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~Ruffles And Stuff~

~Ruffles And Stuff~
Today I was not doing the "happy" thing. I was doing the "bleah, I feel so blah and depressed for no reason so I'm just going to eat poptarts and browse instagram" thing. I definitely didn't make the most of the daytime. But after the babies went to bed I snuck out to a pottery painting place in town all by myself. It was amazing. And I feel so much better now.

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I see zombies NeoN said... yes, yes it does. February 3, 2010 at 3:02 PM Anonymous said... fantastic! February 7, 2010 at 6:48 AM Design*Sponge » Blog Archive » diy project: matt’s woven leather stool I’ve been doing a fair amount of home cleaning lately, and I think when it’s all over, I’d like to reward myself with one of these beautiful woven leather stools. Matt, the immensely talented craftsman behind Wood and Faulk, created this versatile little stool with simple tools and a few raw materials. I love the luxurious, pale leather, and Matt recommends using Danish oil to help bring out the rich tones of the oak and leather, allowing the woven seat to change color over time.

Design*Sponge » Blog Archive » diy wednesdays: tea shelf recently, we’ve been exploring the amazing selection of loose leaf teas at our local hippie coop grocery store (oh, san francisco….). We’ve been collecting little samples of calming herbals, invigorating blacks, and exotic mixes of every plant and herb you can imagine. taking a cue from grandpa’s garage workshop, we put together a simple organized shelf where we can hang and display our current selection of teas and the cute accoutrements that go along with them. happy tea time!

Keeping Those Noggins Protected! Baby Sunhat... Upon finishing my Bubble Ruffle Dress, I knew it just wasn’t quite complete without a little something extra for those bright sunny days I am anxiously awaiting! I went through my eldest daughters old hats, and found a nice stained one that fit the bill in sizing and started the deconstruction process… Nice upgrade from the hand me down, if I do say so myself. The best part are the belted loops that keep the little ribbon in place – I love that! For your free tutorial and pattern piece to make this 12 Month to 2T Sized Hat, click HERE. Want it reversible?

pattern for a half eaten gingerbread man December 19th, 2007 Only six days until christmas and amazingly there is no furious sewing in this house. Just one more gift to make and then we’re off to Grandma’s house. The Shirt Skirt July 28, 2010 I’m so excited to post about this! When I met Dana, I fell in love with the skirt she was wearing. She made it herself (obviously) and she showed us how simply she’d shirred the waistband. quilt as you go I'm soooo excited you all are so excited to do this quilt with me! I'm also very excited to make a queen sized quilt! I never thought I'd be able to start and complete a quilt larger than a lap-size on my own, since quilting a monster quilt is not what I would consider fun. With this method, not only can you make a monster quilt top, but, you will be able to quilt is as you go and not have to send it out to the long arm quilter.

artsy-crafty babe So yes, I’ve been knitting. You know how it is when the mood strikes. I blame the cold weather. Knitting just feels right in cold weather, doesn’t it? Spring lacy hat for little girls - Free Pattern with Tutorial and Chart The pattern is written for toddler size, but you can adapt for a smaller/ bigger size, making less/more rounds with increases for the crown of the hat. Each round you'll increase 12 stitches. Other sizes can be obtained also using other yarn weight and hook size. Materials: - 1 skein of Caron Simply Soft, colors of your choice (2, 3 or how many colors you want) - 4.5 mm crochet hook

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