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Neuromanagement.wordpress. “War of the Worlds” movie posters. At some point today, Mondo will release its latest poster for the H.G.

“War of the Worlds” movie posters

Wells’ sci-fi classic, The War of the Worlds. This poster was designed by Paris-based artists, Stan & Vince. I think they nailed it, especially with the variant, which features glow in the dark green ink. The image really captures the feel of giant invaders from outer space, and I appreciate the way it feels like the poster is straight out of the 50’s. The variant will be $85 and the regular edition will be $55. Through the years, there has been some great imagery associated with this film dating back to its release in 1953 (and yes, the omission of any image with Tom Cruise was intentional). My favorite modern poster design was this one that Tom Whalen created for Dark Hall Mansion. Sherlock BBC Series. For all the Sherlock Holmes fans out there, there is a must see series from the BBC called Sherlock.

Sherlock BBC Series

It is a modern twist to the old school, fun Sherlock Holmes novels. There are three episodes in the short season but each one lasts 1 ½ hours. This series is set in modern day London where this new Sherlock is able to read people and situations through the “science of deduction.” Sherlock Holmes is played by Benedict Cumberbatch who does an amazing job in portraying all of Holmes’ little quirks and makes you feel for the guy while at the same time not like him. Doctor John Watson is an Afghanistan war vet who has recently returned from a tour and is looking for a place to stay and a new “flat mate.”

Stopping Copyright Infringement. I found someone infringing a copyrighted work that I registered.

Stopping Copyright Infringement

Can the Copyright Office help me stop this? Copyright Infringement Please be advised that the Copyright Office serves primarily as an office of record, a place where claims to copyright are registered and documents related to copyright are recorded. We are glad to furnish information about the provisions of the copyright law and the procedures for making registration, to explain the operations and practices of the Copyright Office, and to report on facts found in the public records of the Office. However, we are prohibited from giving specific legal advice on the rights of persons, whether in connection with particular uses of copyrighted works, cases of alleged domestic or foreign copyright infringement, contracts between authors and publishers, or other matters of a similar nature. What Is Infringement? Consequences of Academic Misconduct and Plagiarism.

Consequences of Academic Misconduct and Plagiarism Consequences of Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty Plagiarism and academic dishonesty can have some severe penalties and repercussions.

Consequences of Academic Misconduct and Plagiarism

Instructors may recommend: Redoing the assignmentFailing the assignmentReceiving a reduced grade in the courseFailing the course with a grade of XF (indicates that course was failed due to academic dishonesty and student cannot graduate until they have it removed by going through remediation)Counseling or recommending remediation for the studentDismissing the student from the UniversityHaving a record that indicates you committed an act of academic dishonesty Student Rule 20.2: Procedures in Scholastic Dishonesty Cases 20.2.1 . . . 20.2.2 The instructor's recommendation may be dismissed, reduced, upheld or increased by the department head. See the Aggie Honor System website ( for more information about: Reporting and Adjudication Academic Integrity Sanctions References Academic Integrity Assessment Team. Why copyright is important - CLA SchoolsCLA Schools. Copyright is important to creators like writers and artists as well as those such as publishers that own rights, as it provides them with a legal right of ownership of the work that they produce.

Why copyright is important - CLA SchoolsCLA Schools

This means that creators of an original piece of work can have some control over how it is used, which is not only fair but necessary for them to make a living from their talent and efforts. When they have the means to make a living from their work then they can continue to invest their time, and, in the case of publishers, their money into the production of new work.

In fact, a report by Price Waterhouse Cooper (PwC) in 2011 concluded that the copyright system plays a significant role in incentivising investment in the development of new content; furthermore, it underpins substantial economic growth and innovation across the UK economy. Public domain: definition of public domain in Oxford dictionary (American English) Sonny Bono Act. Fdfd. How to Determine Copyright Status. How to Determine Whether a Work is in the Public Domain Dennis S.

How to Determine Copyright Status

Karjala Professor of Law Arzona State University For any work published prior to 1978 (with proper copyright (©) notice), copyright lasted for an initial term of 28 years, renewable in the 28th year at first for an additional 28 years, then (with the 1976 Copyright Act) for an additional 47 years, and finally (with the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act of 1998) for an additional 67 years.

If a work published prior to 1964 was not formally renewed, it entered the public domain when the initial 28-year term expired. (For works published after 1963, renewal became automatic in 1992.) Thus, if a work was published in 1922 or earlier, it is now in the public domain. So, how does one determine when a work was first published? Every year the Copyright Office publishes a Catalog of Copyright Entries.

I have made a short list of Subverted PD Works that I will be enlarging with time as new items come to my attention.