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3 Excellent Tools to Create Interactive Posters and Visuals for Your Class February 1, 2014 Interactive visuals are great learning and teaching materials to use with your students in the classroom. From explaining difficult processes to visual brainstorming, interactive graphics are a good way to consolidate students learning and promote their comprehension. Below are three of the web tools I would recommend for creating interactive visuals, I know there are several other titles to add to this list but the ones below are, in my view, more student-friendly and simpler to use. 1-Thinglink

Certificates to Print - print formal certificates with your picture - style: black frame from Print With My Pic. Upload a picture right from your computer or insert the URL to an image off the Net. Personalizing the photo award certificate: You can change the title text from "Certificate of Achievement" to any title you'd like. You can make a Birthday Award, Birthday Party Award, or anything you'd like. Click on the wording and type your desired title on the title line. Adding a photo to the certificate template: you can upload a photo from your computer or paste the URL to a picture you have online.

3 Powerful Free Alternatives to PowerPoint and Keynote Creating engaging presentations and slideshows is an art that requires a lot of creativity and dedication. From the choice of pictures and graphics to the wording of text illustrating them , everything in a good presentation speaks to the readers inner eye and immediately hook them in and most of all communicate the message in a clear, concise and direct way. Creating good presentations also necessitates using a powerful platform, one that provides distinctive functionalities to set it apart from the rest.

The Basics of Ad Design - Drawing In the Viewer written by: J. Edward Casteele•edited by: Elizabeth Wistrom•updated: 5/23/2011 Designing effective ads requires knowledge of the basics of ad design to better get your point across. Drawing in your audience's attention and placing ad components in the right order will help your ads to be noticed, making readers and viewers more interested in your product, service, or website. Ad Design The purpose of advertisements is to draw in the attention of readers and viewers, increasing the likelihood that they will purchase the advertised product or visit the advertised website. For ads to be effective, they need to be designed in such a way that they appeal to their intended audience.

Make and Play Switch the animals' heads, legs, and tails to make your own new creatures! Switch Zoo has 142 natural species in nine habitats.Play Switch Zoo Switch Zoo App Build six of world's biomes by choosing the right plants, animal, temperature range, and precipitation for each. Get a postcard for each biome you build, and build all of them to become a Biome Master.

Teens, Technology and Friendships Video games, social media and mobile phones play an integral role in how teens meet and interact with friends This report explores the new contours of friendship in the digital age. It covers the results of a national survey of teens ages 13 to 17; throughout the report, the word “teens” refers to those in that age bracket, unless otherwise specified. #Being13: Teens and social media "When I get my phone taken away, I feel kind of naked," said Kyla, another 13-year-old. "I do feel kind of empty without my phone." More than 200 eighth graders from across the country allowed their social media feeds to be studied by child development experts who partnered with CNN. Could a Facebook 'Dislike' button backfire among teens? He said it has been "surprisingly complicated" to come up with the right approach. "We didn't want to just build a 'Dislike' button because we don't want to turn Facebook into a forum where people are voting up or down on people's posts," he said during a townhall Q&A at the company's headquarters last month. It's a welcome move to have more than "Like" to show how you feel about someone's tragic news, right? Well, it depends whom you ask. In email conversations with parents and others, there's a great deal of concern that what Facebook ultimately unveils could end up giving users the ability to dislike posts.