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Magic Braided Leather Tutorial

Magic Braided Leather Tutorial
Seriously this tutorial is magic. I’ve been wanting to share it with you for about a year now, but it’s taken me so long to sit down & figure out the best way to explain myself. See, I discovered how to do this while mindlessly watching an episode of House. My mother-in-law has a rad purse from the ’70s or so; it’s leather with a very cool handle. Parts of the handle are braided & parts are smooth. I’ll be sharing this today on KSL’s Studio 5! (of course the pattern pieces above aren’t the same, I was just too lazy to take a supplies pic that was practically the same as this one. hope you’ll forgive me.) hammerscissorshole punchtapebutton-stud/snap & setter1-2 oz leather/felt Print and cut out pattern pieces. Tape your leather to a sturdy surface, like a desk or slab of wood. Ignoring the bottom part as you go, count up to 6. Look at the bottom part, the strand that’s on top should go through the hole. Once you’ve followed through that end, your ends should look like this. Related:  Leather craft

PARK & CUBE Basics in Leatherworking Leather is an amazingly strong and durable material. If properly taken care of, leather can last significantly longer than vinyl and when the item is discarded it will biodegrade in a relatively short amount of time. Leatherworking uses slightly different tools and techniques than your average sewing project but is not significantly more difficult. This is the first post of a series on making a leather shoulder bag. The pattern used for this series and to make the bag shown below can be downloaded here:Leather Bag Pattern DownloadGuide for Arranging Printed Pages Basic Tools: • Leather Needles – have a triangle point end which is ideal for working with animal skin. What Kind of Leather to Use: Select leather based on what your end project is going to be. Preparing for and Cutting Out Your Pieces: Inspect the front of the leather before cutting your pieces. Use a straight edge blade to cut along the lines your marked on the leather. I made a lining for this bag from leather as well.

What I Wore - A Personal Style Blog DIY Hex Nut Diamond Bracelet : DIY Fashion by Trinkets in Bloom I love finding supplies to make jewelry at the hardware store. For this bracelet I revisited an old favorite the “hex nut” and this time I brightened it up with a purple rat tail cord. You can easily stack this bracelet with all your others for a great look. Brass hex nutsBrass jump ringsPliers24” of rat tail cordLighter Step 1 Lay out your hex nuts to determine your pattern. Step 2 Using your pliers, open your jump rings to fit around your hex nuts, you will be joining 2 at a time. Step 3 • Cut your rat tail cord in half. • Fold it over and loop it through your end nut. • Take one hex nut and feed your cords from each side through the hex nut. • Tie your ends in knots. • Using your lighter, carefully melt the ends of your cord. I have to tell you that I was inspired to make this bracelet while I was watching an episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County, when I was at the gym. I actually set out to make earrings with this project.

LOVE AESTHETICS Leathercraft | Leathercraft Tutorials and Videos DIY Gold Leaf Faux Jewelry Inspired by a shoot styled by Mandy of Oracle Fox where gold leaf was applied in the form of makeup and jewelry, I immediately had to try it myself. It’s an instantaneous and temporary solution for a lack of bling. Plus, it looks super fly! This technique may even come in handy this Halloween season when you decide you’ll want to dress up as a Fendi-bot . . . or C-3P0. You’ll need: Start by cutting the sheet of gold leaf into half inch strips. The gold leaf will not adhere to anything without an adhesive agent so an application of spirit gum is necessary. Pick up a strip of gold leaf and press the gold side onto the tacky area with pressure. Remove the tape and use your fingers to smooth out any loose flakes. Voila! (top image via, rest of images by HonestlyWTF; bottom image Jennifer Fisher Spike Ring & Zoya Edyta polish)

DIY : Celtic heart knot necklace // Collier ficelle à noeud en coeur | Clones 'n' Clowns This is a tricky DIY but also a quick one if you get your head / fingers around it. You probably have all you need at home already, i.e. a couple of hoodie strings or any other rope or string. String necklaces are extremely popular this season and there are so many different types you can make yourself in no time. I can easily say I ♥ this one – for obvious reasons ! Voilà un tutorial un peu complexe en apparence mais en réalité rapide et simple. Learn how to do it yourself (make sure you follow the arrows…!) Toi-même tu sais faire (suivez les flèches dans le bon ordre…!) A few extra tips / Quelques astuces supplémentaires : – Just tie the laces at the back of your neck and cut off any extra string / Nouez les ficelles derrière le cou et couper le surplus – Choose light dark coloured string for a nice contrast / Choisissez une couleur de ficelle foncée et une claire pour avoir un joli contrast – Use the two pieces of string as ONE – Tee-shirt by Zara xx