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Mediateca de EducaMadrid

Mediateca de EducaMadrid

Crea y aprende con Laura Google Scholar Mediateca | TV Pública 40 30 10 Los puentes de la democracia 30 Años de Democracia Clarín, un invento argentino 2001. Tic-tac: Física y Química Split-ring resonator - negative index of refraction (meta-)materials An example split-ring resonator consisting of an inner square with a split on one side embedded in an outer square with a split on the other side. Split-ring resonators are on the front and right surfaces of the square grid, and single vertical wires are on the back and left surfaces.[1][2] Electric field (top) and magnetic field (bottom) of an electric-SRR under resonant electrical excitation. A single cell SRR has a pair of enclosed loops with splits in them at opposite ends. Background[edit] A split-ring resonator. Split ring resonators (SRRs) consist of a pair of concentric metallic rings, etched on a dielectric substrate, with slits etched on opposite sides. The split ring resonator was a microstructure design featured in the paper by Pendry et al in 1999 called, "Magnetism from Conductors and Enhanced Nonlinear Phenomena". field parallel to the cylinders, the effective permeability can be written as the following. Where is the angular frequency, Characteristics[edit] See also[edit]

Free ebooks - Project Gutenberg TeacherTube More Good News About The 'Scientific Accident That May Change The World' Graphene supercapacitors | Photo: UCLA That battery life video that had gone viral due to a recent post on UpWorthy (and which we told you about Tuesday) now has an update. We told you that researchers at Ric Kaner's lab at UCLA had found a way to make a non-toxic, highly efficient energy storage medium out of pure carbon using absurdly simple technology. Today, we can report that the same team may well have found a way to make that process scale up to mass-production levels. The recap: Graphene, a very simple carbon polymer, can be used as the basic component of a "supercapacitor" -- an electrical power storage device that charges far more rapidly than chemical batteries. English translation: He painted a DVD with a liquid carbon solution and stuck it into a standard-issue DVD burner. The result: Absurdly cheap graphene sheets one atom thick, which held a surprising amount of charge without further modification.

Documents pédagogiques - Accompagnement pédagogique EnseignantsInformations générales 1. De la petite section au CE1 Dossiers thématiques - Expo 2-7 ans Cycles 1 et 2 Chaque dossier présente un des thèmes de la Cité des enfants 2-7 ans : les différents ilôts et éléments d'expositions, les activités proposées à l'élève ainsi que des suggestions d'exploitations. Parcours de visite - Expo 2-7 ans Cycle 1 Chaque parcours utilise différents espaces de l'exposition afin de développer un thème de la Cité des enfants 2-7 ans. Dossiers thématiques - Expo 5-12 ans Cycle 2 Chaque espace de la Cité des enfants 5-12 ans a son univers, sa couleur, sa lumière, son ambiance sonore. 6 dossiers pour aller plus loin dans la découverte des thèmes de la Cité des enfants 5-12 ans. Les fiches pédagogiques de la Géode Pour vous aider à préparer votre visite à la Géode, téléchargez pour chaque film la fiche pédagogique correspondante : 2. Dossiers thématiques Cycle 3 Démarches d’investigation Les essentiels Les fiches pédagogiques du planétarium 3. Itinéraires de visite Collège

Micro NFC/RFID Transponder - NTAG203 13.56MHz ID: 2800 - $2.95 This tiny micro NFC/RFID tag is super small, and contains an NTAG203 chip plus antenna. It's super tiny, flexible and a great way to DIY an RFID or NFC device if you're interested in designing your own ring, wearable or whatever other tiny device with near field communication incorporated. Contains 144 bytes of read-write accessible memory.You can use this with our PN532-based RFID reader breakouts & shields, and will work with all the latest cellphones or tablets that have NFC built in.