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A Greener Future? 130 Talks The environmental debate has traditionally been characterized as a conflict between economic progress and preservatio... Africa: The Next Chapter 63 Talks In June 2007, TED held its first conference in Africa, titled "Africa: The Next Chapter." Thought leaders from across... Animals That Amaze 81 Talks What do animals have to do with technology, entertainment, design and the world of ideas? More than you might think. ...

Fail Wars « The World’s 50 Best Open Courseware Collections Do you ever wonder why the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) might be more memorable than other technological schools? To become memorable, a school must reach out to people in ways that seem beneficial. Alumni organizations can help spread the word about their alma mater. Great sports teams and debate teams also can help boost a school’s standing. Des conventions de Citoyens pour la démocratie La participation ne doit pas se réduire à l’information des citoyens. Il faut que des “gens ordinaires” soient complètement informés des enjeux des projets techniques, scientifiques, d’aménagement et d’innovation afin d’élaborer des avis indépendants des intérêts particuliers. Une méthodologie pour des “conventions de citoyens” est proposée par la Fondation Sciences Citoyennes, en tant que projet législatif. Partant d’expériences conduites dans différents pays, cette démarche se déroule en plusieurs phases : organisation d’un comité de pilotage pluraliste comprenant des spécialistes de la question posée, choix d’un panel de citoyens, formation de ceux-ci, débats, et production d’avis à l’usage des décideurs. La participation ne se réduit pas à l’information Tenir compte des points de vue des simples citoyens

Can Free Schools Work? The challenges that face free schools can be overcome by learning from experiences elsewhere argue Loic Menzies FRSA and Laura McInerney. They set out the six predictable failures of free schools and how to avoid some of them. In Beyond Beveridge, the Commission on 2020 Public Services based at the RSA outlined three shifts in public services that were needed: first, a shift in culture, from social security to social productivity; second in power, from the centre to citizens and, finally, a shift reconnecting financing with the purposes of public services. The government’s flagship policy of Free Schools might seem an exemplification of these principles. Astronomy Picture of the Day 40+ Tips to Improve your Grammar and Punctuation After all these years you finally have the courage and opportunity to write the email announcing that you and you alone have single handedly saved the company from utter disaster. You’re excited, you type it, you spell check it, and you hit send.Everything is great except that your gold star memo has dangling modifiers, double negatives and run-on sentences colliding with each other. Now I am no grammar whiz but I know a good resource when I see it. Purdue University maintains an" target="_blank">online writing lab and I spent some time digging through it. Originally the goal was to grab some good tips that would help me out at work and on this site, but there is simply too much not to share.

Plan C AGENDA :- 20/2/2011, Six-Fours, avec Culture Libre : "le tirage au sort comme bombe politiquement durable contre l'oligarchie". Vidéo.- 26/2/2011, Paris, Repaire de Là-bas si j'y suis (20e), "Centralité du tirage au sort dans une vraie démocratie". Enregistrement mp3.- 9/4/2011, Paris, Repaire de Là-bas si j'y suis (20e), "L'enjeu de la souveraineté monétaire". - 24/4/2011, Marseille : "1. L'enjeu de la création monétaire" (1 h), puis "2. le tirage au sort comme bombe politiquement durable contre l'oligarchie" (1 h 30).

The Economics of Enough The financial crisis and concerns about environmental sustainability have led to some to conclude that economies should no longer strive for growth. Diane Coyle, FRSA and author of The Economics of Enough, argues this conclusion is misplaced. The economy faces several kinds of problem, each of which seems depressingly intractable. They include climate change, the government debt and aftermath of the financial crisis, and social inequality for starters. Taking them together, the challenge of devising economic policies can look daunting. So it is not surprising that simple solutions look appealing.

5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Intelligence Your brain needs exercise just like a muscle. If you use it often and in the right ways, you will become a more skilled thinker and increase your ability to focus. But if you never use your brain, or abuse it with harmful chemicals, your ability to think and learn will deteriorate. Here are 5 simple ways anyone can squeeze a bit more productivity out of the old gray matter. 1.

RSA Projects 5 Ways to Give Yourself an Education That Kicks the Crap Out of the One You Got in School 5 Ways to Give Yourself an Education That Kicks the Crap Out of the One You Got in School One of the biggest reasons that people are denied the privilege of education is because they can’t afford it. However, today we live in a world where knowledge and information are at our finger tips like never before.

Skip the Tuition: 100 Free Podcasts from the Best Colleges in the World We’ve shown you how to take online classes for free, and now we’re helping you take free to a whole new level. For students enrolled in online colleges that offer laptops, these free, high-quality Podcasts can be an especially good way to make use of school computers. Even the best online colleges can keep you glued to your computer, but Podcasts grant even greater mobility than online classes. Learn about physics while jogging or explore the ancient Mediterranean world while you’re washing dishes. To find a Podcast that suits your intellectual passion, check out these courses to get a high quality education on the go.

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