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10+ Awesome D.I.Y Ideas for Vegan Taxidermy

10+ Awesome D.I.Y Ideas for Vegan Taxidermy
Posted by on onsdag, mars 28, 2012 · 5 Comments D.I.Y Lego Taxidermy by David Cole, Buy D.I.Y set here! DIY Papier Taxidermy Tutorial from ‘Cut Out & Keep’ – HERE! Head to Etsy Shop Horrible Adorables to admire the stunning pieces by Jordan Elise, HERE DIY Wire Faux Taxidermy Tutorial from CreativeCate via Instructables – HERE! Let Etsy Shop MisFitMenagerie inspire some D.I.Y Felt Taxidermy, via here DIY Newspaper Taxidermy, Mollie Green for DesignSponge, Tutorial HERE! DIY Faux Wood Faux Taxidermy from ManMadeDIY, TUTORIAL HERE! DIY Recycled Plastics Taxidermy from Seven Stitches, TUTORIAL HERE! The easiest vegan taxidermy idea of all is the Washi tape idea… via here If you have a laser-cutter lying around – go to Thingiverse to download a free SVG file of the DIY Moose Head Taxdermy/Jewelry Stand Below: Get .svg-file to make your own Moose Head from Thingiverse Art (Paper Taxidermy) by Anna-Wili Highfield Via here Art (Embroidered etc. via here Good Luck!

Homemade essentials - DIY crayons, play doh, baby wipes & more Via: Crayons, play doh, bubble mix, baby wipes … if you feel like you’re constantly refilling your toddler consumables, why not save yourself a trip to the shops and make your own? Here are 15 ideas for cheap and cheerful everyday essentials. (Above: recycle old crayons into fun shapes. Get the tutorial here). Via: Easy peasy bath paints: combine shaving foam with food dyes. Via: Play doh is a kiddie winner every time, so why not whip up this homemade recipe on a rainy day. Via: If there’s one item that gets a daily workout more than any other, it’s the humble baby wipe. Via: Fun for craft, and yummy for eating! Via: These DIY fruit roll-ups put supermarket snacks to shame! Via: This simple bubble mix recipe makes the ambitious claim of creating the BEST BUBBLES EVER! Via: Via:

DIY Ideas - Creative Book Recycling Posted by on onsdag, mars 21, 2012 · 3 Comments Although a lot of us have welcome digitalized reading, most of us still have mixed feelings about hacking books. They way I see it, hacking books and renewing their raison d’être in our homes is a way to pay thankful tribute to their legacy as bearers of culture, knowledge and amazing experiences. I’ve gathered 10 awesome book hack ideas below (most of which have links to D.I.Y tutorials), hope they’ll get your hacker juices flowing – Enjoy! Framed Book Art Book Planters Pics (left) via here – Pics (right) from ApartmentTherapy DIY Book Planter TUTORIAL, HERE! D.I.Y Book Jewelry box by Sincerely Kinsey – DIY TUTORIAL, HERE! Book Mobile Via here DIY Book Book Shelves tutorial from – HERE! Book Origami Art Artful book reuse by Isaac Salazar, via here D.I.Y Book Jewelry Display from Sincerely Kinsey – DIY TUTORIAL, HERE! Punched & framed… Art made using a heart punch and a recycled copy of Pride & Prejudice, via here Tags

Vintage Frames Chalkboard DIY Ideas Posted by on fredag, februari 24, 2012 · 2 Comments So yeah…I know this ain´t exactly new. But somehow, I can’t seem to tire of chalkboard paint and it’s multitude of creative applications. Although covering entire walls is pretty awesome, one of my personal favorite hack ideas is that of taking an old empty frame and add a chalkboard centre, either of basic cardboard or from a more sturdy Mdf-board. The result could be something like this…. Chalkboards with vintage frames I summarized the hack ingredients below to get your D.I.Y juices flowing! Some other awesome chalkboard D.I.Y’s while I´m at it… Wall Calendar Check out the D.I.Y tutorial for this Martha Stewart Chalkboard Wall Calendar project here. Chalkboard Bathroom Wall Kitchen Wall with awesome art work… Last but not least…. Good Luck Hacking!

Splatter Paint DIY - 10 Doable DIY Ideas Inspired by Jackson Pollock Posted by on tisdag, mars 13, 2012 · 1 Comment Channel your inner Jackson Pollock and let some DIY ideas inspire hacking action! The legendary artist and his action painting technique provides a creative vision and a DIY friendly idea on how to transform an old pair of shoes, an old cupboard or a leather chair from basic to boldly beautiful in no time. Here’s a couple of ideas to get those hacker juices flowing – Enjoy! DIY Splatter Shoes from Refinery29 – TUTORIAL HERE D.I.Y Pollock inspired Drip Painted (with nail polish) Jewelry Hack – VIA HERE Splatter Paint Bean Bag Via Here DIY Tie Dye Splatter Paint Boots from – TUTORIAL HERE D.I.Y Pollock Inspired Drip Painted Cupboard – VIA FRENCHbyDESIGN D.I.Y Pollock Inspired Drip Painted Jeans from Glitter’n'Glue – TUTORIAL HERE ….& More Splatter Jeans DIY Inspiration DIY Splatter Jeans inspiration from Refinery29 – TUTORIAL HERE More Splatter Paint Inspiration… Splatter Paint Rug – Via HERE Jackson Pollock in action…

D.I.Y Color Block Pants by HonestlyWTF - ScrapHacker Posted by on tisdag, december 13, 2011 · Leave a Comment Let´s take cue from innovative D.I.Y blogger HonestlyWTF who remade an old pair of chinos into something rather stunning, simply by adding a touch of textile paint! This hack is a great D.I.Y (gift) idea as tons of jeans and pants are available in thrift stores (and at the back of your closet)…simply waiting to be re-invented and reinvigorated! Check out the details of this stunning hack to get ready for some Scrap Hacking action…Hack description available here @ HonestlyWTF). Step 1 Take your pick of textile Paint. would be an awesome choice too! Step 2 Tape is fastened to the pants in order to get a clean straight line. Step 3 The fun bit! Step 4 Admire your work… Step 5 Strut your stuff!

D.I.Y Tutorials from Free flyin’ feather D.I.Y Posted by on oktober 16, 2012 · Leave a Comment I’ve been experiencing somewhat of a writers block lately, meaning no posts on the blog for a while. However, I’ve been pinning daily doses of D.I.Y onto Pinterest and Facebook, so make sure to connect over there to stay tuned! Anyways, what better way to celebrate ridding the shackles of writers block than with some [...] Itchin’ to be stitchin’ Posted by on september 19, 2012 · 1 Comment Oh boy have I gotten the itch for cross stitch! The great DI(-Y)VIDE Posted by on september 18, 2012 · 3 Comments I gotta tell y’all, the D.I.Y blogosphere is indeed where the magic happens! Hacky Hanger D.I.Y Posted by on september 7, 2012 · 4 Comments Coat hangers are super easy to come by, you’ve probably got a bunch of old ones stacked at the back of your closet or in a dusty box in the attic, am I right? Hu(e)moristic Ombre D.I.Y Oh la la, ombre! Just Bead it!