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The Undercover Recruiter

The Undercover Recruiter
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Brain Training - Brain Games - Brain Fitness Web-based personalized training program Enhance memory and attention Improve your productivity Train your brain with 'serious fun' games Games selected to your cognitive profile Empower Your Brain Play brain training games to improve: memory concentration thinking speed Benefits at work, home, and school: performance pleasure self-confidence Success Stories "It is an excellent game for memory, which I really need! "That's great exercise! "I'm active on braingymmer for 3 weeks and I see improvements, in my scores, and also at work!" Corn on the Job Psicología de las Organizaciones: Modelos de desarrollo organizacional relacionados con alteraciones estructurales y de comportamiento Estos modelos son integrados y más complejos. Constituyen una variedad de enfoques, cada cual desarrollando conceptos, estrategias, secuencias y esquemas que varían enormemente. Los principales modelos son Grid, de Lawrence y Lorsch y el modelo 3-D de eficacia gerencial de Reddin. Modelo de desarrollo organizacional tipo Grid Blake y Mouton fueron los pioneros en la introducción de una tecnología integrada y preprogramada de desarrollo organizacional. Esta tecnología reposa sobre tres premisas sobre las organizaciones: Los individuos y las organizaciones reducen discrepancias sobre su auto-imagen y la realidad.Las organizaciones alcanzan "satisfacciones" abajo de su potencial.Una tremenda cantidad de energía de las organizaciones se gasta en comportamiento disfuncionales como en las burocracias, provocando un "cultural drag". El modelo de desarrollo organizacional tipo Grid es una malla compuesta de dos ejes. Modelo de desarrollo organizacional de Lawrence y Lorsch Perspectivas.

Recruiting and Staffing – TLNT “I am so thankful that I got this new job. I now work for a non-profit and we are spearheading all these new initiatives, connecting children and health care. I am on a mission. Never been so excited about a job before from my past of working for profit companies.” This email message came to me the other morning from one of my colleagues in the U.S. This brought me back to a time one of our rising executives quit a promising job and career because her dream job materialized — one that would allow her to work with animals. Most managers already realize that employee referral programs routinely produce the highest quality of hires, but few know that the “Give Me 5” program produces the highest-performing hires of any individual referral approach. The “Give Me 5 Names” tool is easy, fast, and free. What you do is stimulate the employee’s memory by asking them a more targeted question like “name the best innovator who you know in this field. History shows that’s just not true.

CogniFit - Brain Games TLNT Culture’s role in enabling organizational change Culture’s role in enabling organizational change by DeAnne Aguirre, Rutger von Post, and Micah Alpern Originally published by Booz & Company: November 14, 2013 Culture is critically important to business success, according to 84 percent of the more than 2,200 global participants in the 2013 culture and change management survey. Findings also suggest strong correlations between the success of change programs and whether culture was leveraged in the change process — pointing to the need for a more culture-oriented approach to change. Loading... Culture’s role in enabling organizational changeSurvey ties transformation success to deft handling of cultural issues Strategy& Berlin Carolin Oelschlegel Principal +447825676472 carolin.oelschlegel Buenos Aires Ariel Fleichman Partner +541141310432 ariel.fleichman Delhi Gaurav Moda Principal +911244998719 Dubai Mexico City New York San Francisco Shanghai Sydney Tokyo Contacts

100+ Free Sourcing & Recruiting Tools, Guides, and Resources | Boolean Black Belt-Sourcing/Recruiting It’s been a LONG time coming, but I finally got around to updating my free sourcing & recruiting tools, guides and resources page where I now keep a current list of the best of my work all in one place for easy bookmarking and reference. You can find it here on my main page: Additionally, I thought I might as well put all of my best work all in one blog post as well – over 110 of my articles in one place for easy referencing! My blog is a pursuit of passion and not of profit – if you’ve ever found anything I’ve written helpful to you, all I ask is that you tweet this out, share it on LinkedIn, like it on Facebook, or give this a +1 on Google. Many thanks for your readership and support – please pay it forward to someone who can benefit. Big Data, Analytics and Moneyball Recruiting Big Data, Data Science and Moneyball Recruiting The Moneyball Recruiting Opportunity: Analytics and Big Data Human Capital Data is Sexy – and Sourcing is the Sexiest job in HR/Recruiting! Is Sourcing Dead?

Brain Training, Brain Games And Memory Programs, Brain Fitness - CogniFit Zappos: sus valores y la felicidad en una caja de zapatos Zappos es la compañía que mejor representa el enfoque radical en la Experiencia de Cliente, a través de los valores y la cultura interna. Al igual que otras renombradas empresas de fama mundial como The Ritz-Carlton Hotels o incluso ING Direct, Zappos ha conseguido unos excelentes resultados económicos a través de un enfoque inusual en el cliente. Su enfoque único está basado en un estilo más informal y en gran medida más auténtico, centrado en vivir la cultura y los valores de la compañía en las actividades profesionales y personales de todos los empleados; de forma alegre y espontánea. Dentro de la empresa, se impulsan todo tipo de actividades alegres y "algo locas" como desfiles, pequeños concursos o competiciones. ¿Qué es Zappos? Es una empresa de ventas online fundada en 1999 que vende anualmente más de 1.000 millones de dólares en zapatos y otros productos de vestir. Su verdadero artífice e inspirador es Tony Hseih que en 2000, se convirtió en Director General. "Construir la cultura"