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55 logos et leurs histoires surprenantes

55 logos et leurs histoires surprenantes

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logos — beethings 0 items logos urbino italian pizza e pasta, delivered fast tucson zoological society logo for the tucson zoological society, dedicated to preserving biodiversity Studio Rarekwai ‘Stickerbomb Monsters’ Book Stickerbomb Monsters book is a compilation of artwork from graffiti artists and illustrators around the world, making it sort of an encyclopedia of monsters. Part of a collectible series, it includes typography which, like every thing in it, are peel-out stickers. Darbotz, Redy and the Yok are some of the artists who contributed. Stickerbomb Monsters book is available at Amazon for USD$12.21.

Egg Savior – Blender for an Android game The Android game Egg Savior used Blender for the production of their in-game graphics. Ruben Lopez writes: Egg Savior is a free independent game for Android devices. It is a kind of platform game mixed with a bit of puzzle where you can’t control the main character, only the environment.It is a 2D game but all the graphics have been prerendered with Blender. VALUES! Trend Diary 2013 Project Description The search for new ideals has characterized our generation. But which values and virtues are still relevant today—religious, moral, spiritual or personal? The 2013 Trend Diary presents design projects that explore the theme of "values." Why a Trend Diary dealing with values?

Todd’s Blog » Blog Archive » Logo Study: Batman Part 1 All images ©DC Comics, Inc. Here we go with a lengthy look at the logos of Batman from his creation to the present. Above is the very first page of the first published Batman story in Detective Comics 27. The model for comics stories at the time was the Sunday newspaper strip (then usually a large full page), in which the top panel contained the character logo, the story title and a brief explanation of who he was. This is exactly what artist/creator Bob Kane did in most of his early Batman stories.

9 Outstanding New Free Fonts Here at WDL, we love to keep you updated with the best resources and freebies, especially when it comes to fonts. Having different type options to count on is really important, and that is why today we have a new batch of 9 new free fonts for you to add to your design library. Sahara Albatross Casper Henry 16 Infographic Resumes, A Visual Trend (It’s actually up to 18 now.) A number of designers have attempted to design a visual, infographic resume, and while this is certainly not mainstream (yet), it is gaining some momentum. I wanted to highlight some of the great examples available on the web, but the line between an infographic resume and a designer resume is tough not to cross.

A Graphic Guide to Facebook Portraits Everyone is aware of how significantly Facebook has impacted modern technologies such as online communication, information aggregation, and boyfriend stalking. Less noticed, but just as profound, is its influence on art. Just as refinements in mirror crafting led to an increase in self portrait production during the Renaissance, Facebook's steady, unrelenting invasion of every crevice in the civilized world has led to a new renaissance in portraiture, notable for its creation by people who wouldn't know good art if it friend requested them. These office workers and bored teens have replaced Okies and deranged shut-ins as the ultimate outsider artists; not only do they lack formal artistic training, most lack even the desire to create art. However, with this humble, ad hoc genre a complex visual dialogue has emerged, and its unique vocabulary reveals much about the modern world. Click to Expand

Dirty Mouse interior design Gecko Stickers I want some of these. The team at Gecko Stickers have just created 10 new designs of wall stickers, using a special material that glows in the dark. Mercedes-Benz logo evolution Image courtesy of kenjonbro Mercedes logo 1902 Mercedes logo 1909 Benz logo 1909 10+ Inspiring Free Fonts A useful variety of free fonts that differ in their forms, size and practical meaning, being able to make your work original and unique one and to create a special atmosphere by means of word form united with a word meaning. Multitude of typography styles gives you a chance to emphasise your message and to create a certain design style that will be able to reflect your ideas by means of various fonts. Looking for a high level of typographic elegance and sophistication, you can be sure in reaching the result because of using this resource, selecting that type of typography which is the most suitable one.

animal font « Daisy Balloon Diary Daisy Balloon | Announcement /April 24 , 2011 we are planning to have some projects to support people from the recovery of this disaster. To begin with that we will donate our entire sales of the i phone APP “Animal Font” which is the picture above for half a year. (You can send little happiness with the Animal Font!) Please see the Animal Font detail below. Open Xerox: imaging-demos Service Home Page Xerox has extensive expertise in computer vision and imaging and this site presents some of our technologies through a range of easy to use demos. In many cases we use a combination of methods to solve real-world digital information management problems ranging from stock photography, digital asset management and personalised imaging through to cross-media search and smarter document technologies. We include here some mature technologies, and also some experimental demos which are in beta (or even alpha!) versions.

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