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Twenty Five Interesting Ways To Use Twitter in the Classroom

Twenty Five Interesting Ways To Use Twitter in the Classroom
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Twitter in the Classroom There are so many GREAT educators on Twitter and it’s great to connect, learn, and grow from them. One day my class and I tweeted about Greece with someone IN Greece. Now that I have completely embraced Skype in my classroom, I’m realizing even more that global learning adds a whole new wonderful layer to an ordinary day in the classroom. I started thinking, could a Twitter account help us connect to other classrooms, keep our conversations going, learning about weather, cultures, differences, and similarities around the world? I could use my own Twitter account. Since I’ve started it, I’ve been following other classrooms and even started a list of Classrooms that Tweet. Uses for Twitter in the Classroom: 1.) 140 a day Learning Log: Ask a student to tweet “What did we learn today?” 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) 6.) 7.) Tips: 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) I’m really just starting this journey with my class and I can’t wait to see where it takes us.

60 Ways To Use Twitter In The Classroom By Category Social media offers some great opportunities for learning in the classroom, bringing together the ability to collaborate, access worldwide resources, and find new and interesting ways to communicate in one easily accessible place. Teachers around the world have found innovative ways to use Twitter as a teaching tool (including TeachThought’s favorite), and we’ve shared many of these great ideas here with you. Read on, and we’ll explore 60 inspiring ways that teachers and students can put Twitter to work in the classroom. Communication Twitter makes staying in touch and sharing announcements super simple and even fun. Organization Twitter’s hashtags and other tools share a great way to organize information for your classroom. Resources Use these ideas to take advantage of the vast resources that Twitter has to offer. Writing Skills

How Twitter Saved my Literature Class: A Case Study with Discussion “How Twitter Saved my Literature Class: A Case Study with Discussion” Andy Jones, University of California, Davis Originally published: Jones, A. More than anything else, what distinguishes a great class from an adequate class is the attitude of the participants. In order for such a course to exist, in order for this transformational learning to take place, the instructor and students together must face down an array of obstacles and distractions. Perhaps recent research in industrial psychology could help us understand what motivates our students. I had this question in mind as I was preparing for a short fiction class for 30 undergraduates that I taught during the summer of 2009 at the University of California, Davis. In effect, I decided to run my literature class like the student-centered writing classes that I teach in computer classrooms. I first encountered Twitter as a journalist. Facebook offers too many distractions. Why must you make every word count? Between 11 PM and 2 AM.

[En] Ways To Use Twitter In The Classroom How Can We Stop Cheating In Online Courses? 6.11K Views 0 Likes While clearly not every student is trying hard to take the slacker route, it's worth noting that picking out the students trying to take this route gets a little more complicated when you move from taking classes in person to taking classes online. 5 Ways To Have A High-Tech Classroom With What You Already Have 11.45K Views 1 Likes There are a host of ways to use the technology you already have at your fingertips to create a Classroom 2.0. How Common Core Standards Mesh With Education Technology

100 Twitter Tips For Teachers Twitter may have started off as a fun social media site for keeping up with friends and sharing updates about daily life, but it’s become much more than that for many users over the past few years as the site has evolved and grown. These days, Twitter is a powerhouse for marketing, communication, business, and even education, letting people from around the world work together, share ideas, and gain exposure. It has become a staple at many online colleges and campuses as well, leaving many academics wondering just how and if they should be using Twitter both in the classroom and in their professional lives. You have to start somewhere and these tips will help ensure that your first foray in Twitter is a great experience. Organize your Twitter. The Internet may be a virtual Wild West but there are some unspoken rules of engagement you should know before adding your two cents into the mix. Keep private conversations private. They don’t call it a social network just for fun. Ask questions.

Carly: A collaborative Twitter story | Tiny Camels / Jonathan Gibbs I have just finished running a Creative Writing workshop as part of the LSE’s Literature Festival 2013. In it I wanted to talk about and explore ways of using Twitter creatively. Briefly, I went through four ways of doing so: 1) the standalone one-Tweet narrative, as seen on 2) we looked at iterative tweets: those that set up parameters and worked within them, in a non-narrative way. I then asked people to tweet, beginning with either ‘I remember’ or ‘Last night’ (using the #lsefiction hashtag) and I collected these in Storify here and here 3) we looked at narrative stories on Twitter, Jennifer Egan’s Black Box, Rick Moody’s Some Contemporary Characters, Andrew Fitzgerald’s March story on Medium and Litro’s recent #litrostory – which I contributed to, and may have inadvertently damaged – honestly, Litro people, I thought I was bringing the story back to its main narrative. 4. Here’s a link to the Storify page for Carly. Carly’s glasses are large and always fall off.

22 Effective Ways To Use Twitter In The Classroom Using Twitter in the classroom is a no-brainer. It’s a powerful and free tool that already has wide adoption among educators, students, administrators, and parents. So how do you effectively use Twitter to resonate with students? What if you could use your favorite social network in the classroom? That’d be the cat’s pajamas. (For our many international readers not familiar with that term, it simply means ‘that’d be great.’) You can actually use Twitter with Bloom’s Taxonomy thanks to this below table built by TeachBytes . @RealTimeGatsby - Effective use of Twitter for English Class Just today I came across the Twitter account @RealTimeGatsby. Yep, it is exactly what it sounds like – a real time account of the novel The Great Gatsby, only tweeted and not read. Something similar has been done for World War II, which became wildly popular and was incredibly educational. After seeing only a few tweets (at the time of posting this) it seems that @RealTimeGatsby will not disappoint either. #Nick - Excited about moving out East. #Daisy - Can’t decide between the white dress and the other white dress. #Myrtle - That sign down the road is creepy in the morning. The use of Hashtags modernizes the novels core meanings and brings a completely different sense of understanding to students.

[En] Using Twitter in the Classroom This handful of resources provide about 100 different ideas for, and examples of, using Twitter in the classroom. It’s been almost 8 months since I published the post, “6 Examples of Using Twitter in the Classroom”, about uses of the popular micro-blogging tool in the instructional setting. This post generated a lot of traffic, and continues to attract hundreds of viewers every week. Since that brief posting, I’ve come across a lot of articles containing examples and suggestions for using Twitter in instructional applications. I’ve combed through many of these and tried to boil down the redundancies to create a rich set of idea-laden resources. I also want to mention these 100 Serious Twitter Tips for Academics, which are worth reviewing to learn more and plan your approach to using Twitter in (and out of) the classroom. Here are the original “6 Examples” from last June’s post: About Kelly Walsh Print This Post

The Complete Guide To Twitter Hashtags In Education What is a hashtag? A word or phrase preceded by a “#.” How do hashtags work? Twitter can be a busy place with lots of tweets–and thus lots of “noise.” A #hashtag is a way to aggregate tweets that are appended with a hashtag. Who can use hashtags? Anyone. What else do I need to know? Don’t hashtag spam–if your tweet doesn’t add to that hashtag’s topic, discussion, or user base, don’t add the hashtag.Use more than one hashtag if it applies to more than one topic, but choose wisely. Meeting Times Many of the hashtags have “meeting times” where educators agree to “meet and tweet”–that is, send out messages on a topic at a certain time on a certain day. If you do participate at the agreed upon time, you’ll see the tweets stream in live and participate in said conversation (via twitter) in what is nearly real-time. Note, this list of hashtags will be updated periodically, including reorganization, functional linking on all hashtags, and the addition of meeting times and focus areas. Popular Hashtags

Micro Blogging with Twitter -- Campus Technology Interview Micro Blogging with Twitter A Q&A with David Parry, assistant professor of Emerging Media at the University of Texas at Dallas By Linda L. Briggs03/05/08 Twitter is a software tool that allows users to continually post (or "tweet") very short text messages to the Web from computers or mobile phones. Depending on your point of view, Twitter is either a cool new way to connect or yet more online noise. Linda Briggs: I've registered with Twitter and poked around a bit, and it's fun, but I'm not sure I see the academic value. David Parry: I'll say two things about Twitter in academia. Also, it's a mixture of the insightful plus the mundane. But is has to be both of those things for Twitter to really work. Briggs: So it's important to have the mundane along with the insightful? Parry: Yes. Briggs: So students get to know you better, and they get to know each other better outside the classroom? Parry: Yes, but ... it's not some sort of kum-ba-ya, touchie-feelie thing.

Historical Tweets 50 Ways to Use Twitter in the College Classroom Twitter has caught fire across many professional fields as well as personally, but it seems to be in the beginning stages in the realm of higher education. The creative ways Twitter users have incorporated microblogging has become inspirational, so the recent trend of using Twitter at college, including at online colleges, is sure to keep evolving into an ever more impressive tool. Make sure you don’t get left behind by incorporating some of these educational and fun ways that Twitter can be used in the college classroom. Communication Twitter offers new and exciting ways to open up the lines of communication in the classroom. Direct Tweet. Class Projects and Discovering Content From learning how to use Twitter to finding useful information for class to practicing a foreign language, Twitter provides creative opportunities for learning. Twitter-specific projects. Twitter Tools Twhirl. Finding People in Academia to Follow Twitter Professors: 18 People to Follow for a Real Time Education.

[Fr] Quand Twitter donne le goût de lire et d écrire Une forêt de doigts levés pour la lecture à haute voix et pour les exercices d'écriture... Seul Twitter suscite de telles réactions chez les enfants d'une école de Seclin (nord de la France), l'une des premières du pays à utiliser le site de micro-blogging. «Sur Twitter, il y a l'image et le son, mais ça n'enlève pas l'intérêt des élèves pour l'écriture, au contraire», sourit Céline Lamare, institutrice. La classe entre en effervescence, le temps de taper les messages sur l'iPhone de l'institutrice, ou en salle informatique. Pour les élèves en difficulté, Twitter permet même de libérer l'écriture. Depuis septembre, la prof intègre aux cours des séances de «tweets»: ces courts messages instantanés de 140 caractères maximum sont échangés par les abonnés du réseau social Twitter. La photo d'un paysage enneigé postée du Canada suscite l'enthousiasme des enfants, qui tentent de traduire la phrase en anglais qui l'accompagne. (afp) Fragen und Antworten rund um die Kommentar-Funktion

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