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What are The Queen’s powers? – Royal Central UK Parliament (CC) The Royal Prerogative are a set number of powers and privileges held by The Queen as part of the British constitution. Nowadays, a lot of these powers are exercised on Her Majesty’s behalf by ministers – things such as issuing or withdrawing passports that, without the Royal Prerogative, would require an act of parliament each time. Over time, the prerogative powers have been used less and less though the important thing in our Constitutional Monarchy is that they still exist, they remain a means of protecting democracy in this country ensuring that no one can simply seize power. Victorian constitutionalist Walter Bagehot defined The Queen’s rights as, the right ‘to be consulted, to encourage and to warn’ – but these rights are not the same as her powers, as we will now see. The Queen’s prerogative powers vary and fall into different categories… Political Powers Judicial Powers Armed Forces Honours Miscellaneous Powers Other powers Her Majesty holds include:

How to Speak Fluent English: Top 10 Tips – Espresso English Today’s lesson is important, because MANY students write to me and ask how they can become fluent – so here are my top 10 tips for speaking fluent English. 1) Understand that there is no “magic bullet.” That means there is NO secret and super-effective way to guarantee fluency very fast. Yes, there are different methods, and some are more effective than others. Also, different methods will appeal to different people. Still, becoming fluent in English – or any language – is a long-term process. If anyone says they have “the secret” to instant fluency… don’t believe them! 2) Use English in your daily life as much as possible. It’s more important to have frequent contact with English than to have hours and hours of study. Even if you don’t live in an English-speaking country, there are still many ways to do this! Here are just a few suggestions for making English part of your daily life: 3) Balance the areas of language learning. ReadingWritingSpeakingListeningGrammarVocabulary Here’s an example:

Exploring English - Online Course What level of English language do I need in order to understand the course? This course is aimed at non-native English speakers who have studied English to around intermediate level (approximately B1 on the CEFR). Is the whole course really free? Yes, it is free to take part in the whole course. Is the course live or recorded? You will be able to access every step of the course whenever suits you. Do I need a web camera in order to communicate within the course? You do not need a web cam as there is no ‘live’ video discussion. I cannot stream the course videos. Yes - if you have trouble streaming the videos in the course because your internet connection is slow, you can download them to watch offline. When are the classes going to be held? The course is delivered fully online. Is the course equivalent to IELTS? The Exploring English course is NOT an IELTS equivalent and there is no formal test at the end of the course. How do I get a certificate after the course?

Fly Through 17th Century London M@ Fly Through 17th Century London A group of students at De Montfort University created this fly-through of 17th century London (skip to 0:50 in the video to get to the juicy stuff). The model focuses on the area around Pudding Lane and the bakery of Thomas Farriner, where the Great Fire of 1666 started. Although most of the buildings are conjectural, the students used a realistic street pattern and even included the hanging signs of genuine inns and businesses mentioned in Samuel Pepys' diary. The project is an entry in the Off The Map competition, in which students were invited to build 3-D digital models based on maps at the British Library, and using software by Crytek.

London Click on: Idioms In for a penny in for a pound- De perdidos al río (UK)In for a dime in for a dollar – De perdidos al río (US)In the altogether- En pelotasIndeed- Ya lo creoInside out- Del revésIs cutting edge- Es el último grito/modaIs giving him hell- Le hace la vida imposibleIs water under the bridge- Es agua pasada (cuando se hacen las paces por ejemplo)It gives me the goosebumps/It gives me creep- Me pone la piel de gallina (Hacemos un inciso, si bien es cierto que vienen a decir lo mismo, la connotación de ambas es distinta, es decir. “It gives me the goosebumps” se dice cuando algo te pone la piel de gallina en el buen sentido de la frase “This song gives me the goosebumps”, por el otro lado la frase “It gives me creep” tiene connotación negativa y hace referencia a algo que te da escalofríos o miedo)

Skottlossning vid parlamentet i London Skottlossning har brutit ut vid parlamentet i London. En knivbeväpnad man har huggit ner en polis vid byggnaden – sen attackerade han ännu en polis varpå han sköts ner. Mannen tog sig till parlamentet efter att ha kört på flera personer på Westminster Bridge, skriver Sky News. Två personer uppges vara döda och ett dussintal är skadade, enligt Reuters. Polisen kallar händelserna för terrorattentat. En polischef säger att attacken vid Londons parlament betraktas som en terrorattack och en antiterrorundersökning har inletts.Ytterligare poliser, beväpnade och obeväpnade, har kommenderats ut i London under onsdagskvällens rusningstimmar som en del i att hålla folk säkra. Det är mycket hård bevakning i kvarteren i Westminster där parlamentet med Big Ben, flera regerignsbyggnader och premiärministerns bostad på Downing Street ligger. Den här bilden är tagen mot Westminster Bridge då utryckningspersonal hjälper ett av offren. Ja, och det var det utgångsläge polisen tidigt jobbade utefter. • Whitehall.

London Short Fiction: Mud Man Continuing our series of short fiction set in, or influenced by London. This week’s story by Melaina Barnes is the winner of our competition with the British Academy’s Literature Week to find a new modern fairy tale for London. To explore the Literature Week programme — running 11-17 May — and register for events visit the British Academy’s website. Out he comes, dredged from the canal. The narrow-boat girls pat him, tend him, talk to him. Clive has a fitful night with dreams of icy water and miring weeds. The next day, his wife leaves early. Clive takes a sip of tea. Clive wakes from a doze and tells himself he’s been dreaming. Clive lies fully dressed on top of the bed and watches TV. His wife chops onions. Clive’s wife arranges for him to see a counsellor. Londonist is proud to be media partner to the British Academy’s Literature Week. Copyright, Melaina Barnes, image by Ekaterina Nosenko in the Londonist Flickr pool. Fairy tales The Fingernail Fairy: Do you believe in her? Summertime

Webbresurs från vårt grannland - London Walk - Mia Smith Finska Utbildningsstyrelsen är en myndighet som ungefär motsvarar Skolverket (även om jag inte ska svära på de exakta detaljerna rent politiskt). De har också en hel del lärresurser på sin hemsida, och där har jag hittat en guldklimp, via ett tips på Facebook. Mina 9or ska i engelskan arbeta med olika ämnesområden kopplade till Great Britain och vi inleder med att fokusera på London. Efter introduktionen fick eleverna ge sig ut för att själva upptäcka London. Bild: skärmdump från

10 Essential Apps to Help Elementary Students Learn Grammar May 17, 2017 Learning grammar can be more fun for students if it is taught through the use of interactive games and activities that both entertain and challenge students linguistic skills. Below are some popular iPad apps you can use with your younger learners to improve their grammatical skills. From learning about pronouns and punctuation marks to mastering the use of adjectives and superlative forms, these apps offer a wide variety of educational materials in the form of videos, lessons, guides, games, animated stories and many more so students can not only learn grammar but have fun while doing so. 1- Grammaropolis ‘Grammaropolis uses the parts of speech as animated characters whose personalities are based on the roles they play in the sentence.’ 2- Grammar For Kids ‘A perfect app for kids to practice the 8 parts of speech: Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Adverb, Verb, Preposition, Conjunction and Interjection.’ 10- The Pronoun Party ‘Learn pronouns in four different Levels!