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Shark Tank

Shark Tank
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What You Really Can Learn From Reality TV « Presenting Yourself and more . . . By Joyce Newman, The Newman Group, Inc. — Reality shows are fun to watch but they also offer an opportunity for you to improve your own presentation skills by watching how contestants perform during one of the most important moments of their lives. In our last post, we discussed how to sharpen your presentation skills if you want to audition for popular reality shows. They Will Make You Better Shark Tank and The Pitch are two excellent examples of shows that you can watch to improve your own presentation skills or use as a training tool in your office. In The Pitch, two agencies compete in a presentation to win a new client by going head-to-head in a cut-throat, winner-takes-all showdown. In The Shark Tank, budding entrepreneurs present their business plans to a panel of “filthy rich” (as the program calls them) investors who decide if they want to invest their money and partner with the entrepreneurs – or walk away from the deal. Watch With Your Colleagues Do You Agree With the Sharks?

StoryCorps TechCrunch Are Presentations Killing Productivity? | Presentation Skills, PowerPoint, Strategy | Five Steps to Conquer 'Death by PowerPoint' During a period of more than fifteen years, I have asked more than twenty thousand people at workshops, seminars and presentations to raise their hands to each of the following statements in turn: Raise your hand if most of the business presentations you’ve attended in the past few years have made extensive use of visual aids. Raise your hand again if you can say that 51 per or more of the presentations you attended in that period were a good use of your time. Virtually every hand has gone up to the first statement. I think the only people who didn’t put up their hands are too tired, too skeptical or too independent. Everyone knows that modern presentations are accompanied by slides—either projected, printed or both. Response to the second statement has been interesting. So what does this tell us? The vast majority of people use visual aids when attempting to communicate with their fellow human beings. The promise of technology is to improve productivity, not kill it.

FreePrints - Free Photos Delivered on the App Store [Startups] Le programme d’accompagnement 50 Partners est lancé dans un loft de 500 M2 à Paris  Initié par Investir en Direct, communauté d’entrepreneurs qui met en relation investisseurs et créateurs, 50 Partners est un programme d’accompagnement de startups aux multiples facettes. Il va sélectionner chaque année 6 à 8 entrepreneurs de l’économie digitale en phase d’amorçage qui vont pouvoir intégrer le Loft, un espace de 500m² en plein cœur de Paris. A la fois pépinière et espace de coworking dédié aux startups, cette ancienne corderie hébergera également de nombreux évènements de networking, conférences et ateliers liés à l’écosystème. Dans la foulée de succès anglo-saxons comme Techstars, Y Combinator ou 500 Startups, 50 partners propose aux startups une aide logistique, un mentoring avancé, des mises en relations stratégiques et un appui opérationnel à la recherche de financement. Les 50 s’appuie notamment sur leur communauté de 150 angels au sein d’ Investir en Direct.

From Russia With Love – Should Western Presenters Be Worried..? « Presentation Design, PowerPoint Presentation, PowerPoint Slides, PowerPoint Design I recently returned from a visit to our Russian office ( I’ve had the pleasure of meeting up with our growing band of Russian customers a few times recently but this last trip was special in a number of different ways. Firstly because I think the trip was proof positive that our Presentation OptimisationTM methodology has truly become international. Over the years we’ve made no bones about how it has successfully supported our customers in the UK, US and Europe…but Russia is a different proposition completely and yet it STILL works. How is it different? Well of course there are the obvious things – the language (one I think I will always struggle to comprehend – thank God for the power of finger pointing accompanied with a smile), the frankly incomprehensible (to me at least) Cyrillic alphabet and, most importantly, the business culture. Russia, along with much of Eastern Europe, is gripped with an enviable entrepreneurial zeal.

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