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Neil Jomunsi sur Twitter : "Le hashtag #FreedomFromCopyright lancé en réponse à la campagne #CopyrightForFreedom. The Pirate Bay sera bloqué en France, avec ses miroirs ! YouTube's Merry Christmas: Letting Large Music Publishers Steal Money From Guy Singing Public Domain Christmas Carol. Yet another in our ongoing series of stories concerning YouTube's broken ContentID system.

YouTube's Merry Christmas: Letting Large Music Publishers Steal Money From Guy Singing Public Domain Christmas Carol

While the company has still mostly remained mute over its recent policy change, which resulted in a ton of bogus ContentID claims, an even worse problem is that ContentID does serious harm to fair use and public domain videos. The latest example of this comes from Adam Manley, who recently posted a nice video about the month of December and how awesome it is. The second half of the video has him singing the famous song "Silent Night. " "Silent Night" was composed in 1818. It is, without question, in the public domain. So, what happened? Yes, not only did YouTube's ContentID hit him with an initial bogus claim, even after he disputed it with the basic logic that the song was written in 1818 and is in the public domain, YouTube came back the next day anyway and hit him with three more bogus copyright claims from three of the biggest music publishers in the world. Adam's post is interesting. How copyright enforcement robots killed the Hugo Awards.

Elements for the reform of copyright and related cultural policies. Now that the ACTA treaty has been rejected by the European Parliament, a period opens during which it will be possible to push for a new regulatory and policy framework adapted to the digital era.

Elements for the reform of copyright and related cultural policies

Many citizens and MEPs support the idea of reforming copyright in order to make possible for all to draw the benefits of the digital environment, engage into creative and expressive activities and share in their results. In the coming months and years, the key questions will be: What are the real challenges that this reform should address? How can we address them? This text provides an answer to the first question and tables a consistent set of proposals to tackle the second one.

It is available in English, French, and Spanish. This text is open to any comments. Ο “κλέψας του κλέψαντος” στο Internet. —Οι δημοσιογράφοι κάνουν πως ξεχνούν το ρόλο που έπαιξαν στην υπόθεση της ΧΑ, όταν είχαν αρχίσει να καλλιεργούν το μύθο της “σοβαρής Χρυσής Αυγής” , επικαλούμενοι μάλιστα και τη δημοκρατία… ***Έγραφαν το Σεπτέμβριο του 2013: “Ο σημερινός χώρος των εθνικιστών και άλλων πολιτών που αναδεικνύουν, δημοσκοπικώς, τη Χ.Α. σε ρυθμιστικό παράγοντα, εύκολα θα συμπαραταχθεί σε μια Συντηρητική Συμμαχία, εγκαταλείποντας ορισμένες ακραία αποτρόπαιες συμπεριφορές”.

Ο “κλέψας του κλέψαντος” στο Internet

—Ο Ν. Τσούκαλης (ΔΗΜΑΡ) για όσα έγιναν μετά το κλείσιμο της ΕΡΤ δήλωσε ”Όταν οι δυο κοινοβουλευτικές ομάδες του ΠΑΣΟΚ και της ΔΗΜ.ΑΡ. κατέθεσαν πρόταση νόμου για την ανάκληση της Πράξης Νομοθετικού Περιεχομένου για τη κατάργηση φορέων του Δημοσίου και της ΕΡΤ, ο κ. Μπαλτάκος με κάλεσε στο γραφείο του και μου είπε πως, αν δεν πάρουμε πίσω την πρόταση νόμου, θα πάμε σε εκλογές”. ***Στη δε ερώτησή του προς τον Τ. —Και για να μην υπάρχει αμφιβολία, τα όσα λέει ο Ν.

***Μετά ήρθε η δολοφονία Φύσσα. RIP!: A remix manifesto. EU Extends Copyright Term To 70 Years. The European Union has extended the term of copyright protection offered to sound recordings from 50 to 70 years, following a prolonged campaign from the music industry.

EU Extends Copyright Term To 70 Years

The legislation, which was first proposed by the European Commission in 2008 and voted on by the European Parliament in April 2009, was passed today (Sept. 12) by the EU Council of Ministers in Brussels. The new regulations will be implemented by EU Member State Governments within the next two years. "The new directive intends to increase the level of protection of performers by acknowledging their creative and artistic contributions," said the council of the European Union in a statement announcing the ruling. As a result of the extension, many popular titles released nearly 50 years ago will not fall into the public domain for another 20 years. Why Copyright Holders Love iTunes Match And Pirates Hate It - Parmy Olson - Disruptors. A Professor's Fight Over Shostakovich Heads to the Supreme Court - Technology. By Marc Parry Denver When Lawrence Golan picks up his baton here at the University of Denver, the musicians in his student orchestra see a genial conductor who corrects their mistakes without raising his voice in frustration.

A Professor's Fight Over Shostakovich Heads to the Supreme Court - Technology

Yet Mr. Golan is frustrated, not with the musicians, but with a copyright law that does them harm. For 10 years, the music professor has been quietly waging a legal campaign to overturn the statute, which makes it impossibly expensive for smaller orchestras to play certain pieces of music. Now the case is heading to the U.S. The conductor's fight centers on the concept of the public domain, which scholars depend on for teaching and research. The dispute that led to Golan v. "It was a shocking change," Mr. Other works once available but now restricted include books by H.G. Congress approved the recopyrighting, limited to foreign works, to align U.S. policy with an international copyright treaty. Υπόθεση Το Facebook πρόδωσε το νεαρό ξανθιώτη.