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Build A Tiny House -
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Models With wheels, traditional proportioning and archetypal form, these revolutionary RVs are designed to be portable while providing maximum comfort. Sizes range from about 117 to 172 sq ft and include a full kitchen, bathroom, sleeping area, main room and more. We deliver to your door or help you build your own with our plans, trailers and barn raisers. Where can I put it? A Tumbleweed Tiny House is a Recreational Vehicle(RV), so you can put it wherever you would put an RV. How do utilities work? Tumbleweeds come with standard RV hookups for water and electrical. How is it insulated? We use spray foam insulation (R-20) so that our Tiny House RVs exceed the minimum code requirements by 200%. Is financing available? Yes. Can I get it delivered? Tumbleweed Tiny House RVs can be delivered right to your door anywhere in the United States.

uld YOU build a flatpack house? Home in a box costs just £6,500. But is it really as easy to build as an IKEA bookcase? We gave one brave dad a week to try By Tom Rawstorne Published: 23:07 GMT, 29 January 2014 | Updated: 10:17 GMT, 30 January 2014 Like most British men, the sight of a screwdriver and something to assemble from a flatpack sends me into a competitive tailspin. While my chest puffs with machismo, my head is filled with doubts about my abilities. So when I heard that a British company has begun selling a flat-pack mini-house, which is said to be as easy to assemble as an Ikea bookcase, I couldn’t resist the challenge. Scroll down for video A British company has begun selling a flat-pack mini-house, which is said to be as easy to assemble as an Ikea bookcase - and Tom Rawstorne couldn¿t resist the challenge to build it At £6,500, they don’t come cheap, but the company which produces the wooden cabins — — says that homeowners have been snapping them up. Mark Burton, the company’s founder, says the traditional wooden buildings are being bought by people desperate to acquire more space without moving house. Tuesday

Charred Cabin by DRAA is a blackened timber shelter on stilts This charred timber cabin by Chilean studio DRAA is raised over a hillside on stilts to afford better views of the nearby mountains (+ slideshow). The Charred Cabin was designed by DRAA for a couple from Santiago who wanted a mountain hideout in a sparsely populated and historic region of the Chilean coastal range. The clients requested a building containing the minimum essential living spaces to keep the cost of the project down. With only a 15-square-metre footprint, the cabin contains a small kitchen, bathroom and living area on the lower level and a sleeping platform above. "To fit in a budget, the activities required to fulfil within the cabin were explicitly simple: a place to eat, sleep and read for two, everything else is to be offset outside," said the architects, who also recently completed a skiing retreat with a steeply pitched roof. "The prefab modules are arranged and proportioned in order to stand out from the steep terrain on stilts," the architects added. Project credits:

Radiant Floor Heat - A Review - MiniMotives I often get questions about my radiant floor heat and I realized I never reviewed it… So here we go! Was it ‘worth it’ – It certainly served its purpose as a learning project, I learned how to install and operate it, I have no regrets about adding the thermal mass in the floor (and the extra axle that came with accommodating that). For me this was a learning project and I have indeed learned! Now, Would I do it again? – Naw. I would not. The radiant heat is not the most efficient way to heat the tiny house. Frankly there are much cheaper ways to heat a tiny house. Now- Just because I am not a fan of the radiant floor doesn’t mean they don’t have merit. I guess in short I would not suggest trying to capture solar heat to heat your space unless you are on a true foundation, same with a hydro set-up. COOLING is another story and thermal mass has been SUPER helpful for that! Like this: Like Loading...

Tiny Homes l Energy Efficiency Caravane-infos/forums • Fabrication de caravane: queles normes? : Caravane tous sujets Valble en 2005 La présente norme a pour objet de préciser les principales exigences de sécurité que doivent respecter les caravanes en vue de prévenir les risques d'incendie, de propagation de feu en cas d'incendie, ainsi que les risques d'asphyxie. Ce sera un bureau de certification qui verifira que vous l'avez bien respectée. (veritas, par exemple) le certificat sera a remettre a l'ingénieur des mines le jour du passage de l'homologation. voici le texte, en langage courant: La norme NF S 56-200 Caravanes et auto-caravanes (camping-cars) Norme française homologuée par décision du Directeur Général de l'AFNOR le 20 juin 1987 pour prendre effet le 20 juillet 1987. La présente norme a pour objet de préciser les principales exigences de sécurité que doivent respecter les caravanes en vue de prévenir les risques d'incendie, de propagation de feu en cas d'incendie, ainsi que les risques d'asphyxie. 3.1 Caravane. • NF 0 35-351. 6.5 Réglage et protection des ouvertures 7.1 Généralités

The Backyard Cottage Company - Tiny House News & Events Tiny house news and events Our Project House Build Update - A Tumbleweed Tiny House Company Cypress 20 The roof on our project house is looking great and we thought it was a timely opportunity to share some thoughts with you about the roof building experience. The front section of the roof and faux dormer certainly add curb appeal to Tumbleweed's Cypress design, but having worked through the process of putting it all together, it raised questions on whether the additional time taken to add redundant features and extra cost with purchasing required materials, versus topping your house with a standard 'gable roof', is actually worth the end result? From a space perspective, adding the sloping front roof reduces the overall room in the sleeping loft. Adding the slope and dormer, turns the gable roof into a type of 'intersecting roof', which itself means addition of 'hips' and 'valleys' to the roof structure and brings its own considerations to both function and cost.

Concessionnaire et Fabricant de Remorques en Alsace › Metal Remorque Four Lights Tiny House Company Little Beach Cottage on Wheels: By SignaTour Tiny Houses on January 14, 2014 Back in 2011 I showed you SignaTours teardrop campers, but did you know that they also build tiny houses? They are a camper manufacturer based in Tampa, Florida so they’re RV certified which means you can get insurance for one of their tiny houses pretty easily (just like you would with an RV). This particular model was custom designed and built for a client of theirs in Florida. It’s 8′ x 24′ so approximately 192 square feet of space without including the sleeping loft. Tiny Beach Cottage with Removable Covered Front Porch Images: Signatour Tiny Houses The front porch accessories are all completely removable. They’re installed over the hitch so they also help conceal it so that it looks more permanent. Let me take you on in so you can see the rest of this tiny cottage on wheels below: Split A/C and Instant Water Heater Mounted Outside Interior of the Little Beach Cottage The Bathroom: RV Flush Toilet There are holding tanks under the trailer so it works just like an RV.

Rich's Portable Cabins Pinafore La mini maison Pinafore sur roues de Zyl Vardos, avec ses courbes, son toit de cuivre, sa porte élégante et ses fenêtres très distinctives nous montre qu'il y a énormément de possibilités stylistiques applicable aux Tiny House. Sweet Life Tiny Houses | Tiny Green Cabins “To find the universal elements enough; to find the air and the water exhilarating; to be refreshed by a morning walk or an evening saunter… to be thrilled by the stars at night; to be elated over a bird’s nest or a wildflower in spring – these are some of the rewards of the simple life.” John Burroughs Introducing The “Sweet Life” series of tiny houses by Tiny Green Cabins LLC The Sweet Life series is a wood framed tiny house that can be built on skids to have the “nested” look, or a trailer added to it for making it easily transportable from one location to another. With the limited options, one can “plug and play” the pricing to obtain a tiny house for a backyard retreat, artist studio, lakeside cabin, sauna, or mountain retreat to pen ones latest book. Sunflower Sunflower Tiny House 96 sq. ft. on main level32 sq. ft in lofts10′ – 14 long8.5′ wideApprox Weight 5,100 lbsSleeps 1 – 2lofts – 4′ x 8′Entry door – 2′ 6″ x 6′ 8″ Base model starts at $19,900 Wildflower The Wildflower Tiny House