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Puro Marketing, Diario Digital Líder de Marketing, Publicidad y Social media en Español

Puro Marketing, Diario Digital Líder de Marketing, Publicidad y Social media en Español

Fonts The world of typography can be daunting, to say the least. For a few dollars, you can download thousands of fonts in just a few minutes and tens of thousands free fonts are available if you are willing to sort through them all. Not only are there a plethora of... Under Armour taking grassroots marketing approach When Pittsburgh and Arizona square off Sunday in Super Bowl XLIII, it will be the finale to weeks of anticipation and media coverage, and one Baltimore company is looking to again cash in on the buzz. After paying big bucks for a Super Bowl television ad last year to announce its cross-trainer shoe — then seeing its share price fall partly in response — Under Armour is taking a grassroots approach this year in Tampa to marketing its new running shoe on the sporting world’s biggest stage. The athletic apparel company’s senior vice president for brand, Steve Battista, said a television ad this year just didn’t fit into the strategy for the shoe’s launch Saturday. “Remember last year, no one had ever even seen what Under Armour [non-cleated] footwear looked like,” he wrote in an e-mail. “The Super Bowl is great for that.”

Happy Star Wars Day — The Top 10 Star Wars Ads Of All Time May the 4th be with you! Today is Star Wars day and to celebrate we’re bringing you a list of ten of the most viral Star Wars themed ads of all time. The list is care of Unruly Media, who have put together a list of the Top 100 Star Wars Themed Ads using their official Viral Video Chart. The list can be sorted according to the most-shared ads over the last 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, 365 days or all time. Here are the top 10 most-shared Star Wars themed ads of all time.

10 Tips to Start a New Job Successfully When you start a new job, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. There is so much to learn–from policies and procedures to personalities and behaviors–that new employees often don’t know where to begin. Too frequently, employers don’t offer adequate on-boarding training, and new employees are left floundering, making mistakes, and wasting time. You can avoid being one of those confused new employees by preparing in advance, setting a plan, and taking control of your own path to success when you start a new job. Remember, first impressions matter in your personal life and in your career. Make sure you make the right first impression when you start a new job and set yourself up for success by following these ten tips:

Dell Storage Forum Dell Enterprise Forum is the premier technical learning event for Dell enterprise customers and channel partners. The conference, held annually in the US and Europe, offers an intensive, interactive learning experience across the data center—from servers, storage, and networking to software, services, and converged solutions. Attendees learn directly from the engineers, architects and other experts who design and develop Dell enterprise solutions. Plus, they get open access to these experts and our executive thought leaders throughout the event. Outstanding Free eBooks on Design These inspiring logo designs might help you create a perfect script logo for a client or your own website. I have always found hand-written styled logos to be interesting because everyone generally has a unique writing style. Check out this interesting collection of script logos made into logo designs (hand-writing like) over at Smashing Hub. [...] WordPress, long a staple of personal blogging, is also powerful enough for that elusive corporate necessity: the company website. While uniqueness is key in a world of constant change and innovation like the corporate one, nothing about using WordPress corporate themes runs contrary to this uniqueness.

The Marketing Strategy Process: Developing a Marketing Strategy Having a strong marketing strategy process in place helps to ensure that your marketing activities remain aligned with your business goals, maximizing the business return from your marketing efforts. The picture on the right shows the process for developing and aligning marketing strategy. These are the steps you should follow to create and execute a winning marketing strategy. For help in following this 7-step marketing strategy program, check out our newly released eBook "The 7-Step Easy Marketing Strategy Process." Brainstorming: How to do it and how not to Brainstorming is a the second step in a creative process after studying the brief and understanding the requirements. It's essential to immerse yourself in the subject. Learn about the business and the client as much as possible. Watch related material and talk to people about the subject. It's essential not to go to a brainstorming without a clear idea of what the job is about and without having a large pool of references in the back of your mind. During brainstorming you are supposed to write down everything that comes to your mind without any consideration wether the ideas make sense or not.

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 And Its De-Googling Of Android Suggests We Might See A Split Samsung did something fairly surprising given that it included the most recent version of Android, 4.2.2, on its brand new Galaxy S 4 smartphone: it didn’t talk about that much at all last night at the special launch event. Maybe the company was too busy trying to cram as many song and dance numbers into the show as possible, but maybe that’s because Samsung will soon take what it needs from Android and go its own way. Which isn’t to say it would get rid of Android altogether – just that it might choose to follow Amazon’s example and build a version of Android that’s virtually unrecognizable on the surface from the Google mobile OS that will be running on the vast majority of other OEM handsets. The more control Samsung has over the OS running on its devices, the greater its take of revenue resulting from software and media use, and the better it can solidify its position at the top of the global smartphone market.

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