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50+ Free Tech Tools For Your Classroom

50+ Free Tech Tools For Your Classroom
It’s not always easy to find the confidence to try new things and integrate 21st-century applications in the classroom. We are here to give you the know-how necessary to continue to learn about new free tech tools. This collection of free tech tools for your classroom will help you learn how to enhance your curriculum and improve the learning experience for your students. Ready. Set. Go! Storyboard Generator – This is a great site for older students for digital storytelling and creating a storyboard scene with a script. Animoto – Create wonderful looking slideshow that includes video, images, music, and more. BoomWriter is a supremely engaging creative writing website that has students reading, writing and assessing content in ways they’ve never done before! Classtell is a nice site for teachers to create an educational website. Diigo– Social bookmarking for teachers where they can create free student accounts. Edmodo – Classroom management and behavioral reporting.

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instaGrok Becoming a ___ is more smart work than hard work, and retaining it is hard work. [source]fathermovereplacementleader This inspirational post from where you can ___ a lot of things and beside that you can give final touch to your work for perfect result. [source]thingfathermarriedlearn 10 Awesome Web Tools Teachers should Be Using Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is back to you with another list of some great educational websites. We have meticulously handpicked this compilation and we want those of you who, because of their time constraints or any other reasons, could not keep up with the sweeping influx of the web tools to have a chance to get to know some useful tools to use both for their professional development and with their students as well. You can also check our archive for other compilations. Have a look at the list below and share with us your feedback 1- Stykz Stykz is a stickfigure animation program that was inspired by the popular Pivot Stickfigure Animator software.

How To Learn English Infographic Kaplan asked hundreds of people what helped them learn English. Did watching television shows, listening to music or playing video games help? Read our infographic to learn some interesting facts about what has helped people learn the English language. Do you agree with our research? Why not leave a comment and tell us what has helped you learn English. Was it the things that have been mentioned in the infographic or was it something else?

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Some Interesting YouTube Tips for Teachers YouTube is undoubtedly a great source of educational video content to use with students in class. whether you are looking for subject specific content or generic insights elated to professional development and teaching, YouTube’s video library has you covered. YouTube is also a versatile video editor where you can create and edit your own videos. It actually provides all the editing features you would normally find in a pro video editing software and all for free. Given the growing educational potential of YouTube, we have created a section in this blog where we share a plethora of resources to help you make the best out of this platform in your own teaching.

64 Sites for Digital Storytelling Tools and Information Julie Greller’s blog A Media Specialist’s Guide to the Internet features some great content for teachers. Posts are sorted by subject and grade level, and there’s also a link to some free ebooks. In this post, she offers a list of links to resources for digital storytelling. 100+ Digital Storytelling Tools for Your Digital Selves part I 20 ways to use a tablet in the classroom Whatever model of Android or iOS tablet you have available, it’s a hugely versatile tool when it comes to educating and entertaining children. Here are some of the best apps and features you can make use of in the classroom – some of which you have to pay for and others that are free. 1 Dive into 360-degree videos

21 Things Every 21st Century Teacher Should Do This Year The Past mixing with the Future #selfie A new school year always brings about new ideas and hopeful ambition for teachers. However, it’s almost 2015. Gone are the days when we can use the excuse that “we don’t do technology”. Part of being a teacher in the 21st century is being creative in integrating academics and learning into student’s digital lives. With access to content being ubiquitous and instant in student’s out of school lives, we can either reject their world for our more traditional one, or embrace it. The Benefits of Creating an Online Learning Space You teach every day in an offline classroom, but the benefits of spending some class timeonline are impossible to deny. When you bring online learning into the equation, students can step outside the four walls of your classroom, while engaging with the content and building a wide variety of 21st century skills. But that’s not all—consider the full list of benefits online learning has for the offline classroom and the tools you can use to create an ideal learning experience. Seamless Student Collaboration While collaboration isn’t a given, most online learning spaces inherently encourage it.

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