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Happy National Puzzle Day! Today is National Puzzle Day.

Happy National Puzzle Day!

Oh, happy day! What, you didn’t know every January 29th is the day to celebrate National Puzzle Day? That’s okay; better late than never. Puzzles come in many shapes and sizes: Brain teaserCrosswordDigital breakoutHidden picturesJengaJigsawRebusSodokuTangramTriviaWord search. Scattergories List Generator. Using AutoCrat and Google to Create Your Own Mad Libs Stories for the Classroom – Teq. When I was a kid, I loved playing Mad Libs.

Using AutoCrat and Google to Create Your Own Mad Libs Stories for the Classroom – Teq

Often given to me as a stocking stuffer or grocery store present from my parents, Mad Libs, the “phrasal template” game, was one of the ways my parents kept me and my siblings entertained, while also helping us learn the parts of speech. MadLibs for World Language Reading & Writing via Google Forms. Make your own Mad Libs with Google Forms – The Techy Coach. Do you remember Mad Libs?

Make your own Mad Libs with Google Forms – The Techy Coach

They were those funny little stories that had parts of speech missing from them, and the gist behind them was to substitute random words for those parts of speech to see what fun ensued. Have you ever thought about making your own? Or thought of the possibility of applying the same method to help kids learn a topic in your Social Studies, Science, or ELA class? Simulations, Games and Virtual Learning Experiences. English Studies Simulations The Alphabet superhighway (K-12) This World Wide Web (WWW) site, sponsored by the U.S.

Simulations, Games and Virtual Learning Experiences

Department of Education's READ*WRITE*NOW! Initiative, helps students in grades 1 to 12 to create, locate, and communicate information through active learning, guided discovery, mentoring, competitions.

Escape Rooms

Curriculum Guide. Enhancing Civic Education with Game-Based Learning. Deck.Toys. Deck.Toys. OK2Ask316 - OneDrive. Carmen Sandiego. KidCitizen. Activity Tools. Turn your students into historians with primary-source based activities.

Activity Tools

Provide them the unique web address for an activity, or compile a Classroom full of activities. Each activity-creation tool helps students develop historical thinking skills. Pick documents, set up the activity, and write instructions for your students. You can include questions or an assignment in your conclusion. Students can submit and save their responses so that you can access them in My Students' Responses, or have them emailed to you if desired. You may wish to follow our Guide to Creating Your DocsTeach Activity. Create a New Activity Analyzing Documents Teach students the process of document analysis, the foundation for working with primary sources. Focusing on Details: Discussion Topic Showcase one document while posing a question, comment, or directions for students. Focusing on Details: Spotlight Highlight a specific part of a document. OK2Ask316 - Participation. Search this site.

OK2Ask316 - Participation

Mission US. Engaging Congress: Indiana University. OK2Ask316 - Participation. OK2Ask316. Archive Recording: OK2Ask archive recordings are made available within two weeks of the webinar air date.


You can find the archive for this session and others that have been selected for long-term retention in the archive library on the TeachersFirst website. The easiest way to access the archive library is from the OK2Ask Archive Recordings Special Topics Page. Please note that the archive listings appear sorted by Most Recent First. Each year, we review the archived sessions.

We may remove a session from the archive library for a number of reasons when a digital tool: has been retiredis no longer free has been updated such that the session demonstrations no longer match the current interface. Down the Rabbit Hole: How To Turn Your Class into an Alternate Reality Game. Down the Alternate Reality Rabbit Hole New to the Blog?

Down the Rabbit Hole: How To Turn Your Class into an Alternate Reality Game

If you want to read about the implementation of the video game Gone Home in a high school English class, start here. Homepage. Over The Top. Geography Games. ISTE 2017 Playground in San Antonio. How to add a Family Feud-style game to your next class/PD. Games can make class and professional development more fun!

How to add a Family Feud-style game to your next class/PD

The Next Level: Student-Designed Games. Kids designing with the online platform Globaloria;screenshots of student-created Globaloria games.Photo and game screens courtesy of Globaloria, a division of Carnegie Learning Rene Espiritu has long had an interest in a STEM-related career.

The Next Level: Student-Designed Games

While a student at Queens (NY) Vocational and Technical High School, he had already developed valuable web design and coding skills. To put those skills into practice—and improve upon them—he dived into the artistic and technical discipline of online game design. In his game, Electric Traffic, the player controls an electron as it travels from a power source to an electrical tool. To reach the destination, the player must guide the electron through an obstacle course of material that offers resistance. Electric Traffic is a prime example of how game design can reinforce knowledge areas, expand skill sets, and illustrate how circuitry works. Game design can serve as a vehicle for learning concepts and content across a wide variety of academic areas.


Elf on Shelf – Google Drive. Game-Based Learning. Mission US. Civil War Loop Game by Paula Kluth. Edutopia- Using Games for Assessment. Edutopia- What is Game-based Learning. What exactly is game-based learning, anyway? Is it a roomful of children playing video games? Is it students designing games? Genius hour and design thinking sketchnote resources. I’m speaking at the national Apple Regional Training Centre conference next week in the UK and one of the sessions I’m running is around the idea of the ‘Genius Hour’.

For those who haven’t come across it before, it was borne out of the idea of Google’s 20% time. This is time that is set aside for employees as part of Google’s drive (get it? #pun) to innovate within its ranks. Famously, such ideas as Gmail have come from a 20% time project by one of Google’s employees. Genius Hour is meant to inspire and give children the opportunity to develop and build some of the most important skills in learning around the idea of collaboration, creativity and innovation, communication and critical thinking. 20+ resources for engaging game-based learning. Bringing aspects of games into the classroom can be highly motivational and engaging, making content stick. Here are some resources. (Public domain image via Our society thrives on games.