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Close Reading Passages, Middle School |Elementary School Passages and Lessons, grades 1-6| |Middle School Passages and Lessons| |High School Passages and Lessons| |How to Teach Close Reading| Close Reading of President Abraham Lincoln's First Inaugural AddressThis structured handout guides students through a close reading of a short passage from the address. One page; requires a word processor for access. Farewell to Manzanar (Houston) and Unbroken (Hillenbrand)This lesson exemplar will allow students to participate in critical discussion of two stories that illuminate important, yet divergent, experiences of war and conflict. This lesson exemplar will push students to think critically about the experience of wartime as felt by both soldiers and civilians as they navigated specific trials that were a part of their direct or peripheral involvement in WWII.

Low Interest Credit Cards Below is a listing of the lowest interest credit cards on the market today, with a link to the card’s page or online application. Note that some of these cards may offer a low rate, but may also use that rate to draw you in and then actually approve you at a higher rate. Below we have noted the lowest rate each card offers AND any higher rate you might get instead, if applicable. Also, we have only listed cards that have no annual fee. See also: 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards, Instant Approval Credit Cards, Cash Rebate Credit Cards Global storytelling with a green screen and iPads These 6th graders found a way to do some digital global storytelling with a green screen and their iPads. They also managed to bust Tellagami’s animated personas out of the tablet, sending them around the world with a little green-screen magic. At Edmunds Middle School, two classes of 6th graders embarked on a new form of storytelling: Tellagami-smash! With a fleet of iPads at their disposal, along with the free green-screen app Veescope, students transported themselves or characters made with the Tellagami app to locations around the world. According to educators Laura Botte and Katie Wyndorf:

The Art of Close Reading (Part One) To read well requires one to develop one’s thinking about reading and, as a result, to learn how to engage in the process of what we call close reading. Students not only need to learn how to determine whether a text is worth reading, but also how to take ownership of a text’s important ideas (when it contains them). This requires the active use of intellectual skills. It requires command of the theory of close reading as well as guided practice based on that theory. In this and the next few articles we focus on some of the fundamentals of close reading. The Intercontinental Shimao Shanghai, an out of the ordinary hotel The Shimao Shanghai is a five star hotel with exceptional characteristics. It is part of the Shanghai Shimao Wonderland – a project that is both a theme park, a resort and a shopping and entertainment centre. The total project area is 428,200 m² with a building area of 550,000 m². The winning bidder for the construction of the hotel was the Office of Atkins Architecture, with its innovative proposal inspired by the water that now fills the bottom of the hole in the ravines that is located and in its surrounding nature – highlighted by a glass structure that simulates a waterfall flowing into the crater 60 meters deep. The hotel is the anchor of the project will be 400 apartments and will be spread over 18 floors, 17 of them below ground level (specifically within the crater) and will offer facilities such as thermal pool, restaurant and an underwater cafe.

Free Mind Mapping Software, Freeware Free mind map software help you build, save, share and print arbitrary mind maps absolutely free. Edraw Mind Map is a free mind map freeware with rich examples and templates which make it easy to create mind maps, brain-storming diagrams, project timeline, life planner, SWOT analysis and sketch maps. It can visualize your thinking and quickly arrange and organize your work, all to benefit you as well as people around you. 15 terrific resources for close reading Snap Learning is a longtime partner and supporter of The Cornerstone, and they have sponsored this post. Though their products are not included in the roundup below as these resources are free, I encourage you to check out their Close Reading Portfolio or request a demo of the product here. They’re a fantastic company and I believe their interactive close reading exercises are among the best on the market. Close reading is an important part of Common Core because it helps students think and reflect deeply on the text. However, it think it’s a great strategy for ALL teachers to use, regardless of whether your state has adopted Common Core. It’s just plain good teaching!

FL Studio Why do we use external sites to host the demo ? Our FL Studio demo installer is downloaded over 30,000 times a day (10,000,000 times a year!) Direct download: You can download FL Studio from our servers directly by using the grey button on the left. If you don't manage to download from there, please use one of the alternative download locations. Alternative download locations: The Art of Close Reading (Part Two) In the previous article we introduced the idea of close reading, which is reading with an emphasis on: understanding your purpose in reading understanding the author’s purpose in writing seeing ideas in a text as being interconnected looking for and understanding systems of meaning In this article, we discuss the art of engaging a text while reading. To read closely, students must get beyond impressionist reading. They must come to see that simply deciphering words on a page and getting some vague sense of what is there does not translate into substantive learning. Instead, they must learn that to read well is to engage in a self-constructed dialog with the author of a text.

omega-3 fatty acids World's Healthiest Foods rich inomega-3 fats FoodCalsDRI/DV For serving size for specific foods see the Nutrient Rating Chart. The Art of Close Reading (Part Three) In the previous two columns we introduced the idea of close reading, emphasizing the importance of the following: To read well, in addition to having the above understandings, students must be able to identify the big picture within a text, to determine the key ideas within the text early on, and to see the scaffolding that connects all the ideas within the text. In other words, they need to develop structural reading abilities.

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reading Strategies To go back to the task you were doing, just close this window (just make sure this is not the only window open!) Learning Strategies Learning strategies are skills that can be applied to learning situations, and as you improve in using them, the better the learner you will be. There are 2 types of learning strategies : Cognitive strategies and Metacognitive strategies. Cognitive Strategies are the ones that are used while you do a learning task, such as skimming and scanning a reading text.

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