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Making Life Sweet - MPS019 - Modern Photo Solutions. MPS020 BeckyHiggins[1] Becky Higgins - Project Life® Simple, Stylish Scrapbooking. #BHBehindTheScenes - Recherche sur Twitter. #BHlovesArizona - Recherche sur Twitter. Audio stories and photos I forgot to take - Modern Photo Solutions. MPS018 AudioStoriesAndPhotosIForgotToTake[1] Rev - Transcription, Captions, Translation. Let's Talk About Your Photos - MPS017 - Modern Photo Solutions. Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Subscribe: iTunes | Android | Google Play | Listen in as Lindsey Bouffard, celebrity makeup artist, and I discuss her photo situation.

Let's Talk About Your Photos - MPS017 - Modern Photo Solutions

She is overwhelmed and frustrated with not being able to find photos when she needs them. MPS017 LindseyBouffardCelebrityMakeupArtist[1] Painting You Pretty. Changing with life - MPS016 - Modern Photo Solutions. MPS0016 Chelle[1] – Capturing Magic. Project Life App Hack: “Rotating” the Templates – Capturing Magic. I like big photos.

Project Life App Hack: “Rotating” the Templates – Capturing Magic

Always have. That is probably why my favorite templates in Project Life are the ones with big photo spots. I find myself gravitating toward the big shot templates, mostly #7 & #8. While many of the templates include “rotated” versions, some “rotations” are not included. You searched for chelle – Capturing Magic. The Heart of My Storytelling Process - MPS0015 - Modern Photo Solutions. Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Subscribe: iTunes | Android | Google Play | Can you guess how old I was when I first started telling my own story?

The Heart of My Storytelling Process - MPS0015 - Modern Photo Solutions

I did some research and was a little surprised at the answer. In this episode, I’m also sharing 5 tools that are the HEART of my story telling PROCESS! TODAY is the day you can buy my new class THE HEART OF PHOTO FABULOUS **for a limited time** Learn the details in this episode. MPS HeartOfMyProcess MPS014[1] Dropbox. SnapStill - Extract Photos From Video på App Store. 5 ways telling your story will change you and your family - MPS014 - Modern Photo Solutions. Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Subscribe: iTunes | Android | Google Play | I’m sharing FIVE research-based ways that telling your own story can change you and your family and how I have seen these things happen in my own life.

5 ways telling your story will change you and your family - MPS014 - Modern Photo Solutions

It’s really incredible and I’m so excited to share them with you. Plus, I’m spilling more of the details on my class, “The Heart of Photo Fabulous” that is coming so very soon! Articles referenced in this episode: MPS 5WaysOfChange[1] Can Scrapbooking Really Make You Happy? “You Make Me” by Meghan Mullens Sometimes, it seems I am bombarded from several different directions with a similar message.

Can Scrapbooking Really Make You Happy?

When this happens, I try to pay attention. A person will mention something to me and the next day, I might get an email, or read something online about the same topic. Within a day or so, once again, someone else mentions another bit of information on the same topic and it all resonates with me. Lately, it seems I am seeing and hearing a lot about how journaling actually increases happiness. Did you know that studies show recalling happy times from the past help increase happiness now? No wonder I always feel happy after spending time digital scrapbooking! The Family Stories That Bind Us — This Life. “Our family’s falling apart,” he said.

The Family Stories That Bind Us — This Life

“No it’s not,” I said instinctively. “It’s stronger than ever.” But lying in bed afterward, I began to wonder: Was he right? The Stories That Bind Us: What Are the Twenty Questions? Since the publication on Sunday, March 17 of Bruce Feiler’s New York Times column entitled “This Life: The Stories that Bind us,” Robyn Fivush and I have received a large number of requests for what he referred to as the “Do You Know Scale” (DYK).

The Stories That Bind Us: What Are the Twenty Questions?

The DYK comprises 20 questions seeking knowledge about family history. The major criterion for inclusion in this set of questions was that they test knowledge of things that children could not possibly have learned first hand, either because they happened before the children were born or they involved family members that were less familiar to them than parents and grandparents. Given this limitation, the children who knew the information would therefore have had to receive it from others through stories, writings or other indirect sources. I write this blog post because many people have written and asked us to send them the list of twenty DYK questions so they can be sure their children know what our test children knew.

Patient Stories May Improve Health. The only reservation that he mentioned was the same one all the other patients had — he feared that death would come before the perfect organ.

Patient Stories May Improve Health

But during one visit just before he finally got the transplant, he confessed that he had been grappling with another concern, one so overwhelming he had even considered withdrawing from the waiting list. He worried that he would not be strong enough mentally and physically to survive a transplant. In desperation, he told me, he had contacted several patients who had already undergone a transplant. “That’s what made me believe I’d be O.K.,” he said. “You doctors have answered all of my questions, but what I really needed was to hear the stories about transplant from people like me.” Patients and doctors have long understood the power of telling and listening to personal narratives. Apps and Tools to Help You Tell Your Story - MPS013 - Modern Photo Solutions. Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Subscribe: iTunes | Android | Google Play | Katie Nelson is joining me today to as we discuss some of our very favorite aps, tools, and sites to help you get your story (and your loved ones) TOLD!

Apps and Tools to Help You Tell Your Story - MPS013 - Modern Photo Solutions

We are talking about: Free PrintsStory CorpStory WorthFeltGoogle PhotosPicTapGo,Photogene (on iPad),Picmonkey (app & computer)Aviary (app & computer)InstaweatherInstaPlaceInstaFoodWord SwagRetypeWord DreamCollectProject LifeDipticPic JoinerPic Frame. MPS AppsToolsKatie[1] Little Everyday Moments. Katie the Scrapbook Lady. Toy to the World. Animal Crossing series - Official site. Zink – Just another WordPress site. Word Swag App - Generate Cool Text, Words & Quotes on Your Photos. Word Swag - Cool fonts & typography generator på App Store. FreePrints - Free Photos Delivered on the App Store. StoryWorth – record family stories. StoryCorps – Stories from people of all backgrounds and beliefs. StoryCorps. Handwritten cards for the modern world. Watch Shark Tank TV Show. Photogene ⁴ på App Store. Free Online Image Editing.

PicMonkey Photo Editor: Add Text, Filters, Draw på App Store. Photo Editor by Aviary på App Store. Frontpage - Sumoing. Retype - Typography Photo Editor på App Store. Word Dream - Cool Fonts & Typography Generator on the App Store. New InstaWeather 3. Weathershot by Instaweather på App Store. Instaplace. InstaPlace på App Store. The best mobile apps by Byss Mobile. InstaFood™ PRO på App Store. Pic Stitch - #1 Photo and Video Collage Maker on the App Store. Diptic App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Diptic på App Store. PhotoJoiner - Join multiple photos together, Meme Generator, Make a collage, Stitch photos, Photo Joiner.

Pic Jointer – Photo Collage, Camera Effects Editor on the App Store. Active Development iOS, Android and Mac OS X apps. PicFrame – combine multiple photos into amazing looking frames. PicBoost – manipulate your images through and easy to use interface. Picfx – apply amazing textures and effects to your. PicFrame på App Store. Answering Your Questions - MPS012 - Modern Photo Solutions. MPS011 YourQuestionsAnswered[1] Rhonna Farrer's Story Telling Journey - MPS011 - Modern Photo Solutions. Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Subscribe: iTunes | Android | Google Play | Rhonna Farrer is best known for the Rhonna Designs suite of apps that we all love and use and she is joining me on this episode to talk about not only the apps and how they came to be, but also why she is passionate about personal story telling; how she is telling her story and her family’s story and how that has evolved over the years.

Rhonna Farrer's Story Telling Journey - MPS011 - Modern Photo Solutions

She is also sharing TWO exclusive announcements on this episode AND what it was like to meet Apple CEO Tim Cook! Things we talk about: MPS Rhonna[1] Home - Rhonna Designs. Rhonna Designs Suite on the App Store. Share #52Stories from Your Personal History This Year. Your stories matter. You do know that, right? But finding the time, motivation, and inspiration to write them down isn’t so easy. FamilySearch - Memories on the App Store. Free Family History and Genealogy Records. Pinhole Press Beautifully Simple Photo Gifts. Solutions Follow Up With Lolly Jane Twins Kristi and Kelli - MPS010 - Modern Photo Solutions. Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Subscribe: iTunes | Android | Google Play | Kelli and Kristi from are very busy moms, business owners, bloggers, and soooo much more. This week, I’m following up with them on their journey through photo overwhelm to see how things are going.

They tried a few solutions and found some that they really love and plan to stick with. They are now enjoying their photos! TimeshelProject Life AppSticky9Google PhotosGoogle DashboardTutorial for chicken wire frame on LollyJane. MPS LollyJaneFollowUp[1] Instagrammagneter och Telefonskal från Sticky9 - gratis frakt utomlands. Google Dashboard. Modern Photo Solutions - Lolly Jane. Hi guys! We’re excited to finally share with you how we use our favorite wood frame chicken wire display to show off family pictures. Thanks to Stephanie from Modern Photo Solutions, we’ve been able to find a way to actually get our pictures OFF of our iPhones and proudly display them monthly! Is that a challenge for you as well? -to get your pics into frames!? We’ve got some solutions for you, let’s do this together!

We came across Stephanie from Modern Photo Solutions post: So many photos and nothing to show for them and man alive, we could totall relate! Kristi was struggling to get those pictures off of her phone and into her home to display them for her kids to enjoy. How you can find any photo by searching (NO tagging or labeling or organizing at all).Why Google Photos is a great backup solution (and how to set it up).How Google Photos will automatically tell bits of your story for you.How Google Photos will automatically organize your photos chronologically in files and folders! December Project for the Overwhelmed - MPS009 - Modern Photo Solutions. Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Subscribe: iTunes | Android | Google Play | A December project for the overwhelmed! This is my take on the December Daily project. How I changed it to fit my time and my emotional needs during a pretty stressful and overwhelming time of the year and life and how it, in turn, changed me.

I call it #DecemberSuccess and I am sharing how I was able to be successful doing something I never thought was possible. MPS DecemberSucces AProjectForTheOverwhelmed[1] December Daily® Do I need to sign up to participate in December Daily®? Nope! There's no official sign up required. There will be a workshop offered if you are interested in additional information, inspiration and support (details coming soon). In addition, I share all my pages each day on my blog during the month of December. How do I get ready for December Daily®? My general recommendation with this project is to set yourself up for success before December. What do I need to make a December Daily® album? In Which We Document The Days of December On Our Phone - for the overwhelmed and underachieved - (Android too) Supplies: by Sahlin Studio and Brittish Designs (see below) During the "holidays" (roughly October through the first of January), I am probably one of the most overwhelmed an underachieved people there is.

I've said many, many times that just the thought of doing a December Daily project makes me want to crawl in a corner and cry. Journal Cards - Digital Printable Scrapbooking Journal Card Pack by Sahlin Studio. Oh What Fun - Digital Printable Scrapbooking Journal Card Pack by Sahlin Studio. City Sidewalks Pocket Cards by Amber LaBau.

Happy Holidays Papers by Kim Jensen. Over— Edit Photos, Add Text & Captions to Pictures på App Store. QR Code Maker. LETTERGLOW — The Lens Lab. LetterGlow - Graphic Design & Photo Editing på App Store. 1 Second Everyday. 1 Second Everyday: Video Diary på App Store. #decembersuccess hashtag. Becky Higgins - Adding QR Codes to Your Scrapbook Pages. Jul 1st adding QR codes to your scrapbook pages We see them everywhere from magazines to business cards to packaging, but did you know that QR Codes – those funky black + white square codes – can be a super fun way to add video footage and more to your scrapbook pages? Imagine being able to see a video of your son pitching his first inning while looking at a page from his baseball game.

Or think about the idea of viewing an entire slideshow of photos from an event while flipping through your album – awesome, right? First things first – Creating your QR Code In order to get started, you’ll need to decide on a few things: What content you want to add to your page (video, slideshow, etc)Where you are going to “store” the content so you can get a URL to create the QR Code with (YouTube, Dropbox, etc)Where you will create your QR Code (a quick Google search for QR Code Generator will give you plenty of options)How will you view the content on your page once the QR Code is created?

Sara Wells From Our Best Bites - Her System - MPS008 - Modern Photo Solutions. MPS SaraWellsOurBestBitesProjectLife[1] Our Best Bites - Tips, Tricks, and Tastes from Two Real-Life Kitchens. Story Solutions with Kelli from Lolly Jane - MPS007 - Modern Photo Solutions. MPS KelliLollyJane. Create and self-publish books, magazines & ebooks. Story Solutions With Kristi from Lolly Jane - MPS006 - Modern Photo Solutions.

MPS KristiLollyJane[1]