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Matt Canei: Game Developer – Senior 3D Artist – Indie Art/Creative Director – Unreal Specialist Game Developer – Senior 3D Artist – Indie Creative/Art Director – UDK/UE4 Consultant Professionally, I have been in the industry with Hi-Rez Studios since March 2010. Employment there began hourly during my final college semester at SCAD-Atlanta (Interactive Design and Game Development, B.F.A). Over the course of the three-and-a-half years, through artistic growth, hard-work and creative problem solving I was able to earn the Senior 3D Artist title many years ahead of schedule back in 2013.

1. What is OT-24? Who is collecting information This website is operated by Mountview House Group Ltd(MVHG) whose registered office is at Mountview House Group Ltd, Suite 100 – Building 3, North London Business Park, London N11 1GN. MVHG has notified the Information Commissioner of its processing operations and is registered as required under the Data Protection Act and intends to fully comply with the provisions of that Act. What information is collected MVHG collects two types of information from users of its website: 1. 5 Excellent Rubric Making Tools for Teachers June 18, 2016 Rubrics are scoring charts used to assess and evaluate a particular learning or teaching activity. As is explained in this guide, rubrics are helpful for both teachers and students: teachers can use them when designing lesson plans and grading assignments; students can use them to make sure they meet the learning expectations and requirements of an assignment or project work. Rubric making should not be a complicated task, it should only speak to the core requirements of a given task while channeling focus to the learning outcomes.

E-portfolio Joomla! component Who can use E-portfolio? professionals wanting to have their own advanced blog with features such as forum and calendar people looking for job to list their CV's students and graduates having their portfolio ONLINE to be visible for teachers, parents, CEOs, etc. anyone who wants the worls to know who they are, what they do and have already done! Advanced access control will let a user decide who will be able to read and comment his joomla portfolio. There are many configuration features like the ability to upload files to portfolio, calendar and events by users and others! After joomla portfolio is installed you can create a menu item to have the component shown on your site's front end. Admin has the ability to create "front-end categories" (by default "classes") where users will be divided.

Kulinaario Rich and aromatic flavors come from the special varieties of apples grown in the Finnish light Summer Every bottle is produced with the traditional method of making Calvados. A Premium Quality Apple Spirit - L’Omena® - made from the finest, handpicked organic grown apples. 8 Foods That Are Surprisingly Good for Weight Loss Losing weight doesn’t always have to be about deprivation and denial. In fact, it shouldn’t be. Successful, sustainable weight loss is far more attainable when you focus on the quality of food rather than the quantity. Eat wholesome, nutritious, (and even calorie-filled) foods and you’ll be far more satisfied and content on less. Ryan Abi –– UI/UX Designer Digital Geo-Portraits Multimedia Fleeting Manifesto Next App Collection Template

19 Great Web Tools and Mobile Apps for Creating Interactive Timelines July 11, 2016 Besides posters and infographics timelines are great learning tools to help students visualize their learning and enhance their overall comprehensibility. Timelines can be incorporated almost in any subject area and can be used to teach a wide variety of topics from historical events to bibliographical information. Web technologies have immensely facilitated the process of creating a timeline and anyone can quickly design an interactive timeline in few steps. Moodle//Mahara Integration The integration between Moodle and Mahara has been affectionately named "Mahoodle". It allows true single-signon between both systems - no password sharing required, and users' profile information is ported across. In addition, from Mahara 1.2, users are able to submit Mahara Views to Moodle for assessment (with a plugin for Moodle). The best instructions for setting up the integration can be found in Mahoodle-updated (or Mahoodle-updated). The instructions and screenshots are a little out of date, but the process works.

It offers the widest free of charge opportunities for site-building! Almost everything can be changed as you wish! by eugie Aug 8

I checked this one out. It seems to have some good free features as well as some paid fetures. I will have to build a website to test it. by jenniflower Feb 14

Thanks for picking, happy to share. I will try to get around to this's there to remind me... by jenovesia Jan 16

Wix is a freemium service which lets you rapidly create a nice looking website. Good for setting up temporary/test websites. by pragmantic Dec 13

Nice bro, I joined your site, I put a link to mine there, I been developing sites as well as Wix for almost 2 years bro. Nice stuff! @ Coldgrave by cloudexplorer Aug 3

Thanks @ Dorothywitt web design is tough, but I try my hardest to fully express my creativity, through functionality. by cloudexplorer Jul 22

Yes fair play you have put a lot of work into your sites! I must admit I like the concept also, Great work...! by sutt2m Jul 20

Checkout my new fully featured cloud navigation site I built using the wix editor, I recently updated it yesterday so let me know what you think thus far. It definitely needs a little shaping up, but I love the concept for now. by cloudexplorer Jul 19

Wix is very cool but like @rochusroth I'm using Wordpress check it out here: The difference is the formats obviously with Wix you get a flash based site which is great you can do some really cool stuff even if your new to it all, Wordpress is for Blogging HTML based but again with really cool features such as linking with twitter via add-ons or plug-ins etc.. Drop your links so we can see your work ;-) by sutt2m Jul 19

no..not yet...I pearled it, because i search for a new design template for my website or blog....but know I am use WP (word press) by rochusroth Nov 10

I have translated for you ! : Have you managed to use one of the templates and modify it to embed PHP for example? by sutt2m Nov 8

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