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Teaching Strategies

Teaching Strategies

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StandWithUs Resources Since 2001 StandWithUs has produced groundbreaking resources for students, community members, and the general public to use in promoting and defending Israel. Our informative materials help to correct the one-sided anti-Israel narrative. Resources developed by StandWithUs include booklets, brochures, flyers, signs, fact sheets, postcards, teaching tools, and lesson plans for educators. Our signature primer on Israel, Israel 101, tells the story of Israel's history, politics, geography, Zionism, people, and culture. The updated version contains information on the war against Hamas, the Iranian nuclear threat, and the “soft” war against Israel known as “BDS.” It is now available in multiple languages, including Arabic, French, Hebrew, and Spanish.

history To submit an event to be added to this calendar, contact us. Remember to include date, time, and location. Events that are not related to history-social studies professional development will not be added. OUSD History-Social Studies Professional Development self-portrait in case of disappearance i am afraid that everyone died & it did not fix the world this was meant to be the afterlife to the burning countries our mothers left behind girls with fathers gone or gone missing sistered to dark boys marked to die & our own bodies scarved & arranged in rows on prayer mats we go missing too & who mourns us who falls into the gap we leave in the world Safia Elhillo is Sudanese by way of Washington, DC. A Cave Canem fellow and poetry editor at Kinfolks Quarterly: a journal of black expression, she received an MFA in poetry at the New School.

Performance Assessments Requiring Historical Analysis A great place to start is Oakland Unified's History and Social Studies page, specifically the left column on the page. The site offers historical questions with assessments and support materials designed to improve historical reading, writing, and thinking. Examples available were designed for the 8th and 11th grades, but the concepts can be applied to any age group. Another place to look for performance assessments that focus on historical analysis is the College Board's website. The Victims Poem by Sharon Olds When Mother divorced you, we were glad. She took it andtook it in silence, all those years and thenkicked you out, suddenly, and herkids loved it. Then you were fired, and wegrinned inside, the way people grinned whenNixon's helicopter lifted off the SouthLawn for the last time. We were tickledto think of your office taken away, your secretaries taken away, your lunches with three double bourbons, your pencils, your reams of paper. Would they take yoursuits back, too, those darkcarcasses hung in your closet, and the blacknoses of your shoes with their large pores? She had taught us to take it, to hate you and take ituntil we pricked with her for your annihilation, Father.

StandWithUs Resources » Teaching Tools U.S. policy has been to assist both Israel and Arab states. Between 1947 and 1971, U.S. annual aid to Israel was $60 million, while the Arab States received $170 million. After 1970, the U.S. regarded Israel as a valuable strategic ally and increased its aid. It also continued to aid and/or sell arms to Jordan, Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Yemen and the Gulf States. The U.S. committed $2 billion/year to Egypt and $3 billion/year to Israel after the Israel-Egypt peace treaty of 1979. The U.S. spends vastly more to protect the security of its other allies than it spends on Israel. Historical Journal Students will create a historical journal from a fictional character's point of view. Apps: Share® or Frames® Task When we think about the Civil Rights Movement, we often focus on the progress toward equality for African Americans. There have also been movements toward equality before the law for many different groups.

This Is a Story About Loss I haven't been to the store yet; I've only just checked into the Hampton Inn, after driving an hour from Huntsville International Airport, after taking two planes before that. I can tell by the softness in my mom's voice that she's really thinking about it, hard. She heard "lost" and she's honing in on that, what it would feel like to lose your belongings. 30+ Ways to Teach History Without a Textbook History is my biggest passion; I love history! I am a firm believer teaching history should never be boring. And yet, I really don’t like textbooks. More often than not, they’re boring, and they make it hard to retain information in the long run.