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OMPI - L'Organisation Mondiale de la Propriété Intellectuelle Nous fournissons des services de propriété intellectuelle qui encouragent les personnes et les entreprises à innover et à créer. Brevets Le système international des brevets Online Software Hosted in the Cloud - Office 365 - Microsoft ProductsTemplatesSupport My accountSign in Collaborate with Office Online Save documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online, in OneDrive. Share them with others and work together at the same time. Get started now, it's free! GOLD WIPO is the world's most comprehensive source of data on the intellectual property (IP) system, as well as of empirical studies, reports and factual information on IP. Whether you are seeking statistical, legal or technical information, this page is a gateway to our unique collections of resources and reference material. We make all our publications and data collections freely available online. IP and technology databases WIPO's global databases make it easy for anyone, anywhere, to access the wealth of information in the IP system.

Sophisticated Statistical Analysis SigmaPlot is now bundled with SigmaStat as an easy-to-use package for complete graphing and data analysis. The statistical functionality was designed with the non-statistician user in mind. This wizard-based statistical software package guides users through every step and performs powerful statistical analysis without having to be a statistical expert. Each statistical analysis has certain assumptions that have to be met by a data set. If underlying assumptions are not met, you may be given inaccurate or inappropriate results without knowing it.

The FSA Register The Register is a public record of all the firms, individuals and other bodies that we regulate. Find out how to use the Register and what to consider when searching for a firm, individual or investment scheme. Our Register has information on all firms that are, or have been: authorised by us; registered to conduct regulated activities; or provide certain products or services in the UK. It also lists individuals who are approved to carry out particular functions. Firms can only conduct regulated activities in the UK if they are currently authorised by us or registered to do so, or are otherwise exempt.

Pajek data: US patents Dataset patents Description directed network with 37774768 vertices and 16522438 arcs (1 loop). Download SigmaPlot 12.0 Software - Discount Prices - SigmaPlot Download is included in . no longer exists as a stand-alone. If you already own and want to upgrade, you may purchase the upgrade to . Getting to Grips with the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) It’s relatively rare to get a lawyer excited. About anything. But, the introduction of the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) in April was a big enough announcement to elicit wide-eyed disbelief and giggles of excitement from me. And yes, I am a lawyer.

Rawpatents blog The goal of this list is to provide a review of possible datasources for entity resolution on companies/institutions and their history/changes of ownership for patstat / WoS. Aside from US mainly international lists have been searched. From: NBER PDP Project User Documentation: Matching Patent Data to Compustat Firms Compustat records identified by CUSIPs or GVKEYs refer to securities, not firms, single organization may correspond to multiple entries within the Compustat data. Sometimes

Spray Drying Technology uses three types of atomizers viz, rotary, pressure nozzle and two-fluid nozzle Three types of atomizers are used in industrial drying: Rotary — Atomization by Centrifugal Energy Pressure Nozzle — Atomization by Pressure Energy Two - fluid nozzle — Atomization by Kinetic Energy The choice of atomizer depends upon the properties of the feed and the dried product specification. In cases where more than one atomizer type is suitable, the rotary atomizer is generally preferred due to its greater flexibility and ease of operation.

IPC concordance WIPO cooperates with intellectual property (IP) offices from all over the world to provide you with up-to-date IP statistics. Statistical Data The WIPO IP Statistics Data Center is the on-line service enabling access to WIPO's statistical data. The WIPO Statistical Country Profiles provide IP information for around 190 countries. The zip file provides IP statistics prior to 1980. Statistical Publications

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