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American Apparel Circle Scarf Knock Off (tutorial)

American Apparel Circle Scarf Knock Off (tutorial)
My friend was wearing this super cute circle scarf from American Apparel and I wanted one!! Circle scarves, also called infinity scarves, are so popular this fall! I love the look of them! And they are so cozy and warm! The hardest part of making these circle scarves is finding the right fabric. I got this pile of fabric all for under $20! Super cute, right? And super easy!! I think for the scarf to look good, you need to have a really wide piece of fabric so that it is extra plush and voluminous. Once you cut out the fabric into a rectangle, fold the scarf in half so that the top edge is aligned with the bottom edge, right sides together. You can leave the edges raw because they won’t fray. These scarves are so versatile, too!! The American Apparel gave these other options on how to wear it, though I can’t imagine wearing it as a dress! (source) The American Apparel website also says that the scarf is unisex!! *Thank you to my friend J who took these photos of me! You might also like:

The Easiest Skirt in the World (x2) « handmademess I’m the queen of cheap and easy sewing projects. If there’s a fun fabric around and I can make it wearable, in garment form, in an hour or less, I’m going to go for it. This weekend I found some fun printed upholstery fabrics at my local shop that suggested immediate and simple fashions with barely any effort required. There’s no garment more simple to sew than an elastic-waisted skirt, and I’ve found that if I skip the casing and buy elastic that can serve as a waistband, unattended, I can simplify the “simple” even farther. This skirt takes only four seams to make, and requires no measuring. Materials: 3/4 yard fabric of choice 1 yard (or waist measurement length) 2 1/2″ wide elastic thread Directions: 1) zigzag the top edge of your fabric 2) cut the elastic to be just long enough to fit around your waist and sit comfortably, slightly stretched, at just the height you want to wear your skirt. 3) fold the elastic in half and mark the center with a pin. 7) Try on your skirt. Like this:

The Little Giggler: Pink Skinny Jeans {a re-fashion} Are you loving pastel skinny jeans as much as I am?I've been seeing them everywhere and I just had to have a pair! I had this pair of dark jeans that someone gave me. I love dark jeans too, but these were a freebie so I figured "what the heck". They had a little flare, so I started by taking in the legs with my serger. Then I bleached them. *UPDATE: I used a plastic rubbermaid tub. All jeans are not created equal. Can someone please tell me why thread doesn't take bleach? Next, I used Rit dye in Rose pink to dye the bleached jeans. I love how they turned out! What do you think? I like to link up to THESE parties! DIY Anthropologie-Inspired Photo Transfer Polaroid Shirt with Mod Podge It's no secret on this blog that I am a huge fan of good old Mod Podge, so when I got the chance to review some of Plaid's new products in the Mod Podge line, I was really excited. Those Mod Podge scientists have been concocting some really cool new formulas. :) Some of the new ones: There's now Outdoor Mod Podge, Antique Mod Podge, "Dimensional Magic" Mod Podge that behaves a lot like resin for jewelry-making, Hard Coat Mod Podge, Super Gloss Mod Podge, and so many more. For this project, I used the incredible Photo Transfer Mod Podge, and I was seriously blown away by the results. Here is my inspiration: My version: I bought my shirt at Goodwill, and I chose to go with a chambray shirt instead of a white one because white shirts tend to be short-lived in my closet. ;) -Shirt -Photo Transfer Mod Podge -Fabric Mod Podge (Optional. First you need to cut out the photo and lay your shirt out flat. Then you need to lay the image in place flat on your shirt. And now to the magic part. And voila!

10 Cool DIY Sneakers Pimp Up Projects DIY Glitter Converse One Star Sneakers (via lovemaegan) Are you bored with traditional sneakers on the market or with your own sneakers? Pimp them up! In case you already have too many sneakers but still want some more check out our creative shoes storage ideas! DIY Marimekko Sneakers (via blog)

Sammi Jackson: DIY GALAXY SKIRT Okay, so I was never any good at art when I was at school, infact I was so bad that my art teacher once laughed at one of my painitings. I thought the stick men were a nice touch ... haha anyway, despite my terrible art skills I really wanted to make myself a galaxy skirt, hope you like it! :) I stated off with a basic plain black skirt. I didn't want to buy and expensive one just in case it went wrong so used this one from H&M that cost £3.99. They sell them in Primark for £3 but the material is very thin, a little too see through and quite flimsy. Bleaching The first thing I did was to spray my skirt with bleach. Painting After doing some research, I found that people like to use acrylic paints to paint clothes as they're a cheaper alternative to fabric paint. I put a plastic bag inside my skirt to stop the paint running to the back and started painting! For the stars i used a toothbrush to flick on white paint (yes, i used a chopstick to stir my pain haha) I then left it to dry ...

Bow Belt | DIY If you're fond of bows, even in the slightest tiny bit, I've got a hunch you might enjoy this project. Here is a quick and easy DIY that has springtime written all over it... Supplies: Lace trim or thin strip of a light weight cotton fabric, small strip of any fabric you like for the middle piece (I used leather), needle & thread, and sew on snap fasteners. First, begin making your bow by folding over the lace 3 inches; this will be one side of the bow. Then, repeat this on the other side to create the other half of the bow. After you've made sure both sides are even, pinch it in the middle, and stitch it firmly in place. All done! I'm off to try and conquer the busiest week of my entire life; wish me luck!