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Connecting the Universal Refugee Experience of Fleeing and Finding Home to the Title of the Novel Inside Out & Back Again B. Forming Evidence-Based Claims: Connecting the Idea of Fleeing and Finding Home with “Inside Out” (14 minutes) Remind students that in their end of unit essay, they will analyze how the meaning of the novel’s title, Inside Out & Back Again, relates to the universal refugee experience of fleeing and finding home and how this experience is revealed in Ha’s story.Tell students that in this lesson, they will focus on gathering evidence and forming claims related to two questions.

Tasks, Units & Student Work - Common Core Library NYC Keywords (optional) Enter keywords (e.g., K.OA.3, informational text, arguments, quadratic equations, etc.) Grade (select at least one) Days From Now Calculator - number of days from today Days From Now Calculator - number of days from today This site provides an online "Days From Today" calculator to help you find the date that occurs exactly X days from now. You can also enter a negative number to find out when X days before today happened to fall. You can use this tool to figure out a deadline if you have a certain number of days remaining.

On-Demand End of Unit Assessment and Celebration of Opinion Writing A. Engaging the Writer and Unpacking the Learning Targets (10 minutes) Gather students together with their Peter Pan journals. Tell them that today they will get to write their opinion about their second favorite Peter Pan character.Ask students to sit with a partner and talk about which character they selected as their second favorite. Ask them: * “Why was that character your second favorite?”

Georgia CCS · CCGPS Mathematics Grades K-5 · CCGPS Mathematics Glossary Third grade teachers working on unit revisions at GaDOE (June 2013) Common Core Prompt/Task Builder Once you click on a template, use the field below to edit, revise, or add content to the template. The Context field gives you a place to add information about the audience or writing situation. The Context field can be left blank. When your prompt is finished, simply copy and paste it into a document or presentation. Sample 1

Common Core State Standards Review, Practice, & Mastery Sample Pages These are PDF documents. If you have Adobe Acrobat, simply click on the link and print out your copy. If not, download Adobe Acrobat Reader software for free. We highly recommend that you download the PDF files to your computer before opening them. Lindenwold High School Welcome to the dystopian world of 1984, a chilling novel by George Orwell. Consider the following Essential Questions as we journey through Winston Smith’s world: • How does our world resemble the dystopia presented by the novel? • Hoe can we ensure that our society doesn’t become like the one created by Big Brother? • How does language matter? How does it shape our society and who we are?

Essential Strategies for Supporting Fraction Sense Interactive Support for the 10 Essential Strategies. Our fractions tools support the instructional strategies found in this innovative new book about teaching fractions. 10 Essential Strategies for Supporting Fraction Sense, Grades 3-5 Julie McNamara and Meghan M. Shaughnessy This excellent instructional resource with its 10 Essential Strategies offers a unique and insightful approach to helping teachers excel at teaching fractions. We have collaborated with Julie McNamara to support the strategies in the book with our dynamic software tools.

Educational Leadership:Instruction That Sticks:Strategies That Make Learning Last Daniel T. Willingham The second way is by illuminating fundamental principles of how students think and learn. Every teacher has a theory of how children learn; the theory may be unstated, but every teacher takes actions (or refrains from taking them) in the belief that doing so will help kids learn better. If researchers could offer principles of memory that are relatively universal across students, materials, and contexts, now that would help educators.

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