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GOLD WIPO is the world's most comprehensive source of data on the intellectual property (IP) system, as well as of empirical studies, reports and factual information on IP. Whether you are seeking statistical, legal or technical information, this page is a gateway to our unique collections of resources and reference material. We make all our publications and data collections freely available online. IP and technology databases WIPO's global databases make it easy for anyone, anywhere, to access the wealth of information in the IP system. Sophisticated Statistical Analysis SigmaPlot is now bundled with SigmaStat as an easy-to-use package for complete graphing and data analysis. The statistical functionality was designed with the non-statistician user in mind. This wizard-based statistical software package guides users through every step and performs powerful statistical analysis without having to be a statistical expert. Each statistical analysis has certain assumptions that have to be met by a data set. If underlying assumptions are not met, you may be given inaccurate or inappropriate results without knowing it.

Luxembourg Company Formation The information below displays the requirements to register a Luxembourg company. We provide details on the maintenance, shareholder requirements, the minimum capital requirements for Luxembourg company formation, along with the legal form, naming requirements, documentation required and director and secretary requirements. The information below is a guide to help you with your Luxembourg company registration, this serves as a general guide and may be subject to the most recent changes of the legislation in various jurisdictions. Who we are and what we do Dartington is a place of learning and experiment addressing some of the significant issues of our time. Today, working in partnership with pioneering thinkers, teachers, artists and social entrepreneurs, we: Set up our own initiatives and programmes, building on our skills, resources and heritage Offer the time, space and stimulation for others to develop and test promising ideas Inspire a wide community of artists, thinkers and activists through our work and the exceptional environment we provide Dartington is an independent charitable organisation, trading ethically and sustainably as a social enterprise in order to fund our pioneering work.

Pajek data: US patents Dataset patents Description directed network with 37774768 vertices and 16522438 arcs (1 loop). Download SigmaPlot 12.0 Software - Discount Prices - SigmaPlot Download is included in . no longer exists as a stand-alone. If you already own and want to upgrade, you may purchase the upgrade to . Company Formation Switzerland, Form Company in Switzerland BridgeWest provides company formation in Switzerland. Our assistance includes: > drafting the Articles of Association (necessary for the company incorporation in Switzerland); The Articles of Association of the Swiss company can be signed through Power of Attorney (the same applies to Public Notary proceedings, a step required by the Swiss Law).

Ancient Athens - Tower of the Winds Most scholars believe that the horologeion (water clock) was built as a public sundial, water clock and weathervane by the astronomer Andronikos Kyrrhestas c. 50/40 BC (as it was mentioned in Varro's De Re Rustica which was published in 37 BC and Vitruvius discusses it as well). On the other hand, the archaeologist Herman Kienast (German Archaeological Institute at Athens) has revived the suggestion that it was built before the Roman general Sulla's sack of the city in 86 BC. As the letter forms of the inscriptions identifying the winds are very similar to those on the dedication of the Stoa of Attalos, built c. 158-138 BC in the Agora, the horologeion may date to the late 2nd century BC. It is possible that the repairs which were made to the structure date to the period after 30 BC based on an inscription which mentions an Oilier Kyrrhistou (House of Kyrrhestas).

Rawpatents blog The goal of this list is to provide a review of possible datasources for entity resolution on companies/institutions and their history/changes of ownership for patstat / WoS. Aside from US mainly international lists have been searched. From: NBER PDP Project User Documentation: Matching Patent Data to Compustat Firms Compustat records identified by CUSIPs or GVKEYs refer to securities, not firms, single organization may correspond to multiple entries within the Compustat data. Sometimes

Spray Drying Technology uses three types of atomizers viz, rotary, pressure nozzle and two-fluid nozzle Three types of atomizers are used in industrial drying: Rotary — Atomization by Centrifugal Energy Pressure Nozzle — Atomization by Pressure Energy Two - fluid nozzle — Atomization by Kinetic Energy The choice of atomizer depends upon the properties of the feed and the dried product specification. In cases where more than one atomizer type is suitable, the rotary atomizer is generally preferred due to its greater flexibility and ease of operation.

WEP - Venture Initiation Program Visit the Wharton VIP Home Page The Wharton Venture Initiation Program (VIP) is an educational business incubator managed by Wharton Entrepreneurship which assists University of Pennsylvania students as they build and launch their startup ventures. All Penn students in degree-granting programs at the University are welcome to apply.

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