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Email Support Analyst Position Available - This week we had 73 new APIs added to our API directory including a payments service, online learning platform, New York real estate search and information, social analytics platform, marketing campaign tracking service and restaurant and food data. In addition we reviewed the 26 Weather APIs in our directory. Below are more details on each of these new APIs. .NET Daily Fact API: This SOAP-based API allows the user to place a widget on their website that returns a fact of the day reflecting all aspects of the .NET platform. 511 Driving Times API: 511 is the San Francisco Bay Area’s free traveler information service available on the phone by calling 511 and on the web at 511 Real-time Transit Departures API: 511 is the San Francisco Bay Area’s free traveler information service available on the phone by calling 511 and on the web at Documentation to the API is not publicly available but developers can view documentation upon registration which is free.

FW: North Central Texas Workforce Plano JUNE 3, 2008 - The Ultimate Guide to Mind Maps and Mind Mapping Tools What Are Mind Maps? Mind Maps are a way of visually organizing information that help you identify and understand the structure of a subject at a glance. They allow you to create logical connections between concepts that show how pieces of information fit together, providing you with a “map” of your ideas, processes, and concepts. You can use mind maps for many things such as outlining presentations, ebooks, and content plans, engaging in logical problem solving, and mapping out user experiences online and in the real world. Popularized by British psychologist Tony Buzan, mind maps differ from conventional note taking or planning by presenting a non-linear form, which is moe akin to brain storming and the way the mind creates. Buzan also argues that the mind map uses the full range of left and right human cortical skills, balances the brain, taps into the alleged “99% of your unused mental potential”, as well as intuition (which he calls “superlogic”). Mind Mapping Best Practices

SocialHistory.js: See Which Sites Your Users Visit - ReadWriteWeb With so many social media sites in circulation today, badge soup can become a real problem for web sites trying to squeeze the most out of their traffic. Everyone has a different set of core social media sites that they use -- from and Ma.gnolia, to Digg, Reddit, and Diigo, we all have our favorites. But appealing to your users' varied tastes often means an overwhelming sea of site badges that is both unattractive and ineffective. Web developer Aza Raskin has a solution based on a browser history leak introduced due to CSS. "Not everyone uses Digg. As a solution, Raskin devised SocialHistory.js, a handy bit of JavaScript code that detects which social media sites your users frequent. SocialHistory.js works by exploiting the feature in modern web browsers that automatically uses a different link color for visited links. Raskin notes that the same browser leak can be exploited using his bit of JavaScript to check out what other sites your users are visiting.

KDE Documentation - How will a Content Management System improve your organizational web presence? CMS solutions were developed to meet the needs of organizations with a growing need to maintain a strong online presence. A CMS typically offers: Easy content creation & editing even for the least technically saavy content contributorsStructured workflow processes for content approvalsArchival, history & versioning of contentTemplates and content reuse functionality for consistent output Please fill out the form below to have our free CMS Buyer's Guide emailed to you. In it you'll find over 30 pages of valuable information to aid you in the process of choosing the right CMS for you. We only ask for a short amount of information so that we may better serve you. About Us Hannon Hill Corporation makes web content management solutions that give people the freedom to manage their Internet, Intranet, Extranet and Portal content with ease. *How we use your information:

Download Realtek High Definition Audio Vista Driver 1.92 Free - High definition audio driver from Realtek. Raise Data Recovery for Mobile The Raise Data Recovery for Mobile product is intended for self-service data recovery of lost or deleted information directly from you Windows Mobile based PocketPC or Smartphone device. Taskix Taskix is a shareware utility destined for those who keep many open windows at the same time. Filedoyen Filedoyen is a single or dual-pane file and archive (zip) manager with integrated text, code and hex editors, file and folder compare and search. Live File Backup Real-time backup software for continuous data protection in the background. PowerZip PowerZip makes zipping / unzipping quick & simple while providing advanced compression & security features: - Easy to use Wizards - Strong encryption (256-bit AES) - Supports 12 types of archives - Create PowerZip Macro files to automate backup NoClone Home - Duplicate File Finder Asoftech Photo Recovery