocheted cover you find and decide to use. Thanks so much, Ruby!

Magnetic Spice Storage: Weekend Project Today we wanted to share a cute idea for organizing your kitchen spices. With every new recipe we end up collecting a new spice or two. Having all these options available is perfect for adventurous cooking but it can leave your kitchen cabinets looking cluttered! We decided to make our new spice storage magnetic so it could adhere to the side of a refrigerator, and we found these cute clear containers so you can easily see how much of each spice you have on hand. Here's a before + after comparison. They're easier to store and easier on the eyes! Step 1: Trace your container (we got ours here) onto a sheet of magnetic paper.

Make Your Own Skull String Art One of my goals this year was to create a couple of decorations for each season that I would be excited to store and pull out for years to come. This skull string at is a new favorite! It's large (2x3 feet!), so it makes a great statement piece above our piano in our dining room. It catches my eye and makes me smile each time I walk into the room. Do you wanna know a secret? 1. Note: If you don't have time to get a blueprint copy, try this (easier) method instead! Tip: When the season's over, use craft paper to wrap this art up for storage and label the package, so it's easy to find next year. There's nothing more satisfying than a DIY project that turns out exactly how you envision it! xo. Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson, Project Assistant: Laura Gummerman

DIY Steampunk Notebook Very cool notebook you can make yourself: Source:, master-klass.livejournal You just need this: Then, do this: Laura's Galaxy Face Art One of the things I love about living in the internet age (other than online shopping of course) is that you're able to look around a bit and find out about new trends and artists you've never seen before. One of my favorite pieces that I pinned this past year was this work by Erin Case. I love her mix of the human figure and landscape elements. The combination gives off such a dreamy effect. Supplies: galaxy poster (I used this one), foam core board, X-Acto knife, rubber cement, painter's tape, and spray adhesive. 1. I really love how this project turned out. Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman

DIY Steampunk Goggles On A Dollar Tree Budget - DarrenWasHere Think Steampunk outfit and you usually picture a pair of Victorian-era metallic steam punk goggles, but who can afford them? You can! I’ll show you how to DIY and make your own goggles for cheap! All you need are some orange juice cans, and a trip to Dollar Tree! Create Steampunk Goggles from orange juice cans I tried to keep it cheap and simple. Steampunk Goggles -What You Need: 2 frozen orange juice cans Hardware: hot glue gunSpray Paint, Gold and Silver recommendedWire cutters, optional Dollar Tree: Safety GogglesTransparent Colorful Folder DividersParty Tiarasreading glassesgold thumbtacksmasking tape/painter’s tape (if not on-hand) Recommended, not required Thin belt, got mine from a thrift shopLid from Parmesan cheese containerGrommets and eyeletsLeather punch Steampunk Goggles Preparation 1. Note: Though tempting, don’t hot glue anything until after we spray paint! 2. Juice can with tape around it 3. Draw a line around the taped border, this will be your cutting guide 4. 5. 6. 6 a. 7. 8. 9.

Make Your Own Sculptural Hand Dish Hi! It's Mandi from Making Nice in the Midwest. I have a bad habit of falling in love with the most expensive dress on the rack or the priciest lamp in the store. This sculptural hand dish is the perfect size for catching keys or cash on a console table, and jewelry or trinkets on your dresser. Supplies:- Clay (I used air-dry, low-shrink clay that I found at the craft store for a few dollars.)- Rolling pin- Craft blade- Pencil- Paint brush- Scissors- Scrap paper- Liquid gold leafing in the metal tone of your choice- Small, shallow bowl (not pictured above)- Foil or parchment paper for rolling out the clay Step One: Trace around your hand, keeping your fingers together and letting your thumb rest naturally. Step Two: Cut out the outline of the hand that you drew on the paper. Step Three: Roll out your clay to be about 1/8" thick. Step Four: Lay the paper hand template onto the clay and carefully cut around it with a craft blade. Step Eight: Paint the bowl with the liquid gold leafing.

Spell Book with Removable Recipe Pages For the swap I just finished, I also made a spell book for my partner with removable pages. A few years ago I started a spell book called the "Witches' Enchanted Book of S.P.I.D.E.R.S. (Spells, Potions, Incantations, Divination, Enchantments, Rituals, and Superstitions)" for our family, collecting up all our favorite family and holiday recipes as well as poems, songs and useful info on assorted topics. When I mentioned the book off hand to Connie, she liked the idea. So, I decided to start her a condensed version for her. This was motivated mostly by a need to get our own family books more presentable. I used brown paper bags and Fabri-Tac glue to cover the layered cereal box cardboard cover before painting and staining it. The pages of the book are inked with permanent marker, colored pencils and a white paint marker. Many but not all of the poems and illustrations are my own creation. As I mentioned before, the pages are removable in the same way many scrapbooks are constructed.

Make Your Own Typographic Art Hi! It's Mandi from Making Nice in the Midwest. Although I studied interior design in college, I had the opportunity to mix in some graphic design classes along the way. Looking back, I really wish I had taken advantage of every assignment in those classes, but the fact of the matter was I had a heavy schedule full of difficult studio classes and just didn't have the time to relax and have fun with projects, even the exceptionally cool ones. Typography 101 involved learning about and exploring the different forms of type, including creative projects that looked at new applications for type, à la David Carson. This project is pretty simple and really, there are no rules! Supplies: - Magazines- Scissors or X-Acto blade- Glue stick- White paint- Paint brush- Access to a large format copier (I used Office Max's Copy Max center.) Supplies to mount on a canvas, as I did: - Permanent spray adhesive- X-Acto blade- Canvas (I used a 30" x 40" canvas.) -Mandi