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LEARN ENGLISH THROUGH TV Comedies With English Subtitles Entradas recientes LEARN ENGLISH THROUGH TV Comedies With English Subtitles 18 Ene.2016 0 Comments LEARN ENGLISH THROUGH TV Comedies With English Subtitles “Mind your language”is a British comedy television series that premiered on ITV in late 1977.

The Abolitionists: The Abolition of Slavery Project What did a Quaker teacher, a Methodist preacher, a former slave, a former slaver, a ship's doctor, a businessman, an African composer, a Baron, a scholar, an outspoken widow, a lawyer and a wealthy politician have in common? They were just some of the people who campaigned to bring about the abolition of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. For a long time, not many people in Britain knew and understood the evils of the Slave Trade. Games and Animations Welcome to the Best of History Web Sites Games and Animations section. Below you will find an annotated list of fun history games and animations organized around broad historical periods. Most of these games and animation are aimed at students ages 10-16. We hope you enjoy these selections and encourage you to submit a recommended history game or animation to us via the contact form. Many thanks to Joshua Dale for his help in organizing and developing this section. – Tom Daccord

40 Must-See Historical Photos EmailEmail While some photographs capture our attention because of how the artist behind the picture has decided to compose the shot, others are fascinating simply because of the subjects that they depict. Below are some captivating photographs that tell stories about our past, depicting the people, places and events that have shaped the course of history. Some of these pictures tell us about history in a way that books and documents will never be able to.

City WebQuests: Sydney: history and traditions This webquest will help you investigate Sydney: its history, music and famous landmarks. You will also plan a trip and send a postcard home. Downloadable worksheet and teacher's notes are available at the bottom of the page. Activity 1: Introductory quiz Visit the link below: Look at the page and, in pairs or small groups, find the answers to the following eight questions on the history of Sydney and Australia.

Here is what they don’t tell you about feminism and sexuality in Hindu mythology Narendra Modi was up to something, and Nitish did not like the thought of it. But it still did not bother him as long as he did not have to deal with his Gujarat counterpart. That changed on 10 May 2009. The Campaign to Abolish Slavery: The Abolition of Slavery Project Today, we only have to turn on our TVs or surf the internet to get up-to-date news. A network of journalists makes us aware of what is happening, almost instantly, across the world. When the campaign to abolish slavery began, around 250 years ago, there were no TV bulletins showing the terrible conditions on slave ships or newspapers reporting on the cruel treatment of chattel slaves on plantations.

World History Computer Games Home Note: see Gaming the Past (my book) for a more extensive list of games along with descriptions and basic information. Featured Game Reviews Online Games Ancient Near East

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