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Stock Photography, Royalty-Free Photos & The Latest News Pictures

Stock Photography, Royalty-Free Photos & The Latest News Pictures
About Getty Images We are a leading provider of digital media worldwide, creating and distributing a range of assets – from royalty-free stock photography and editorial images to footage, music and multimedia – that help communicators around the globe tell their stories. Follow us on: Images Our extensive image and stock illustration offering spans everything from conceptual rights-managed and royalty-free creative images to up-to-the-minute editorial coverage – including news, sport and celebrity photos – and timeless vintage photography. Footage

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Art Monthly : Home : The UK's leading contemporary art magazine On Translation Mark Prince analyses the language of objects >>Read now 1980s Amna Malik on viewing the past through the eyes of the present ConfusionOver Legality Of Downloading Confusion over what constitutes illegal downloading is turning unwitting internet users into pirates. This is the key finding of a survey by law firm Wiggin, reported in today's Guardian. For information and advice on downloading and file sharing, click here The independent online survey of 2,500 respondents showed that as many as 44% thought is was legal to upload commercially-produced media to a file-sharing website, or did not know whether it was lawful or not. 35% thought it was legal to copy a film or television programme as a file from a friend, or again, did not know if it was legal or not. Most of those surveyed agreed that copyright is important and that infringement should be prevented, with 68% saying it was necessary to protect the creative industries from piracy, up from 55% in 2010.

The Ministry of Noodles — Portrait and travel photographer based in Guangzhou, China This is the last posting about the Photography and Fashion course which I attended at Instituto Italiano Di Fotographia in Milan this summer. This two week summer course was designed to prepare the photographer for breaking into the world of fashion photography and, as well as providing a sound introduction to the processes involved in finding work in this industry. Naturally it provided some practical photography shooting experience and the location shooting exercise, was perhaps the area where I learned the most lessons. Selecting a location perhaps presents the biggest challenge. In the context of our short course -this experience could not have been made too elaborate for the sake of the logistics of having eight photographer participants, all needing access to equipment and support teams over the same time short period and in a variety of locations.

10 top tips for landing a creative job Pip Jamieson 25 March 2015 The creative industries are booming and there are more jobs than ever, but competition is fierce. Give yourself the best chance of landing that dream job with these top ten tips from Pip Jamieson, founder of professional networking platform for the creative industries The Dots. newdesign magazine offers a diverse and engaging mix of features in every issue Now celebrating more than fifteen years of publishing, newdesign magazine reports on the latest design thinking, techniques and trends. Featuring the work of consultancies and design teams worldwide, it is not only essential reading for those in the creative industries but also companies who use design for competitive advantage. As an editorially-led publication newdesign offers a diverse and engaging mix of features in every issue that, whether written by industry professionals or our own in-house editorial team, provides in-depth analysis and comment. As our core is product and industrial design we regularly feature articles on the tools, techniques and processes used by designers in order to bring products to market. But we also take a multi-disciplinary approach and cover a range of relevant issues affecting all sectors of design such as sustainability, branding, intellectual property, materials, inclusive design and ergonomics.

Technical textiles designer Job Information Page Content Technical textiles designer Hours37 per weekStarting salary£16,000 + per year Creative Commons Announces “School of Open” with Courses to Focus on Digital Openness Just in time to celebrate Open Education Week, here comes a new initiative, the School of Open, a learning environment focused on increasing our understanding of “openness” and the benefits it brings to creativity and education in the digital age. Developed by the collaborative education platform Peer to Peer University (P2PU) with organizational support from Creative Commons, the School of Open aims to spread understanding of the power of this brave new world through free online classes. We hear about it all the time: Universal access to research, education and culture—all good things, without a doubt—made possible by things like open source software, open educational resources and the like. But what are these various communities and what do they mean? How can we all learn more and get involved? School of Open has rolled the conversation back to square one so that understanding the basics is easy.

Shadow Art beyond comparison! This week Slickzine brings you a compilation of some of the most matchless examples of the awe-inspiring trend – shadow art. In shadow art, specific items (often household) are put in a special order and a light is shone from a definite angle to produce a shadow. This shadow shows some kind of pattern, text, or photo. Photography Careers What Is Photography? Photography involves capturing images with a camera. These images can be of just about anything, including people, places, animals, objects, or events. Getting into….the 3D printing industry In this guest post Dee Fisher, MD of 3DPrintedJobs, gives an overview of this growing industry, key job roles within it and tips for success. The 3D printing industry is growing rapidly and with it the demand for 3D printing jobs. This article will give you an understanding of what 3d printing is, what jobs are available, what these roles involve and some useful interview tips. What Is 3D Printing? 3D printing is a process of building a three-dimensional object.

Textile designer job information Page Content Textile designer HoursVariableStarting salary£15,000 + per year Popular images - 2 / best Page 184034 Free Images Next Page Language Project 562 - Project 562- A Photo Project by Matika Wilbur documenting Native America On January 18th 2014, Project 562 joined Quechan leaders and elders in prayerful opposition to the Ocotillo Wind Express Facility, responsible for the desecration of Ocotillo's Sacred Desert. We made a video about it, have a look: Vernon Smith, Quechan Tribal Member Ila May Dunsweiler, Quechan Language Instructor Preston Arroweed, Quechan/Kumni Tribal Member MATIKA will be a TED TALKER in New York CityI will be offering an TEDx talk in NYC dedicated to the topic, "Agents of Change" on Friday, March 28, 2014 sometime between 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (EDT), New York, NY. (I'll let you know when I know a time.) To learn more, please visit: best part is that the tickets are free! Hooray!

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