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Diver certification. A Diving certification or C-card is a document (usually a wallet sized plastic card) recognizing that an individual or organization authorized to do so, "certifies" that the bearer has completed a course of training as required by the agency issuing the card.

Diver certification

This is assumed to represent a defined level of ability and knowledge in underwater diving. Divers carry a qualification record or certification card which may be required to prove their qualifications when booking a dive trip, hiring scuba equipment or filling diving cylinders. DIVING, SWEDEN, DIVING ABC: Discover underwater world with us. Decompression meter Decompression meter (dive computer) is a wrist watch-sized device that calculates (and signals) a safe ascent rate on the basis of duration and depth of a dive.

DIVING, SWEDEN, DIVING ABC: Discover underwater world with us

Its purpose is the same as the purpose of decompression tables but its advantage is continuous control of pressure of gases in the body, the actual depth and time. The device can also warn divers (for example about missed decompression stops). Depending on the model of dive computer, it can display: - depth, - time, - decompression status, - ascent speed, - water temperature, - directional information (digital compass), - pressure of the remaining breathing gas, - the diver’s oxygen toxicity. With a dive computer it is not necessary to have a separate watch and a pressure/depth gauge (device that displays the depth and measures the pressure in the water). Decompression stops. SWEDEN, DIVING COURSES: Discover underwater world with us. PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) Recreational diving Discover Scuba Diving - maximum depth: 12m - pool or open water Open Water Diver - basic learning how to scuba dive - minimum age: 15.

SWEDEN, DIVING COURSES: Discover underwater world with us

Take a PADI open water course and Learn to Dive abroad. Going on vacation and would like to learn to scuba dive?

Take a PADI open water course and Learn to Dive abroad

Great! It is a shame to miss the fantastic reef systems, incredible marine animals and plenty of exciting ship wrecks that lay beneath the waters edge. Fitting a dive course into a vacation is not always easy though, and that is why we have several options for you. Scuba Travel can help you to arrange the entire holiday, or just the diving, including any eLearning or pool training done in your home country. Take a beginner course while on holiday. Kippu: Home. European Herbal & Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association. European Herbal & Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association Representing Herbal & Traditional Medicine Practitioners Across Europe Herbal medicine is among the most ancient forms of treatment known and the medicinal use of plants is common to all cultures and peoples of the world.

European Herbal & Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association

The Egyptian Ebers Papyrus, dating back to 1500 BCE, describes more than 700 herbal remedies including aloes, caraway seeds, castor oil and squill. A medical manuscript, Wu Shi Er Ming Fang, dating from 2nd century BCE listing some 224 herbal medicines was discovered in 1973 in a tomb at Ma Huang Dui in Hunan Province, China. The Atharva Veda dating from about 1200 BCE is recognised as a major source book laying down the precepts of Ayurveda, the ancient system of medicine from India. For many centuries plant remedies were the main medicines used to treat disease throughout Europe and many famous herbals were published in English in the 16th and 17th centuries. Rotary. International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey - Home.

Our organization is dedicated to the preservation of the ancient art of falconry, a hunting tradition defined as 'taking quarry in its natural state and habitat by means of trained birds of prey'.

International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey - Home

Preserving falconry involves maintaining not only the traditional culture that builds practical skills of empathy with animals, but also the conservation of raptors and their prey through preservation of natural habitats. We therefore encourage falconry within the context of sustainable use of wildlife. We also promote ecological studies and veterinary research on birds of prey and, where appropriate, domestic breeding of raptors for falconry, including such species as Peregrine falcons, Goshawks, Saker and Gyr falcons and all other species of raptors in whatever part of the world they may be used for falconry and hunting.

Doha from 26th to 30th of January Improve the scientific research movement in Qatar and the Arabian Gulf. More detailed information will be provided as soon as possible.