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Formative Share: Website: goformative.comDescription: A superb assessment resource which allows you to gain real-time feed back through tests, quizzes and even allowing students to annotate a document that you upload. Set up your quiz/test using true/false statements, longer text answers or students can draw the answer. You can setup a marking key meaning that the site will mark the answers for you and give instant data on who is correct. Other Links in This Section Earth - Your life on earth Explore BBC Earth's unique interactive, personalised just to you. Find out how, since the date of your birth, your life has progressed; including how many times your heart has beaten, and how far you have travelled through space. Investigate how the world around you has changed since you've been alive; from the amount the sea has risen, and the tectonic plates have moved, to the number of earthquakes and volcanoes that have erupted. Grasp the impact we've had on the planet in your lifetime; from how much fuel and food we've used to the species we've discovered and endangered. And see how the BBC was there with you, capturing some of the most amazing wonders of the natural world. Explore, enjoy, and share with your friends either the whole page, or your favourite insights. This is your story, the story of your life on earth. BBC Earth's Your life on earth is based on the following sources. Lead photo credit: John Kellerman / Alamy.

Course: PokemonGoGeography As I was growing up in the 1990’s Pokémon first came on the scene as a trading card game and television series. Pokémon thrived as a children's franchise due to its multimedia experience, later the franchise even went to the big screen 1. I loved Pokémon and so did all my friends inside and outside of the playground. The fantasy land of Pallet Town replaced wild life with Pokémon, in a game any 19th century entomologist would be proud of. The game allowed children to dream of wondering the streets collecting Pokémon just as they had done collecting bugs and insects. Pokémon Go is designed to allow children to catch Pokémon in the real world using augmented reality. I wanted to use this excitement and engagement to teach a difficult and previously underperforming topic. I made the resource dyslexic friendly, as I had many pupils in my class who were dyslexic. During the ‘local landmarks’ lesson the pupils were split into cooperative learning groups of four.

untitled GEORDLE is a spin-off on the popular WORDLE game for Geography Lovers. Try to identify the COUNTRY and its CAPITAL using the letters on the Keyboard ONE AT A TIME. If the letter you selected is part of the COUNTRY or CAPITAL, the corresponding tiles will be highlighted in Green. Each incorrect letter will cost you a Life. If you identify the COUNTRY and CAPITAL successfully, before running out of all lives, you convert the remaining lives into ⭐'s. Use the Practice Button, to play an unlimited mode, and improve your COUNTRY and CAPITAL IQ. The letter 'D' is in the 3rd position of the Country. The letter 'A' is in the 1st, 4th and 6th position of the Capital. A new GEORDLE will be available each Day!