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Free Sound Clips | Music Video Program Music licensing and copyrights are often confusing. If you were to want to abide by the law, and user agreements of most websites, you wouldn't be allowed to use any of the music you love in your online videos. DFTBA Records wants to change that. We now officially encourage you to use our artists' music as the background music in your videos. Or make a lip-syncing video. Or an epic montage. In exchange for the right to use our music in your online videos, we simply require you to credit the artist/song you are using and include a link back to in your video description. For example: The song in this video is "Blink" by Chameleon Circuit, used with permission of where you can buy the CD! Unfortunately, we cannot give permission to monetize any videos using DFTBA Records music, as that right belongs to the artist and not us. You may use any DFTBA-released songs from the following artists in your online videos: Thank you all for your support so far.

Creative Commons, Royalty Free Music - Josh Woodward