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Web hosting  -  Domain

Web hosting  -  Domain

How to Make a Smokin’ Nightclub Flyer Tutorials November 28, 2011 Nightclub flyers are a staple of club events and parties. Like other promotional tools, they should provide the who, what, where and when of the event. But in addition to providing the essentials, nightclub flyers are supposed to be eye candy that attract guests and help whet their appetite for the upcoming party. For this design, we used different shades of neon pink and violet on top of a black background. We positioned the title of the event near the center of the print and made sure that it had a distinct font size and color. We picked an illustration that gives a preview to the type of mood guests can expect during the event. We’ve placed the sponsors at the bottom of the print. Need practice creating nightclub flyers, or want to do a Photoshop exercise? Tutorial Assets Dancing girl Vector dancing girl silhouette Abstract lights Step 1 Create a new document and copy the settings below. Now double click the layer, hit OK and name it “Background.” Step 2 Step 3

[ DreamHost Web Hosting : Home ] Ecommerce Website Templates These free ecommerce website templates are ideal for anyone looking to create a professional looking ecommerce website without breaking the bank. Note that the templates provide only the visual design (shopping cart functionality is not included). However, you can use this visual design as a front end to your shopping cart application. To use an ecommerce website template: Download the template of your choice Unzip the files into your chosen directory Add your own content (and modify template as you wish) Upload to your hosting provider. More Free Website Templates The above templates are generally geared towards building an ecommerce website. Online Templates These online templates include free hosting and website builder with our partner, IM Creator. Downloadable Templates These templates can be downloaded to your own computer, so that you can modify as required before publishing to your website. Simple Website Templates Business Website Templates Frames Templates "Grunge" Website Templates

Ask Lifehacker Readers: Web hosting provider? - Lifehacker Anyone recommending 1&1 must be special. I currently own two domains that I can't control because they renewed my domain accounts, then listened to my instruction to "not renew" (sent weeks previously) and cancelled my account. So I ended up with renewed domain names for 2 years (£40 in total), zero access, and they're pointing at 1&1 holding pages, effectively free advertising for them. Tried calling them repeatedly, got absolutely nowhere, spoke to supervisors, managers, tech support over a period of several weeks... General Gist follows: "you need to pay for another domain and we'll activate your control panel access again then" "Will that cause it to auto-renew, as I don't actually want these domain names?" "yes because you'll have started your account with us again" "right I guess thats the only option, so I just create a new account and I can cancel it again once you've reinstated the access?" "no you must buy an additional domain name and when you cancel you'll lose access again" "WHAT!?