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Free Elementary School (K-6) Physical Education Lesson Plans

Free Elementary School (K-6) Physical Education Lesson Plans
SPARK Elementary Physical Education (PE) The original SPARK Elementary PE study was funded by the National Institutes of Health to create, implement, and evaluate new and innovative approaches to physical education content and instruction, then test them in “real world” settings. SPARK Elementary PE was designed to be more inclusive, active, and fun than traditional PE classes. Today, after lessons learned from more than 20 years of ongoing research and field testing nationwide, SPARK PE is the most researched and field-tested Physical Education program in the world – a true solution to our growing problem of overweight and obese children. For more information on SPARK Elementary Physical Education, Click Here for K-2 PE and Click Here for 3-6 PE. SPARK Elementary PE Lesson Plans Below is a collection of free SPARK Physical Education lesson plans for elementary students. K-2 PE Instructional Units The 12 instructional units in the SPARK K-2 PE Manual are listed below. Related:  Building Healthy children through resourcesexpanding lessons

ten rules for a healthy life Schools get creative with PE while reducing hours For more than a decade, students at elementary schools in the Rockwood School District had 30-minute physical education classes, five days a week. The classes at Babler and Chesterfield elementary schools were so innovative and vigorous that in 2009 the National Association for Sport and Physical Education recognized them with STARS Awards. Only 30 other schools nationwide have received the recognition. Then the Rockwood School Board cut physical education to four days a week last year, so students could take a music class on the fifth day. "They said we are way over the federal minimum (for recommended physical education hours) so we have room to play with," said Eddie Mattison, facilitator of physical education for Rockwood. Such cuts illustrate the balancing act these days between academics and PE, as schools struggle to raise test scores in the face of a growing obesity epidemic. More than one-third of children and more than two-thirds of adults are overweight or obese. In Missouri:

Traditional Kids Games, Classic Children's Games Select any children's game from the below list to find out how it is played. British Bulldog The play area is usually a large hall or large area of a playing field. There are no limits to the size of the pitch nor the number of players. Traditional children's games Bullrush game Bullrush is an energetic game whereby a group of individuals endeavour to rush from one line to another across an open space without being tackled to the ground by participants who have previously been so tackled. Cat's cradle Cat's cradle is a well known string game or series of string figures. Cocky Olly Cocky Olly is a children's game similar in style to forty forty. Copy and Robbers, Tag Tag (also known as it, had, he, tig, chasing, and other names) is an informal sport or game (see also playground games) that usually involves one or more players attempting to "tag" other players by touching them with their hands. Dodgeball Duck Duck Goose Follow The Leader Four Square Hopscotch I Spy Jump Rope Keep Away Musical Chairs

Health Effects of Exercise on Cognitive Creativity Blanchette, David M., Ramocki, Stephen P., O'del, John N., and Casey, Michael S. (2005), Aerobic Exercise and Cognitive Creativity: Immediate and Residual Effects, Creativity Research Journal , 17(2&3), 257-264. Aerobic Exercise and Creative Potential: Immediate and Residual Effects The potential effects of aerobic exercise on creative potential were explored both immediately following moderate aerobic exercise and after a two hour lag. Sixty college students participated in an experiment consisting of three regimens varying the time when a Torrance Test of Creative Thinking was taken in relation to exercise completion. The positive impact of aerobic exercise on physiological functions, particularly cardio-pulmonary processes and structures, has been extensively studied and validated. The relationship between exercise and the physical processes of the human body is relatively well understood. Creativity is a much sought after and encouraged thought process. Participants Procedure Hypotheses

Professional Development | EdTech Center @ World Education The EdTech Center provides professional development through World Education’s E-Learning, webinars and face-to-face workshops. Integrating Technology with Project-Based LearningThis course reviews the concepts of project-based learning (PBL) and guides participants in learning how they can integrate new and emerging technologies into instruction. Introduction to Integrating Technology into the ClassroomThis multimedia self-paced course helps guide teachers who are new to integrating technology into teaching and learning. To view a webinar, click its title and then click the “play” button. Assessing Core Tech Skills For Adult Learners With NorthstarThe Northstar Digital Literacy Project defines basic skills needed to perform tasks on computers and online. It assesses foundational skills through 10 online, self-guided modules: Basic Computer Use, Internet, Windows Operating System, Mac OS, Email, Word, Social Media, Excel, PowerPoint, and Information Literacy. The New and Improved USA Learns

15 Fantastic Ways to be a Better PE Teacher: Physical Education Degree According to the The 2012 Shape of the Nation Report, 38 states (74.5%) mandate physical education in elementary, middle, and high school, but most do not require a specific amount of instructional time and more than half allow exemptions or waivers. Physical education is important, so no matter your state requirements you should achieve to be an engaging PE teacher. Traditionally PE class was survival of the fittest—literally! If children weren’t naturally athletically gifted then they often left class feeling like they had failed in some aspect. The worst thing for a young child to feel is failure, whether that’s in testing or playing. It can be challenging for PE teachers to engage students who dislike PE, and some even have a tendency just to pay attention to the children who do enjoy class. 1. One of the best ways to engage your kids, and keep them engaged, is to encourage them! 2. Along with positive reinforcement, create games that everyone can succeed at on some level. 3. 4. 5.

Free Webinars For Teachers | Free Educational Webinars | Free Workshops For Teachers Personal Learning Networks: The Future of Learning Presenter: Will Richardson Learning is social, we've all known that. Now, the Internet has made it globally social. To flourish as learners in a connected world, we need a network that we can trust – and one that we can turn to when we need answers, inspiration, or direction. While we've always crafted these Personal Learning Networks in our face-to-face spaces, achieving the same online is quite a bit more nuanced and complex. Learn how to begin to construct PLNs using various Web tools Understand the implications for our students, schools, and professional practice Look at how diversity, balance, and safety enter into the learning equation online He is a former public school educator for 22 years, and is a co-founder of Powerful Learning Practice (, a unique professional development program that has mentored over 5,000 teachers worldwide in the last five years. Presenter: Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Presenter: Dr. Dr. Dr.

PE Central: Becoming a Physical Education Teacher We receive many requests from a number of people (including students) who are interested in learning what it takes to become a physical education teacher. We hope the following information, presented in a question and answer format, is helpful to those interested in becoming K-12 Health and Physical Education teachers. If you have further questions send email to What educational background is needed for this career? Typically you need to complete a degree in Health and Physical Education at a 4 year college or university. See below for a few colleges and universities that may offer undergraduate PE Programs. What experience do you need? It is best to have plenty of experience and knowledge about how to perform and teach different physical activities such as rock climbing, rollerblading, tennis, cooperative activities, golf, running, ultimate frisbee, basketball, fitness, aerobics, dance, gymnastics, etc. Lastly, you must truly enjoy being around people and kids.

School and Education Technology Webinars eSchool News is proud to present a variety of webinars on the hottest topics in education technology. Our webinars are a great place to learn about new technologies, how your colleagues are solving concerns you may have and more. All of our webinars are free, just click on the links below to register. All you’ll need on the day of the event is internet access. Can’t make the date or missed a previous webinar — don’t worry, our webinars are also recorded and archived. Introduction to 3D Printing Modules in the Classroom Tuesday, November 24th, 2015 1:00 pm EST / 10:00 am PST Date: Tuesday, November 24th Time: 1:00 pm EST / 10:00 am PST About the Event We are thrilled to be offering this upcoming webinar on how to incorporate 3D printing course content into your own K-12 classroom! How to Deploy a 1:1 iPad Program in Education Tuesday, October 20th, 2015 2:00 pm EST / 11:00 am PST Engaging Students in Real-World STEM Problem Solving How to Simplify Your Printing Solution | A Case Study

The 13 MUST Know Professional Development Websites for Teachers 1- Education World This is a great website that offers all the resources you need to grow professionally. It has different sections with each one full of PDFs, books, articles an many more . 2- Discovery Education There is no way that you did not hear about this awesome website. 3- Staff Develop This is another great resource for professional development.It provides articles, books, workshops, and many resources links. 4- Ed Week Ed Week is a also one of the leading websites in education. 5- Educators Professional Development The title says it all. 6- Read Write Think This has a separate section dedicated to professional development resources . check it out , it is really great. 7- Teacher Vision Teacher Vision provides a wide range of professional development resources for educators such as articles, lesson plans, links and many more. 8- Teachers Domain This is a free digital media service for educational use from public broadcasting and its partners. 9- Getting Smart 10- Common Sense Media