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The Incredible, Custom-fit Raglan Sweater A simple, fill-in-the-blanks method for making the incredible, custom-fit raglan--the sweater that is knit from the neck down in one piece, to fit anybody! By Pamela Costello, St. Paul, Minnesota Introduction The incredible, custom-fit raglan is a sweater knit from the neck down in a single piece on circular needles, and it can be made to fit any size from infant to adult. It can be easily adapted to become a cardigan, crew-neck or V-neck. summer flowers by Annette Petavy photo ShirCraftalot's photos - Buzznet Log In Sign Up yarn patterns 42 of 157 (see all) Full Size

Wool Peddler: Recycled Silk & Banana Silk Yarns, Handpainted & Handspun Yarns About Recycled Sari Yarns: Recycled Silk yarn is undoubtedly the most unique yarn you will ever encounter. Silk thrums from India's weaving mills are handspun by women's cooperatives and cottage industries into gleaming silk skeins. Using their traditional skills they are able to create vibrant, textured yarn in a endless array of colorways. Each Recycled Silk skein is handspun creating natural inconsistencies and a rather scrappy nature; to make any project, no matter how simple in design, instantly charming and unique. We import the finest yarns available, direct from Nepal. The colors are vibrant and it is spun evenly.

Harry Potter Knitting Patterns One eco-friendly way of getting knitting supplies that we sort of touched on yesterday is by upcycling, or making yarn out of some other material that was already in existence as something else. T-shirt yarn is a common example. I have a whole box full of T-shirts that one day I really will make into a quilt, and many of them I've cut the bottoms off of to make into T-shirt yarn. It's a relatively easy process but it can be really hard on your hands to cut through all that material and to keep the "yarn" a somewhat consistent thickness.

Knit Collage Gypsy Garden Embellished Yarn Gypsy Garden Yarn from Knit Collage Knit Collage brings a whole new look to yarn! This gorgeous and whimsical line of hand dyed embellished yarn is based in Hong Kong. Each ball adorned with bits of ribbons, sequins, flower appliqués, and sparkly tinsel. Repeat these last two rows until all the stitches have been worked. The right side will be facing. Knit 1 row on all stitches. For the mathematically inclined, the number of stitches you have now is x/6+2, rounded up to an even number. On your 48-stitch sock, that's 10.

the blue blog archives: another weasley harry potter anyone? another weasley-along Gryffindor socks, knit in Dani's hand-painted self-striping sock yarngryffindor striped hat in leftover yarn from my HiP scarfa weasley sweater for me knitted with Rowan Felted Tweed in Ginger(p.s. - I've posted a weasley sweater pattern if you're looking for one!) Yarnshop « Insubordiknit Welcome to the shop! Click on yarn photo for a closer look, or yarn name to see more details and add it to your shopping cart. Silver's Sock Class To make it easier for you to find your directions, if you're using sock weight or fingering weight, your directions will be in purple for sport or double knitting wieght, blue and for worsted weight, green. Instructions for everyone will be in red. If you're using: -Sock weight or Fingering weight yarn - approx 420 yards, and either size 2 or size 3 Double Pointed Needles -Sport or Double Knitting weight yarn - approx 350 yards, and either size 4 or size 5 Double Pointed Needles -Worsted weight yarn - approx 285 yards, and either size 6 or size 7 Double Pointed Needles.

the blue blog patterns: HiP and Silkie happy knitting! HiP and Silkie Two hip, tie-inspired belts.

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