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You have to see Pink Anthro on Craftsy! You have to see Trail Hoodie on Craftsy! You have to see Little Flirt Skirt on Craftsy! A Common Thread — knit bow pattern: moss stitch bow headband. Whose Shawl Do You Think This Is? Inamorata tank: Knitty Spring+Summer 2010. BODICE Using smaller circular needle and two strands of yarn held together, CO 167[186, 209, 230, 256, 277, 298] sts.

Inamorata tank: Knitty Spring+Summer 2010

Do not join; bodice is worked back and forth in rows. K 4 rows. Strikkeopskrift på frakke. Hooded Cable Vest Knitting Pattern. Carnaby skirt: Knitty Deep Fall 2010. BUTTON BAND CO 80 sts.

Carnaby skirt: Knitty Deep Fall 2010

Work 8 rows Box Stitch, beginning with a RS row. SKIRT PANEL Work 16 rows Box Stitch. Work flared short row section: Row 1 [RS]: Sl 1, p70, W&T. Row 2 [WS]: P to last st, k1. Row 3 [RS]: Sl 1, k60, W&T. Repeat Skirt Panel until work is long enough to wrap around hips when lightly stretched. BUTTONHOLE BAND Work 9 rows Box Stitch, ending with a RS row. WAIST Two rows of crocheted slip stitch are worked to stabilize the waist edge. Crocheted Waist Edging: Insert hook into remaining st. The Sweatshirt Sweater. I grew up wearing a school uniform, which, for me, turns out to be a hard habit to kick.

The Sweatshirt Sweater

Some people seem to totally reject their childhoods of forced attire, opting for recklessly eclectic wardrobes. But I can't fight it; I'm a uniform kid, through and through. I am sure you'll be relieved to read I am no longer sporting ill-fitting plaid jumpers, but there is rarely a day that goes by that I'm not in my own personal uniform. Lately, it's been dark-wash Levi's paired with some form of a baseball T or an athletic-gray sweatshirt. Knitted DROPS head band and shoulder piece in "Eskimo". DROPS ESKIMO UNI COLOUR (50g) 3.60 USD DROPS ESKIMO MIX (50g) 4.15 USD DROPS ESKIMO PRINT (50g) 4.50 USD DROPS ESKIMO TWEED (50g) 4.50 USD DROPS ESKIMO DEGRADÉ (50g) 4.50 USD DROPS 156, 157 & 158, together with our latest baby catalogue, DROPS Baby 25, can now be purchased on all DROPS stores for only 2USD per copy!

Knitted DROPS head band and shoulder piece in "Eskimo".

- regardless you buy yarn or not! The catalogues are only available in a limited number of copies, so visit your closest DROPS store today! K006 Cable Shawl Digital Download. Pattern available as a digital download.

K006 Cable Shawl Digital Download

A richly textured cable wrap with rib edges, which may also be work as a generous scarf. Suitable for an advanced Knitter. Yarn Quantities/ shadeJo Sharp Classic DK Wool 10 x 50g balls / Winter 904 Needles 4.00mm (USA 7) (UK 7), 4.00mm circular needle, cable needle.


Patron para tejer a dos agujas. Para las fanáticas del Mohair, les comparto una foto que encontré en la web.

Patron para tejer a dos agujas

No tenia patrón, pero a pedido de las Fans de Facebook voy a recurrir al ojo observador de vieja tejedora para adivinar como está confeccionado (sumen sus comentarios si ven algo que creen se hace de otra manera). En primera instancia veo que se teje de lado a lado... eso es desde un extremo de la primer manga tooooodo recto hacia el otro extremo de la segunda manga (está tejido en punto santa clara, pero bien podria hacerse en punto jersey, no?)

La parte central debería ser lo suficientemente larga como para poder darle una vuelta completa al cuerpo como si se tratara de una bufanda. Para mi son como 120 a 150 cm.. pero agarren el centímetro y usenlo para ver que tanto necesitan que tenga de largo para que les quede comodo (enrosquense el centímetro al cuerpo... y vean cuanto mide de sisa a sisa). En el hombro no se ve ninguna costura, asi que se teje todo de corrido. Y listo!! Hood pattern by Jacqueline van Dillen. Buy Unisex Winter Warmer Knitting Wool Long Soft Scarf Shawl Scarves As Sleeve Wrap 3 Colors free shipping 9087 from Reliable shawl with sleeves pattern suppliers on Le Tesco Clothing. Skull Ring. BERROCO BOOKLET 338 - Product Details. Spicy Life. I’d like to introduce knitting feat number three – a hooded scarf I deem worthy of gracing this adorable head.

Spicy Life

I’ve already explained the glorious potential of hooded scarves in my last post – as well as the many pitfalls (exhibit a). It follows that when I found a design that actually worked, I didn’t just hang on to it. I had to explore its possibilities. So here’s my second variation, drawn from the same inspiration as my Curving Lattice design.

Midnight Goddess Scarf. [ Close Privacy Policy ] Privacy Policy / Your California Privacy Rights Revised and posted as of July 28, 2014 Prime Publishing, LLC ("Company," "we" or "us") reserves the right to revise this Privacy Policy at any time simply by posting such revision, so we encourage you to review it periodically.

Midnight Goddess Scarf

In order to track any changes to this Privacy Policy, we will include a historical reference at the top of this document. Free Hooded Scarf Patterns to Knit and Crochet. How to Knit the Welted Ruffle Edge Stitch. This video knitting tutorial will help you learn how to knit the welted ruffle edge stitch.

How to Knit the Welted Ruffle Edge Stitch

This stitch would be great for all of your edging projects! LanaMundi Yarns Tajik Mohair comes from the Asht region of Northern Tajikistan which is the center of Angora goat production. Only the best quality Angora kid fleeces are used for spinning this, strong yet soft, mohair yarn. The quality of this fingering-weight, two-ply yarn and the hand-spinning and dying are excellent; however, as with any handspun yarn, you may find some slight variation in thickness and color consistency. Knit Stitch – KPurl Stitch-p Skill: IntermediateCast On:Cast on 13 sts. Moebius braid cowl : Winter 2013. Cast on 60 stitches using a provisional cast on.

Moebius braid cowl : Winter 2013

Rows 1-4: [K1, p1] across. Row 5 [RS]: C12B 5 times. Rows 6-10: [K1, p1] across. Row 11 [RS]: [K1, p1] 3 times, C12F 4 times, [k1, p1] 3 times. Row 12 [WS]: [K1, p1] across. Repeat Rows 1-12 until about 2 yards of yarn remains, or the desired length has been reached, ending with Row 12. Turn over one needle, so that the cowl is twisted. Braid neck scarf pattern by Pata Tocchin. Broome pattern by Vanessa Putt. How to DIY Arm Knitted Blanket in An Hour (Video) Crochet T-shirt Yarn Tote – Crochet Pattern at Hands Occupied. I’m loving how this new pattern turned out, you guys! It’s an easy crochet tote pattern, perfect for summer.