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Att reflektera kring "realian" med hjälp av en skrivmall

Att reflektera kring "realian" med hjälp av en skrivmall

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A few discussion activities for English language students What discussion activities work in class? Tekhnologic, winner of the British Council’s Teaching English blog award for a post on setting discussion goals, shares a few ideas. A discussion can bring out your students’ interests and motivate them; it’s a chance for them to talk about the things they really care about. Giving and justifying opinions in English can also bring students a sense of accomplishment, as they are using the language to express complex ideas. US Presidential Election Background 2016 presidential candidates Basic details of each candidate’s backgroundWhere the Candidates Stand on 2016’s Biggest IssuesWhat happens when … and how The important dates, Feb-Nov, listed and explained2016 Primary Results and Calendar Quickview of the results so far by NYTimes Warm-up What do kids want in a president? (1:20) Kids talk about what kind of person they think the next president should be like.

Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on International Women’s Day The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement on the occasion of International Women’s Day: “Today, we join people all over the globe to celebrate the remarkable achievements that women have made everywhere, and reaffirm our commitment to gender equality worldwide. “This year, Canada’s theme for International Women’s Day is #EqualityMatters, which reminds us that society is better – more prosperous, peaceful, secure, and cohesive – when women’s rights are respected, when women are valued and empowered, and when they lead the way in our communities. “While we have taken significant steps toward gender equality, we know that much more work needs to be done.

1959-1969 Robert Menzies - TIME: 50 Years In the South Pacific Critics like to describe Robert Menzies' unbroken term in office from 1949 to 1966 as wasted or slothful. It is a common complaint that left-wing partisans make against conservatives. What those critics fail to understand is that it is not the purpose of a conservative to cause radical upheaval in society. The Coop Times All stories written in this game are automatically published to The Coop Times newspaper - read them here. By Adam Carr - @2HitAdam with special thanks to Omeed Dariani, Jola Pez and Matt Carr for submitting extra prompts! Music "Big Fish" and "Full Hand" by CC BY 3.0 Picture dictation Submitted 16 years 6 months ago by admin. This is a low preparation fun activity that works well with large classes, especially with young learners and teens. All your students need is a blank piece of paper and all the teacher needs is a little bit of imagination. Procedure

The 10 greatest controversies of Winston Churchill's career Image copyright Getty Images The UK is marking the 50th anniversary of the death of Winston Churchill. He is regarded by many as the greatest Briton ever, but for some he remains an intensely controversial figure. Why So Much Variety in English? - Internasjonal engelsk Vocabulary Make sure you understand these words before you read the text. Use the dictionary in the link collection to look up new words: distinctiveinvasionretreattribecommondescendantvictoriousfrontierapartflourishsubstrate language = local or original (underlying) languageexercise (v)unifyvastpost-vocalic "r" = "r" after a vowelpronouncerhotic = describes accents where "r" is pronounced in all positionsoriginnotablepenalretroflex consonants - tongue bent, curved, or turned backward, e.g. retroflex (Phonetic symbols: ʈ ɖ ɳ ɭ)diversityHide Why So Much Variety in English

English Vocabulary Quizzes Using Images English Vocabulary Quizzes Using Images Quizzes to Help You Learn and Review Vocabulary This is a part of The Internet TESL Journal's Activities for ESL Students <HR NOSHADE SIZE=99><h1>Warning</h2><B>These quizzes require a JavaScript-enabled browser</b><BR><TT>You have JavaScript disabled or a browser that doesn't support JavaScript.<BR><TT>You need either Netscape 3 or newer OR Explorer 4.0 or newer.<P>Try <a href=" Quizzes for ESL Students</a> instead. What Is a Dangling Modifier? A dangling modifier is a modifier that has nothing to modify. Remember, modifiers describe a word or make its meaning more specific. A dangling modifier is an error caused by failing to use the word that the modifier is meant to be describing. Here is an example of a dangling modifier (shaded): Having read your letter, my cat will stay indoors until the ducklings fly off.

Bob Dylan – Background The Nobel Prize in Literature 2016 Bob Dylan’s Official Homepage ALL MUSIC lists everything there is to know about Bob Dylan Warm-up Top 10 Bob Dylan Songs (13:17) The songs presented with commentary Songs Lyrics and audio Scroll down the page to find many, if not all, Bob Dylan songs Blowing in The Wind A page with links to the lyrics, the official music video and some discussion questions Gotta Serve Somebody The following links are to, showing the lyrics and playing the song Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right The Times They Are A-Changin’ It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue Talkin’ World War III Blues A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall Boots Of Spanish Leather One Too Many Mornings Positively 4th Street Blowin’ In The Wind Bob Dylan’s Dream It Ain’t Me, Babe Corrina, Corrina He was a friend of mine A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall Romance in Durango