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Find the right solution | Mollom Mollom Free is our most basic spam filtering service for any site with less than 50 legitimate comments / day, including personal blogs. Up to 10 sites are allowed per subscription. Mollom Developer is our high-availability spam filtering service for communities, corporate websites or professional blogs for up to 20 sites. Mollom Developer lets you process up to 1,000 legitimate posts and 1,000 correct CAPTCHAs each day. Mollom Developer clients have access to a high-availability backend infrastructure, as well as the Content Moderation Platform. Mollom Developer subscriptions are billed monthly via PayPal. Mollom Professional is our higher volume spam filtering service, perfect for digital agencies, development shops and consulting firms for up to 100 sites. Mollom Enterprise is our custom offering for large enterprise level organizations that have high volume needs, multiple sites and heavy user interaction. Who is using Mollom? What types of payment do you accept? Can I pay annually?

Contract Creator (This won't appear in the final contract.) Attention: Re: Services Agreement Dear : pleased that you have selected to assist you with: The scope of work is the most critical part of a contract and should be as precise as possible. What work will be done? It is helpful at the outset to set forth our mutual understanding of the terms and conditions of our engagement. agrees to perform the services as set forth below: Prior to commencing the performance of services, you agree to first: Designate a primary point of contact who is responsible for decisions and for answering and resolving questions and issues: In order for to perform services for you in an effective and efficient manner, you agree to: Provide all information and documentation that may request from you or that may otherwise be useful to us in connection with the performance of services; andImmediately advise of any changes to your operations or other information that may require a change in the scope or particulars of the services.

Segmentation There are many metrics that measure engagement but page views are not one of them. Make your product better by measuring actions, instead of page views. Mixpanel gives you the ability to easily measure what people are doing in your app on iOS, Android, and web. See how it works Answer your hardest questions without writing SQL Working with data often means writing SQL queries, which is great for engineers or data scientists but hard or impossible for everyone else. “An overlooked value of @mixpanel is that the non-technical folks can answer their own questions about your data.” Eric Normand Point and click analytics for mobile Understanding what your users are doing doesn’t have to be a complicated setup process. Features Drill into your data with segmentation so you can find out where to focus your energy when building your product. Visualize your data in different ways. Bookmarks let you save reports you look at a lot so you can save time. Getting started takes less than 10 minutes

Membership Comparison Introducing Smile by Webshots! We wanted to be the first to let you know that Webshots has changed hands. We have acquired the service from American Greetings and as members of Webshots’ original founding team, we’re happy to be back building the next generation of photo management. We are hard at work creating a great service that gathers all your photos from multiple devices and websites and stores them in one secure place – so you can enjoy and share them instantly with your loved ones. With our official launch scheduled for later this fall, we’re offering you an early look at our service. Let us know what you think! Narendra Rocherolle and Nick Wilder

7 Step Process to Repeat Success, Modeled After Apple's Routine for Creativity | Sean Smith Creativity can be routinized. If you don't believe that, see the coffee-induced brainstorming process Jony Ive, Steve Jobs and the Apple design team have used over the past 20 years; giving birth to the iMac, the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad. An Italian designer on Jony Ive's design team perfected Apple's espresso ritual that bolsters their twice-weekly, 2 hour design meetings in their secure design studio in Apple's Cupertino Campus. "We can work with a level of collaboration that seems particularly rare" Ive said. "In fact, the memory of how we work will endure beyond the products of our work." If the Apple team is able to build a brainstorming "process" so meticulously that their espresso machine must drip for precisely 28 seconds or else the whole thing is for naut, then you can sure-as-hell build a process to perpetuate success around whatever you are doing. Anything that leads to success should have a process built behind it to perpetuate further success. This is how you scale.

Session Replay l Website Heatmaps l Conversion Funnels | SessionCam Session Replay Watch recordings of customers using your website to identify usability issues, improve conversion, improve customer support and reduce the time/cost of problem diagnosis. See mouse movements, mouse clicks, form input, page scrolling and dynamic Ajax interaction. Heatmaps Instantly generate website heatmaps for mouse movement, mouse clicks, page scrolling and browser attention. Funnels, Form Analytics, Field Drop-Off Reduce abandonment and improve conversion by analysing activity on your web site forms. API and Integration Use our API to integrate data recorded in real-time by SessionCam with your own systems. Beautiful live chat software pricing for sales and support Chat Reports Track chat frequency, operator responsiveness, and customer satisfaction. CRM Integrations Track Olark conversations in Salesforce, Highrise, Nutshell, and many more CRMs. Targeted Chat Chat with the right visitors. Helpdesk Integrations Keep customer conversations in one place by automatically forwarding chats to a helpdesk like Groove,, Zendesk, or dozens more. Shortcuts Save regularly used greetings, messages, and links to increase your chat speed and save time. Operator Groups Group your operators by team, like a sales team and support team. Transcripts Search through every conversation you've ever had, with the tags, feedback, and customer history you need at a glance. Shopping Cart Saver See what visitors have in their carts to give more informed answers and close sales faster, with our Magento and Shopify integrations. Invisible Olark Hide your chat box when no one is available to chat. Remove Olark Branding

Build templates If your team follows the same set of steps regularly, you won’t want to recreate the same projects and tasks in Asana every time. We’ve made it easy to duplicate existing projects and tasks so that anything can become a template. There are two ways to create templates in Asana: Start from scratch and build a template that matches your unique workflowTurn any existing project or task into a template You can create templates for BOTH projects and tasks. Rule of thumb: Create template projects for processes that involve more than 5 stepsCreate template tasks with subtasks for processes of 5 steps or less Here are some common uses for templates: New Client ChecklistsInterview QuestionsProduct, Marketing & Press LaunchesQuality AssuranceNew Hire Onboarding Template projects Create a template project from scratch: Save an existing project as a template: Template Project Example: New Hire Onboarding Create a template project that you copy for every new hire. Template Tasks

fifty-five | the data agency With over eight years’ experience and a unique level of expertise on Google Analytics, our services enable you to fully unleash the potential of the solution: integration with the media eco-system (the DoubleClick Suite), external data import, customised reports, etc. As a certified partner on Google Analytics, Google Analytics Premium, Google Tag Manager and Adwords, we help you leverage the Google Suite to its best and use its most advanced features. Google Analytics Google Analytics offers analytical power in a user-friendy interface that maximises adoption among the various business units in your company. Google Analytics Premium Google Analytics Premium uncaps data processing capabilities to fit the needs of larger websites that produce large quantities of data, and offers the possibility to import external data or export raw web analytics data to other tools. Universal Analytics

Affordable and Flexible Pricing Packages, Affordable Live chat Software After you create an account, you have instant access to all of Zendesk Chat’s features for 14 days. During this period you can upgrade at any time by visiting the change plan page. You don’t need a credit card during the trial, so feel free to try it out. Yes, we firmly believe you should only pay for software once you are convinced of its value. The best way to ensure that Zendesk Chat is the best fit for your organization is through our full-featured 14-day trial. Over the course of the 14-day trial, you will also understand the feature set, and be better positioned to select a suitable package for your needs. But, you can upgrade to a paid plan at any time during the trial period. Towards the end of the 14 days we will email you and check if you want to upgrade. If you choose not to upgrade during the trial period, you will be automatically downgraded to the free Lite package. Is the Lite package really free? Yes. At the moment, we accept Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal.

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