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Mini Notebook From A Cereal Box

Mini Notebook From A Cereal Box
I am still a little old-fashioned when it comes to taking notes and I usually have at least two pocket notebooks in my purse at all times (one for craft ideas and the other for making to do lists). I realized that I am also very picky when it comes to choosing the perfect notebook, and for those of you who are like me, I've got a solution for you! Follow the directions below to make your own personalized, budget-friendly pocket journal out of cereal boxes inspired by my favorite Moleskine notebooks. Choose your favorite decorative paper and a stylish button to create the perfect notebook that suits your own style. These were so easy and fun to make, I ended up making for me and three for my friends. Materials: • Cereal box (1 cereal box makes 2 notebooks. Steps: • Cut out the cereal box to create the cover for your notebook.

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Peachfizzz: DIY: Make Up Storage Everybody and their dog use their old beauty boxes for storage of make up, nail polish, jewellery etc and that is exactly what i had been doing. But let's face it, when you have a tonne of boxes piled up on top of each other it doesn't look that great so i did a bit of hard researching (or maybe i just googled...) of ways to re-use beauty boxes and came across this blog post. I needed to give it a go for myself. little envelope for little notes in my smash book?! FollowPics little envelope for little notes in my smash book?! Source: this image Tags: Cards, Craft Ideas, Crafts, DIY, I<3Creativity, Kid’s Stuff home Best tutorial on how to make distressed wood signs.

How to Turn Your Phone Into a DIY Photo Projector for $1 Slide projectors are great but outdated. And digital projectors cost a bundle. What’s a photographer to do when they’re looking for a bigger picture? Holder for Charging Cell Phone (made from lotion bottle) My husband and I both have cell phones. And both of us have phone chargers. And that means lots of obnoxious cords. You never know when one of us may be moving phone cords around, to give our phones an extra charge while we’re chatting away……… or trying to charge our phones up before running errands or something. Needless to say, those phone cords seem to be everywhere…..and are generally in the way and hanging all over the floor. (Okay, and how about when you’re in a hotel or visiting family/friends. MAGAZINE ENVELOPES 18K+ Well I got this idea from our friend Nina. She was making these super cute envelopes out of scrapbook paper and I really wanted to make some! So I came home and made some! They are so so SO simple and add a personal touch to your envelopes.

25 DIY Balloons Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind! One simple question: What can you do with balloons, and there are many possible answers like you can hand them out, hang them up, and if you’re feeling especially enthusiastic, might even spend awhile playing with them. Balloons options are not limited to playing and decoration only because they also have a variety of other uses, ones that range from crafty to handy to just downright adorable? In this compilation below, you’ll see 25 creative DIY balloons tricks from around the Internet that will lift your spirit and remind you that creativity needs no boundaries.

The Scrappy Housewife: Saturday Scraps #3 - DIY Smash Tabs Hey y'all! I was surprised at the amount of feedback I got on my little Smash Book Pocket tutorial (you can see that post HERE) so I thought I'd do another fun, quick Smash Book accessory for you. This time we're talking tabs. Here's what you'll need: Handmade by Meg K: Up-cycled Jeans to Toy Storage My find of last week... I've never sewn with vinyl before, but I've been wanting to since seeing an explosion of post-Christmas storage ideas in the blogosphere. FYI: I was perhaps a tad nervous about sewing with vinyl because it sticks to the sewing machine and to itself, but I found these great tips at Make It Love It. My first destination of the fabric store is almost always the remnant pile, and I was so excited to find vinyl there last week... but it wasn't nearly enough to make the aforementioned,

the Metric Child: DIY// bobby pin earrings So along with this DIY, I'm also trying out a new photo editing site called PicMonkey. So that's why all my pictures have such lovely effects. Let me know what you think! These are my bobby pin earrings that I talked about doing in this post. Mine are slightly different than the tutorial I followed. smash book ideas If you haven’t ever heard of SMASH books, get ready to fall in love! These books are fabulous! There are several different themes, and each themed book has a different colored fabric spine, embossed craft hard cover, and fantastic digital collage papers inside. Made by K&Company, these books are great for scrapbooking, and journaling. How to make a child's apron from your old jeans -Happy Hooligans Turn the leg of an old pair of jeans into an adorable, durable, stain-resistant denim craft apron for kids. If you search the net, you’ll probably find 101 uses for old jeans floating around out there. I have a two favourite denim sewing projects of my own. I make homemade denim bibs for my daycare, and I LOVE turning our old denim pant legs into craft aprons for the kids. I can’t tell you how much I love these little craft aprons. The hooligans love wearing them for messy play, painting, and crafting.

Upcycled Wine Cork Pendants Fiskars’ new line of stamps by Teresa Collins is absolutely beautiful, and definitely fit to be worn as jewelry. Here’s how to make your own: 1. Cut wine corks into slices at desired widths using a knife or small saw. This time I thought to use the bench vise we have out in the garage, but I’ve sliced many corks without one. Just be sure to be very careful keeping your fingers away from the blade and work on a protected surface. SMASH Books: The Un-scrapbook I have been scrapbooking since about 1994. During this time, I have heard my fair share of people tell me that they want to scrapbook, but “don’t have time.” Or “aren’t creative.“ The SMASH Book line, by K&Company®, is perfect for the un-scrapbooker.

Tutorial: Easy Tiny Envelopes Guest tutorial by Ruth Bleakley I discovered this envelope making method completely by accident when pulling soggy rain-soaked mail out of my leaky mailbox - I had a total *eureka* moment when the envelope I gingerly opened up completely unfolded at the seams revealing an envelope "template" perfectly. I've seen many envelope tutorials online, some offer downloadable templates, some show fancy paper folding techniques and some suggest specific measurements to create your own D.I.Y. envelopes. I'm going to show you how to replicate any interesting envelope that you might already have, no measuring involved! Click below for the how-to: 1.