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View Your Heatmap & Get Started in Less Than 60 Seconds. All plans FREE for the first 30 days $99 /mo (paid annually) 250,000Visits Per Month 100Active Pages HourlyReports Advanced Filtering Mobile Heatmaps Priority Email Support Multiple Users Start Your Free Trial $49 /mo (paid annually) 100,000Visits Per Month 50Active Pages Advanced Filtering Mobile Heatmaps Priority Email Support Start Your Free Trial Standard For growing businesses $19 /mo (paid annually) Collect more than 88% of the data you would collect using classic eye tracking tools, at a fraction of the price with no hardware required and no strings attached. See where users click and discover what Google Analytics is not telling you thanks to Heatmap, Scroll Map, Overlay & Confetti Tools included in all packages. There is absolutely no way that you can lose, except by not taking up the free 30-day trial.

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Find the right solution Mollom Free is our most basic spam filtering service for any site with less than 50 legitimate comments / day, including personal blogs. Up to 10 sites are allowed per subscription. Mollom Developer is our high-availability spam filtering service for communities, corporate websites or professional blogs for up to 20 sites. Mollom Developer lets you process up to 1,000 legitimate posts and 1,000 correct CAPTCHAs each day. Mollom Developer clients have access to a high-availability backend infrastructure, as well as the Content Moderation Platform. Mollom Developer subscriptions are billed monthly via PayPal.

Contract Creator (This won't appear in the final contract.) Attention: Re: Services Agreement Dear : s ClickHeat - clicks' heatmap ClickHeat is a visual heatmap of clicks on a HTML page, showing hot and cold click zones. ClickHeat is an OpenSource software, released under GPL licence, and free of charge. Requirements - on the browser's client: Javascript (tested on Firefox 2.0, Internet Explorer 6 and 7, Konqueror...) - on the server: either Linux or Windows (since ClickHeat 1.3 release), Apache or Lighttpd (other may work fine), PHP, the graphic library GD2 (PNG support needed).

Office Feng Shui: How to Use Feng Shui to Increase Wealth By: Ramsay | 55 intelligent opinions, add yours photo credit: Randy Son Of Robert Did you know that many Asian billionaires consult Feng Shui experts before moving office or buying a property? In fact, there are stories about hotels and companies on the brink of collapse that reworked their Feng Shui and now make a fortune. Malarkey? Possibly. Membership Comparison Introducing Smile by Webshots! We wanted to be the first to let you know that Webshots has changed hands. We have acquired the service from American Greetings and as members of Webshots’ original founding team, we’re happy to be back building the next generation of photo management. We are hard at work creating a great service that gathers all your photos from multiple devices and websites and stores them in one secure place – so you can enjoy and share them instantly with your loved ones.

7 Step Process to Repeat Success, Modeled After Apple's Routine for Creativity  Creativity can be routinized. If you don't believe that, see the coffee-induced brainstorming process Jony Ive, Steve Jobs and the Apple design team have used over the past 20 years; giving birth to the iMac, the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad. An Italian designer on Jony Ive's design team perfected Apple's espresso ritual that bolsters their twice-weekly, 2 hour design meetings in their secure design studio in Apple's Cupertino Campus. "We can work with a level of collaboration that seems particularly rare" Ive said. "In fact, the memory of how we work will endure beyond the products of our work." If the Apple team is able to build a brainstorming "process" so meticulously that their espresso machine must drip for precisely 28 seconds or else the whole thing is for naut, then you can sure-as-hell build a process to perpetuate success around whatever you are doing.

Startups Live & Die by These 5 Street-Smart Laws of Advertising Editor’s note: Evan Peelle is a Los Angeles-based marketer with experience in web-based startups and conducting online marketing campaigns, including PPC, mobile, and search marketing. “Money alone isn’t enough to bring happiness . . . happiness [is] when you’re actually truly ok with losing everything you have.” – Tony Hsieh, Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose Disclaimer: This article’s sole purpose is to address the core principles of advertising in a new and edgy way. This is not for the faint of heart or those highly sensitive to socially charged public issues. So suck it up and buckle up.

Beautiful live chat software pricing for sales and support Chat Reports Track chat frequency, operator responsiveness, and customer satisfaction. CRM Integrations Track Olark conversations in Salesforce, Highrise, Nutshell, and many more CRMs. Build templates If your team follows the same set of steps regularly, you won’t want to recreate the same projects and tasks in Asana every time. We’ve made it easy to duplicate existing projects and tasks so that anything can become a template. There are two ways to create templates in Asana:

The Billion Dollar Mind Trick Editor’s Note: This article is co-authored by Nir Eyal and Jason Hreha. Nir is the founder of two acquired startups and blogs at Jason is the founder of Dopamine, a user-experience and behavior design firm. Affordable and Flexible Pricing Packages, Affordable Live chat Software After you create an account, you have instant access to all of Zendesk Chat’s features for 14 days. During this period you can upgrade at any time by visiting the change plan page. You don’t need a credit card during the trial, so feel free to try it out. Yes, we firmly believe you should only pay for software once you are convinced of its value. The best way to ensure that Zendesk Chat is the best fit for your organization is through our full-featured 14-day trial. Over the course of the 14-day trial, you will also understand the feature set, and be better positioned to select a suitable package for your needs.

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