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Far Far Hill

Far Far Hill
Today, I want present to You New Kit in NeareStore -"Cute Female Things". Details: The Pack contains 22 vintage style illustrations (contours). This contour elements will help create Your unique style. You can use this illustrations in your own scrapbooking, art work, gift cards, altered art work, miniatures, collages or print. File: .zip Terms of Use: UNLIMITED USE - CU-OK!

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All my sketches: Shabby Chic Flowers Today I am sharing how I made my Shabby Chic (sounds much better than just plain old shabby) flowers like I used on this card. To make the black flower I used: Heavyweight white paper Freebies We supply free digital downloads to our customers. Not our customer? Please reconsider, your memories are worth it! I've got a little list [Last updated: 5 June 2012] A further slew of dusty old newspapers has been digitised and made available online, and that bit of news prompts me to cull the best of the new content and combine them with with some older links to create the beginnings of a more comprehensive list of useful resources. By useful, I mean larger major-language newspapers or multiple-title archives, mostly, that are searchable and can be accessed privately online - anything, essentially, that looked beyond the narrow purview of small-town doings and local politics for its news. Many are paysites, but of these, almost all will allow free searches, so at least you can find out if they hold enough useful material to make paying worthwhile. This information is scattered all over the web at present, and the signal-to-noise ratio is such that it's increasingly difficult to distinguish the useless from the useful, and - in some cases - to locate the most important links.

All the things I love: 06/01/2010 - 07/01/2010 Dear friends, We at Stampavie would very much appreciate if you would join us in supporting our US Representative, Design Team member and dear friend, Michelle Oatman. On Wednesday evening, June 23, Michelle had an accident while tending her beloved donkeys which has left her blind in her right eye. She has shared the news of her accident in her blog post here ( Michelle is an amazing stamper and is eager to be able to start crafting again. But she also has a lot of healing that needs to occur and she needs our support.

i can explain! 16th Mar 2014 | 27,239 notes jimmyxjohnson: mrhalfheart: Scrapbook Contests Contests can be a fun outlet for sharing your favorite scrapbook layouts. Source Scrapbook contests provide a great opportunity to earn prizes and recognition for doing what you love. About Scrapbooking Contests Have you ever wondered where those beautiful layouts you see in magazines, newsletters, idea books, and scrapbook websites come from? In many cases, these layouts are published as the result of a scrapbooking contest.

Royal Collection Privacy Policy Update We want to give you the best possible experience online. To help us, we use small files called 'cookies' that provide some of the site's features, and supply information we use to improve it. Dorcas Designs: Tutorials Skin Tones on KraftWith Lyra Rembrant Pencils (click on picture) With Prismacolors ~old version (Click on picture) Coloring Red Hair on Kraft