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Literacy and Leadership Through Digital Gaming. Read to Lead is unlike any other literacy supplement for your curriculum.

Literacy and Leadership Through Digital Gaming

First, it’s amazingly engaging for students! Even struggling readers who wouldn’t open a traditional book are eager to try our interactive fiction, given that it offers them the empowerment, agency, and feedback so often experienced in great video games. Second, Read to Lead seamlessly combines literacy instruction with opportunities to develop 21st-century skills such as leadership, adaptability, and accountability. Students not only improve their reading and writing, but also apply these skills to realistic professional scenarios that prepare them for the workplace! Finally, we hear again and again from educators that the respectfulness, diversity, and cultural relevance of Read to Lead is most welcome. Bad News. Fake It To Make It. Portfolio / eduweb. Lost Luggage – Speaking Activity – Mike Astbury – Teaching Games.

This is a practical speaking activity, designed to be part of a task based learning style lesson for a strong intermediate class.

Lost Luggage – Speaking Activity – Mike Astbury – Teaching Games

The material is adaptable for a variety of levels. [CLICK HERE to download the handouts.] Lead in Students discuss in pairs: “If you lost your luggage on holiday what would you miss the most, and why?” Open class feedback – have any of the students had this experience? Preparation Students are told they are going to lose their luggage. Each student is given a luggage card and a ticket. They need to make notes so that they can give their personal details, and the details of their missing luggage, to the staff at the airport. Students put their notes aside and are each given the ‘lost luggage form’ that the airport staff will use. Students work in pairs and write down, in their notes, what questions they will be asked to get this information.

Monitor and assist where necessary so students have correctly worded questions. WEB ADVENTURES — Explore Science - One Game At A Time. Maps: Tools for Adventure - Find the Sunken Treasure. The Underground Railroad. You Have The Power. Understanding energy and energy solutions is necessary if current and future generations are going to help solve our energy challenges.

You Have The Power

Being armed with a greater understanding of energy allows us to be better decision-makers and to make wiser choices in our personal lives, as well as in our communities. Energy-related decisions usually require the work of many experts to address economic, political, environmental, social, and other factors. But in this interactive, the decision belongs to students.

Use or adapt these prompts to engage your students in the interactive: What does it mean to make an informed energy decision? Maps: Tools for Adventure - GIS in Action. Explore a Pyramid. Go on a Family Adventure. GeoGames. GeoGames challenges players to Build Planet Earth and Map Countries and Cities using fun graphics and sound effects on an animated 3D globe.


The game focuses on cognitive concepts, such as spatial relationships (where the continents are in relation to each other and to the oceans), nesting (how a city is a unit within a country, a country is a unit within a continent), and how countries, continents and oceans have vastly different sizes (scale.) Designed to help educators teach and assess students' geography mapping skills, GeoGames can be played as a group activity or individually. Each level of the game is graded easy, medium, or hard. Players can track and record their completion times using the automated game timer as well as print customized maps that reflect their progress at each level. GeoGames is also available as an app.

For recommended practices on using GeoGames in the classroom, click here. Adventure Island. Explore Mars. On the Trail of Captain John Smith. 2020 Energy. Digital Compass. You are Here: Consumer Education at the Mall. Poptropica. Browse Our Fun, Interactive Games for Children and Young People. Skillswise - English Games. English Wizz - LingualNet. Tales Of 20th Century London. Centre of the Cell. Quandary. Games Learning Society. The Republia Times. Stop Disasters.

Mission US. True Love - LingualNet. Expedition Week. Inanimate Alice - Homepage. Museum of London – Our games. Klondike - Rush for Gold. In the summer of 1897 two ocean going steamers landed on the west coast of the United States.

Klondike - Rush for Gold

One ship, The Excelsior, landed in San Francisco and three days later The Portland landed in Seattle. Down the gangplank of these two ships went a rag-tag group of men and women carrying sacks of gold. Some walked down the docks with $5,000 worth of gold while others had over $100,000 worth. The miners told of the rich claims they had staked one year earlier on a series of small creeks flowing into the Klondike River. This new goldfield, in the northwest corner of Canada, was said to be the richest gold find in all of history with enough work for tens of thousands of people. TheCavesOfMull - home. Homicide Hunter Interrogation.