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Each Tuesday EnglishClub publishes a short audio news report in easy English from the previous week. With this resource you can practise your listening, reading, writing and even speaking. Preview the vocabulary and read the gapfill text. Study the news story each week and watch your English skills grow! dateline: 08 April 2014: EU Satellite System Will Monitor Earth’s Health dateline: 01 April 2014: Tigers Slaughtered For Entertainment Purposes dateline: 24 March 2014: Twitter Blocked In Turkey dateline: 18 March 2014: Baby Hatch Closes In China dateline: 11 March 2014: No Trace Of Malaysian Airliner dateline: 04 March 2014: Man Wakes Up In Body Bag dateline: 25 February 2014: Political Crisis In Ukraine dateline: 18 February 2014: Winter Storms Hit Japan dateline: 11 February 2014: Olympic Dogs Saved By Billionaire dateline: 04 February 2014: New Internet Suffixes To Hit The Market dateline: 28 January 2014: Mother Gives Birth On Sled dateline: 14 January 2014: Black Rhino Permit Auctioned Off

ESL News New Zealand English Talk Station » Download Free English Language Audio MP3s and Ebooks Memovoc : Apprendre l'anglais facilement - Exercices en ligne gratuits et progressifs. Getty Images Thousands of people in cities across the United States have been protesting over the past week about how black people are being treated by police. It comes after a number of shootings in America, involving black people and police officers. Why have people been protesting? To enjoy the CBBC Newsround website at its best you will need to have JavaScript turned on. People have been demonstrating in many US cities after the shootings of two black men by police officers, in two separate events. They think that what happened was wrong and that the police do not treat black people equally to white people. Most of the protests have been peaceful. What happened in Dallas? Reuters A flag flies at half mast in Dallas in tribute to the five police officers killed Hundreds of people on Thursday night gathered in the city of Dallas in Texas for a peaceful protest. During the demonstration, a gunman opened fire. After several hours, police killed the attacker. What has President Obama said?

Listen and Write - Dictation Anglais - Académie de Poitiers  Programmes de l'enseignement de spécialité "Anglais monde contemporain" publié le 24/07/2020 Parution des programmes définitifs de LLCER anglais monde contemporain applicables à la rentrée 2020  Apprendre à distance, l’occasion de développer des compétences transversales publié le 14/06/2020 Une séquence d’anglais conduite à distance permet à des élèves de première de développer et valoriser des compétences transversales.  Where are the Queen's corgis? publié le 12/06/2020 Emmenez vos élèves à la découverte de Londres en aidant la reine à retrouver ses chiens préférés.  Aide au choix de spécialité LLCER: comparaison des programmes de "LLCER anglais" et "LLCER anglais monde contemporain" publié le 25/05/2020 Comment choisir entre les deux enseignements de spécialité LLCER anglais et LLCER anglais monde contemporain ?

newsola - top news at a glance No articles found... About newsola visualises world news, sourced from, using a treemap algorithm. BIGGER blocks represent MORE IMPORTANT articles. BRIGHTER blocks represent NEWER articles. Controls Click a topic from the menu to add it into your selection. Mousewheel up / down on the main window to zoom in and out of a topic. On mobile, swipe up / down. Other projects You may also like some of my other projects; The MMA Hour Live- December 31, 2018 <a href="

Food Safety: Listen A English Listening Lesson Food safety seems ____________________ issue nowadays. I can’t remember it ____________________ big problem years ago. With today’s technology, it ____________________ problem. But it is. In fact, there are many problems. Food safety seems to be a big useis nowadays. Food safety seems be big nowadays to a issue. DISCUSSION (Write your own questions) Write five GOOD questions about food safety in the table. When you have finished, interview other students. Now return to your original partner and share and talk about what you found out. Write about food safety for 10 minutes. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.