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Professional Development The course, based on promising results produced by the professional development model delivered in the Verizon Innovate Learning Schools, includes five modules developed around ISTE standards. Course modules are designed to help teachers, administrators and tech coaches implement effective mobile learning initiatives in their schools and classrooms. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from Johns Hopkins University will be offered to teachers completing the Verizon Mobile Learning Academy courses. Mobile Learning (Mobile Devices, Apps,Tablets) I have an iPad – Now What? Touch tablets—iPad and Android—are the consumer electronic with the fastest adoption rate ever. Partner: ISTE Mobile Devices in the Science ClassroomPresenter: Ben and Jared Science and technology form a natural bond that allows for the creation of a better learning environment for students and teachers. Parent Engagement and Mobile LearningPresenter: Monica Burton iPad for BeginnersPresenter: Chris O'Neal Pedagogical Practices

Som da Rua: Uma Orquestra, Todas as Vidas What's Happening? Ready to share some STEM Capers at this event! On an energy scavenger hunt! 7th graders work in teams to deepen their understanding of energy conversion. Knox Middle School 8th graders work as Disease Detectives solving outbreaks! Students compared a variety of water samples to determine the concentration of particles contained in each sample and how they might affect the quality of water. Partners collaborate as they determine the pH of their unknown water sample while deducing the types of organisms that might thrive in that environment. 8th graders at West Rowan Middle School hunt for macro-invertebrates during their water quality lab. Students are stronger when they collaborate and solve problems together. Problem solving can be challenging and fun! Second graders learned how to use several science tools during their investigation of matter. Mr. Faith Elementary's 2nd grade worked with temperature probes to better understand transfer of energy. A cool physical change on a hot day can be fun!

WebQuest.Org: Home Zaption - Learn with Video 10 razões para não acolhermos refugiados ~ Por Falar Noutra Coisa O debate sobre se Portugal deve ou não acolher refugiados sírios tem incendiado as redes sociais. Como eu gosto de ser um bom comburente também vou dar a minha opinião sobre o assunto. Vamos lá então ver os dez motivos que devem levar Portugal a recusar-se a receber refugiados sírios, esses patifes! "Eles vêm para cá e não respeitam as nossas regras!" Este argumento é colocado nos comentários do Facebook por alguém que o escreveu no seu smartphone enquanto conduzia. "Eles estão a recusar comida!" Argumentam muitas pessoas que acreditam nas publicações do Correio da Manhã e nas partilhas feitas no Facebook daqueles sites "". "Eles só querem ir para os países ricos!" Comenta um símio com acesso à Internet enquanto recusa um convite para ir a um restaurante de sushi abaixo da qualidade a que ele está habituado. "Primeiro estão os nossos sem-abrigo!!!" Fico muito contente em ver a preocupação com uma causa que me é muito querida. Concordo.

Teach2Connect | Learn. Teach. Connect. I am thrilled that for the first time in many years I will have the entire month of July off from school. When I’ve been asked “what are you doing this summer?” my response has been “read, sun, and pack. “We are moving a few miles away in August so that is why “pack” is an answer. We will lose our access to an outdoor pool when we move so that explains the “sun” element. And I think to goes without saying the “read” is the piece I will most relish. So what shall I read? Professional Reads Mindset, Carol Dweck I started it months ago and put it down for Lean In, but I am fascinated about how this book can help us re-think how we perceive ourselves, others, and our ability to learn. Creating Innovators, Tony Wagner The children I teach are no the same as the children my teachers taught (aka, me). Now You See It, Cathy Davidson After hearing Dr. Reality is Broken, Jane McGonigal I am not a gamer. How Children Succeed, Paul Tough Rewired, Larry Rosen Want some more ideas for professional reads?

Online Learning Update Employers like MOOCs — if they know what one is April 15th, 2014 By Jake New, Editor, eCampus News MOOCs-employers-studentsEmployers are fans of massive open online courses (MOOCs), according to a new study by researchers at Duke University and RTI International. But many first had to have the concept explained to them. “We were interested in exploring how employers viewed MOOCs in terms of whether they would make a difference in hiring decisions or how they might be used for recruiting talent,” said Laura Horn, the RTI’s site principal investigator. Share on Facebook An E-Portfolio With No Limits By David Raths, Campus Technology Students at the University of Mary Washington build their academic identities on their own personal Web domain. Share on Facebook Is Google Eyeing a Satellite Startup? By Share on Facebook April 14th, 2014

Free Technology for Teachers Creative Class Starters | rajhill You’ve planned an exciting lesson for tomorrow! You’re ready! But there is just one thing. You are tired of the same ole same ole humdrum way to start class. Story Starter Give the students a lead in line using your favorite song lyric or a scary story starter.Concentration Review Have the students partner up with a game of concentration. Like this: Like Loading...

OER Commons 7 Habits Of Highly-Effective Teachers Who Effectively Use Technology 7 Characteristics Of Teachers Who Effectively Use Technology by TeachThought Staff Ed note: This post has been updated with an updated visual from Sylvia Duckworth, who took our graphic from (now getalma) post and created the above visual. It is also sporting a new title, as the “habits of” is a trademarked term. As such, the new graphic and phrasing appears below. In most ways, teachers that use technology in the classroom aren’t much different than those that don’t. Any teacher worth their salt assesses, and then revises planned instruction based on data from those assessments. They manage their classroom in a way that works for them, create a positive learning environment, and (great teachers especially) collaborate with a variety of stakeholders to make sure every humanly possible attempt is made to meet all students need. They care about learning more than tools, people more than curriculum, and questions more than answers. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.