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About MOOCs

About MOOCs

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New open-source platform By Brad Hayward Stanford online coursework will be available starting this summer on a new open-source platform, OpenEdX, the university announced today. Kenneth Chan John Mitchell, vice provost for online learning, speaking at an event celebrating the one-year anniversary for Stanford Online. Among the first programs to run on the OpenEdX platform will be Stanford's popular "Three Books" summer reading program for incoming Stanford freshmen, along with two public courses now open for registration – one using contemporary health topics to teach statistics and another helping K-12 teachers and parents change the way students approach math. Courses from Stanford's Department of Electrical Engineering are among those that will run on the platform beginning this fall.

Should 'real' students do an online course on the side? Universities have started giving away their content free as "massive open online courses", with the satisfyingly ridiculous acronym mooc (I challenge you to say it three times with a straight face). Eleven top UK universities recently announced they were joining the Open University to launch FutureLearn, in a bid to catch up with the elite US institutions that have led the way in teaching huge numbers online. It all sounds great for people who, for one reason or another, can't go to a traditional university. Tagkedo -WordCloud creator Processing ... Personal $ Svg $20 ✓ Up to $75 merchandises for personal use. Learning analytics and MOOCs By R. F. MacKay L.A. e-Learning Storyboard: Art or Science? Christmas is fast approaching and I’ve been asked again this year to write a guest blog article for the E-Learning Network’s advent calendar of e-learning insights, advice and stories. I’m not sure what to write about this year but I thought I’d share my contribution from last year on ‘Storyboarding’. There’s a free storyboard template in it for you if you manage to get to the end! The storyboard is the vehicle by which conventional e-learning gets done, but the storyboard is a much misunderstood thing both by those in the e-learning business and by customers.

MOOC pedagogy: the challenges of developing for Coursera In the summer of 2012 the team of teachers and researchers associated with the MSc in E-learning programme at the University of Edinburgh began developing a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for the Coursera platform. Launched only a year earlier, this for-profit company founded by Stanford professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller has focussed primarily on hosting computer science related courses from big name US institutions. The recently announced partnership with the University of Edinburgh presented the team with an opportunity to engage and experiment with the much-publicised MOOC format, and foreground issues related to the theory and practice of online education itself. Designing for MOOCs Devising a course to utilise the potential educational advantages of the Coursera platform proved, and is still proving, to be a complex undertaking.

8 Tips for Running a Successful Photo Blog Running your own photo blog is a great way to create a custom portfolio of your photography work with longevity. WordPress allows you present your creative work to the world and an easy to manage package. I have always opted for a self hosted WordPress blog that offers an easy to use platform to share your work and the enjoyment of watching your blog grow in popularity. There are literally hundreds of web hosts that offer WordPress hosting, many even offer an automatic install option for WordPress through the likes of Fantastico in just a couple of clicks. Once you have a host and have installed wordpress here are a few tips on getting your blog up and running. 1.

MOOCs on the Move By KATHY PRETZ 1 May 2013 Massive open online courses, or MOOCs, have picked up support but also encountered criticism since my last blog about them in November. The Washington Post reports that Stanford will partner with the nonprofit edX, founded by MIT and Harvard, to develop an open-source Web platform for free online college courses offered by those two universities as well as other prestigious schools like Georgetown. Stanford has no plans to offer its own courses on the platform but will help develop a platform that edX says it hopes will be the “Linux of learning.”

A Guidebook for Social Media in the Classroom Is Social Media Relevant? Take the Quiz Before we talk social media, let's talk about the relevance of social media by taking a quiz. The future of MOOCs MOOCs get a bad rap. Dismissed as prescriptive, or teacher-centric, or unsocial, or something else, it’s like a badge of honour to espouse why you dislike MOOCs. Despite their pedagogical flaws, however, MOOCs provide unprecedented access to quality content for millions of learners. It’s all very well for Apple-owning, organic-buying professionals to cast aspersions, but consider the girl in Pakistan who’s too scared to set foot in a classroom. Consider the teenager in central Australia whose school has only one teacher.

The Blogger's Handbook – 101+ Resources On How To Start A Blog First Published: 2012; Last Updated: Monday, March 17, 2014 No matter if you’re a newbie or an experienced blogger, you want to take your blog to the next level. Don’t you? Here’s a list of over 101 blogging resources which should help you to start a blog and make it a better one. I have categorized the resources so that it won’t confuse those first time bloggers who probably have dozens of questions.