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Yes, You Really Can Build Links With Twitter - Whiteboard Friday

Yes, You Really Can Build Links With Twitter - Whiteboard Friday
Since Rand discussed a scammy link building tactics last week, he decided to tackle a good method that anyone can do. This week Rand has 8 tips on how you can build links using Twitter, yes Twitter! Rand discusses what methods he sees generating links and how you can use them. We'd also love to hear how you are using Twitter to generate links and what you see the future of linking building on Twitter will be. Howdy SEOmoz fans! Related:  Link building

Link Building Tool Review: Link Research Tool Set By CEMPER Beginning today, my Link Week column will be devoted to link building tool reviews. Each review will focus on how the tool works and provide tips on how you can use the results to build links. If you’re on the fence about buying a tool, hopefully my reviews will help with your decision making process. The review is not an endorsement by Search Engine Land or myself, it’s simply an outline to help you understand how the tool can be used. The test sites I’m using are all willing participants, I have permission from their owners to review and publish what I find in their back links. Each tool owner agreed to give me, at no charge, a full membership for 60 days to use at my convenience. Link Research Tools By In 2003,Christoph Cemper and his staff opened, a full service SEO company based in beautiful Vienna Austria. I worked with Sebastian Moser,’s Director of IT Services who gave me full access to their tool and patiently answered all my questions. The Set Up

Twitter (H) Get Over Yourself And Give Me A Link (please) Getting a topically relevant link is preferable to one from an off topic webpage but it’s not always so easy, competitors seldom link to competitors, authority sites seldom link to newbies. I had some luck getting these hard/competitive/authority type links awhile back, the campaign brought in a large number of on-topic, quality links from competitors in a specific industry. What’s more interesting is the fact the campaign did not use: Social media. (No Twitter, Digg, Facebook, Reddit etc.) Didn’t use any directories . The whole program ran 90 days and netted 131 quality, on-topic links from established sites. Before you roll your eyes and click away thinking this is going to be one of those “establish relationships and the links will come ” type posts, hear me out. Incentive linking The client I ran this campaign for is in the concrete business, his site has been online for a several years, was optimized and ranked in the high teens. The promotion was a hit!

Get People to See Your Content (H) 5 Simple Ways to Make Your Blog Links Better Blog links can be amazing. Links from real, powerful blogs that have a strong subscriber base and an active community are worth their weight in gold. Not just in the usual way links are useful, but they are great for increasing brand awareness and industry authority. But sometimes the natural format of a blog can dampen their power. For example, over time blog posts move deeper into a site. They fall off the homepage and they get pushed out of category main pages as newer posts take their place. Sure there are plenty of add-ons and plug-ins to help keep posts interlinked and out of archive obscurity. What you can do though is use a few proactive and preventative measures to help fight the natural dampening of link velocity from blog links. Recommend Some Good Plug-Ins If you have a link from a blog, and especially if you had a hand in making it happen, why not make a recommendation? Try not to talk about SEO though. Build Links Title Tags Vary Your Bios Skip the Bad Blogs Summary

Twitter Link Building Tool Review: SEOmoz PRO Second in our review series are the link building tools from SEOmoz Pro; I was excited to review this tool set since it’s not one I use. Let’s start with a quick overview of what’s in the program and then focus on the link building tools. SEOmoz PRO SEOmoz PRO is a set of ”software, tools and resources to maximize your search engine optimization.” Buying a membership to SEOmoz PRO gets you “campaign-based web apps, dozens of SEO tools, webinars and full access to Open SiteExplorer“. There’s a free 30 day trial and three paid packages to pick from: PRO, PRO Plus and PRO Elite. There are four tool categories in the PRO set: Link Building & Competitive AnalysisKeyword Research & RankingOn-Page OptimizationSocial Media Monitoring I’m going to focus on two of the four and look at the Link Building/Competitive Analysis and Social Media Monitoring tools. The Dashboard The Q&A has great search options making it easy to find information on almost any subject related to the tool set or SEO. Wrap Up

Entering Contests & Giveaways (L) How to Create Less Backlinks In this post I’m going to explain how to create less backlinks but still rank very well in the search engines. Most people don’t enjoy building backlinks, I on the otherhand have a mild addiction to it, and enjoy the strategy of backlinking and working out new and better ways to be effective in my backlinking plan for my affiliate marketing sites. One of he most common mistakes I see people make when it comes to backlinking, is ignoring their indexing. When I say indexing, I mean whether or not Google (and other search engines) have found AND indexed the page that the links are on. If they haven’t indexed the page, then they won’t be counting the link on that page as a link to your site to help improve your sites rankings. Most people just get as many backlinks as they can and hope for the best. Work Efficiently Most online marketers get anywhere from 10%-30% of their links found, which is not high at all. definitely need to start looking at this. Where Are My Links? Hate your day job?

Surveys (M) 4 Link Building Strategies for “Too Busy for Link Building” Local Businesses More and more small businesses working in a “local” market are waking up to the realities and need for Search Engine Optimization. However, in talking with many of these owners, they are concerned with the importance and on-going nature of link building, and the lack of financial and human resources needed to carry out link building activities. As link building can account for up to 75% of the success of a SEO program, it is imperative that these businesses find a way to collect links within their limited resource budgets. Following are 4 creative strategies to help “local” businesses develop on-going link building programs with a minimum long term investment. 1. Okay – you’ve probably already heard the “content is king” refrain and maybe have already accepted blogging as the powerful link building tool that it is. The solution is to become a part-time blogger. Another option would be to find related blogs both at the national and local level and submit content as a guest blogger. 2. 3.

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