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Science Two possible explanations of mysterious earthquake lights — Centuries of humans have reported strange lights moving along the ground before an earthquake strikes. Now, two different teams of scientists have two competing theories that could explain where those lights come from and how they're made. — Maggie • 5 Maggie Koerth-Baker at 6:57 am Fri, Apr 11, 2014 • 16 Oarfish are freaky sea dragons. You might remember them from the beaching incidents last fall, when two oarfish turned up on the coast of California within a week. What does Creative Commons means? (Infographic) - Iceweasel [german version] Many People know that there is something called "creative commons licenses". But what does it mean? Is it a license? No, CreativeCommons is a non-profit organization. LRB blog ‘Injuries Incompatible with Life’ On Thursday, while Ukrainian government troops began an attempt to disarm, arrest and if it came to it kill the heavily armed pro-Russian fighters who have taken over government buildings in the Ukrainian town of Slavyansk, Russian government troops carried out an almost identical operation in the Russian town of Khasavyurt, in the Caucasus. Ukrainian troops killed between one and five anti-government fighters in the course of their operation. Russian troops killed four anti-government fighters during theirs.

Blog of a Bookslut In Our MagazinesMarch 2014 Poems by Edith Södergran"My Life of the Mind, or How I Learned to Embrace Intellectual Insecurity and Distrust Neuroscience" by Dana BeckerUnder the Surface by Mojca KumerdejArt Portfolio by Michael Reedy April 15, 2014

SFI takes first steps toward a science of slums Feb. 6, 2013 8 p.m. Slums in the world’s fast-growing cities are often seen as problems and, in most cases, outside the law. But, from Paris and Tokyo 150 years ago to Mumbai and Johannesburg today, slums consistently emerge as a byproduct of the socioeconomic pressures of rapid urbanization, and they often don’t get the credit they deserve as entry points to the city for poor migrants, or for the economic activity they generate. With as many as a billion people now living in slums, understanding what might place these communities and their cities on paths of increasing socioeconomic opportunity is a priority.

PWxyz Social Photography III Whether you happen to be a single minded author determined to publish your own book or a small gallery space in lower Manhattan, Print-On-Demand publishing is transforming the ability to create and sell books of all kinds. Carriage Trade is small nonprofit gallery catering to contemporary art located in downtown Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood.

Cities, Scaling and Sustainability Organizers: Luis Bettencourt, Geoffrey West Cities, Scaling, and Sustainability SFI's Cities, Scaling, and Sustainability research effort is creating an interdisciplinary approach and quantitative synthesis of organizational and dynamical aspects of human social organizations, with an emphasis on cities. Different disciplinary perspectives are being integrated in terms of the search for similar dependences of urban indicators on population size - scaling analysis - and other variables that characterize the system as a whole. A particularly important focus of this research area is to develop theoretical insights about cities that can inform quantitative analyses of their long-term sustainability in terms of the interplay between innovation, resource appropriation, and consumption and the make up of their social and economic activity.

Retroactive legislation is fascist legislation - Iceweasel Here's a question: If the Court of Appeals declares your mandatory labour schemes for the unemployed unlawful on the basis that the rules you drew up were incomprehensible, what on earth can you do to prevent paying compensation to the thousands of people you unlawfully thrust into destitution?There are a couple of sensible answers to this question: A legalistic response: You could take the case to the Supreme Court and try to get the Appeal Court ruling overturned. An honourable response: You could accept responsibility for having drawn up a bunch of unintelligible and unlawful rules and resign from your job.

New journal to tackle Earth's sustainability challenges The American Geophysical Union launched a new open access journal in December 2013 called Earth’s Future. The journal aims to publish science papers geared toward finding solutions to coupled human and planetary challenges. The challenges society will face in the 21st century are many. Ways Anyone Can Be More Self Sufficient - How to Be Self Sufficient - Iceweasel 1K+ I firmly believe that being self sufficient is one of the most important things a person can do. We rely on someone else for almost everything in our lives... We rely on the electric companies to keep our homes running.

Welcome to the USAF Institute for National Security Studies - Iceweasel Welcome to the website of the Institute for National Security Studies! Our site will provide you with information about our organization and the projects we sponsor. Vision, Mission, Sponsors, and Partners Description of INSS, its vision, mission, sponsors, and partners.

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