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Get the top education technology news and learn about technology trends in education to improve learning. Register now for weekly updates.

Get the top education technology news and learn about technology trends in education to improve learning. Register now for weekly updates.
How-to 8 technology tips from top district leaders When it comes to school technology, having a plan—and having strong leaders to guide that plan—are two of the most important steps to success, according to the 2014… 10 follow-worthy education blogs Education blogs are one of the top ways to learn about new educational technologies, trends, and classroom practices. Sometimes, learning from the perspective of other teachers, administrators, and…

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50 Web 2.0 Sites for Schools Web 2.0 sites are built for interactivity and collaboration—two features essential to education. Web 2.0 sites are also ideal for teaching almost any subject, as a wide array of tools are available to create and manage learning materials. Students can actively and enthusiastically approach any subject, from creative writing to STEM explorations, on these sites. 21 Brilliant Productivity Tools Every College Student Must Use If you ask a college student about productivity, he won't have much to say. And you really can't blame him. He leads a dynamic life where academics and fun go hand in hand, with the latter becoming a more important activity most of the times. However, with the advent of internet and web 2.0, a college student now has access to so many amazing tools that he could finish up his work as well as enjoy life to the fullest without the guilt.

Top 100 Sites of 2011 1/12/2012 By: The time is finally here for my annual list of favorite sites of the year. This year I decided to up my post to the top 100 instead of 25 because of the number of sites that I reviewed and the popularity of the post. I tried to cover a wide range of sites, from flash-card creators to digital storytelling, and of course social networks, which really stood out in 2011. 2012 Learning 2.0 Virtual Conference - August 20 - 24 We are pleased to announce the Learning 2.0 Conference, a worldwide virtual event, August 20 - 24, 2012 (until the 25th in some parts of Asia and the Pacific). This free conference is being held online, in multiple time zones, over the course of five days. It is being held in conjunction with Connected Educator Month, and will include an all-day virtual unconference on Monday (SocialEdCon online!)

101 Web 2.0 Teaching Tools Online tools and resources have made it easier for teachers to instruct students, and for students to collaborate with those teachers and with other students and parents. These "Web 2.0" teaching tools aren't magical, but they may seem to defy definition at times since they save time, help you to stay organized, and often take up little space on a computer. Some of these applications are Web-based, which means that they can be accessed from any computer., Inc. runs a website that gathers a large collection of unmediated video drawn from live events, lectures, and debates at universities, think tanks and conferences. provides a digital forum ("fora" is the Latin plural of "forum") where people can get and discuss information on public affairs, politics and culture, as well as see historic speeches and other events. [2] It has operations on every inhabited continent across the globe. In February 2009, partnered with WIRED creating a channel that features videos about the day's most important technological, science, business, and cultural issues – all gathered from leading thinkers, institutions and conferences. [3] In August 2009, was selected for's 50 Best Websites of 2009. The site was also featured in a related video, "50 Best Websites: 5 You May Not Know," along with Omgpop, Yelp, PopUrls and Boing Boing. [4] Features[edit]

Resources & Tools Grants NEA Foundation Grants The NEA Foundation's Innovation Grants provide an opportunity for teachers, education support professionals, and higher education faculty to develop and implement innovations that significantly improve student learning. Innosight's Michael Horn on How 'Blended Learning' and Technology Can Bridge the Education Gap - Arabic Knowledge@Wharton Michael Horn sees the Internet providing access to a range of products and services that will help improve the way people can learn. While adult education is where on-line learning initially got its start, Horn predicts that half of high school courses in the U.S. will be taken online in less than a decade. Horn co-wrote the bestselling book Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns with Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen. He and Christensen later co-founded The Innosight Institute, a non-for profit think tank devoted to applying the theories of disruptive innovation to problems in the social sector. In the future, Horn predicts the majority of students will be engaged in what he calls "blended learning" where they'll learn online with control over the pace of their learning in schools with teachers providing guidance.

Using Web 2.0 tools to engage learners Web 2.0 tools can very broadly be defined as end-user applications that require dynamic interaction, social networking, or user interfacing between people and information. They almost always have accompanying websites and associated apps for smart devices. In a Web 2.0 environment users decide how they want to use, interact with, and create information. - Great Web 2.0 Resources for Students 0 Comments October 14, 2010 By: David Andrade Oct 14 A Tale Of Three Teachers The young teacher started right off making a rookie mistake in the opening minutes of his first class, on his very first day. “How many of you know what a liter is?” he asked his high school math class. “Give me a thumbs up if you know, thumbs down if you don’t.”

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